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  • It's low budget but not in a bad way. They saved money by only having a few characters and sets. The acting, story and over all look wasn't bad for a 20 year old kids movie. The only thing I didn't like was that the evil queen didn't know some words but quickly understood their complex definitions. As someone who has seen loads of bad movies, I know that's common among aliens who come to Earth so I can let it slide. I didn't really understand the ending but it didn't change my opinion. But it's a kids movie and they won't over think it and will probably love the end. The version I saw was called Goobers!, which was a much better name. After seeing the original name it's easy to understand why they changed it.
  • Funny thing, I see why this flick hasn't scored too well so far, but it still tickles my funny bone. Sort of schizophrenic, I guess. The acting looks like a school play, the special effects are lousy-ish, but there's a certain absurdity that makes it watchable. Maybe a contact between stylish devilish entities and Hollywood folks could really be like this.

    One important thing in watching a movie is to become curious about how it will go on and be finished, and here a positive tension arises, because the storyline blatantly equates the devilish visitors with movie making people. Hollywood is Hellwood.

    The dolls are nice and the baddies stylish. Watching Mystery Monsters brought up the inner four-year old me. I childishly give this one six points.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    MYSTERY MONSTERS is a truly terrible kid's horror flick from director Charles Band, a man known for making movies on the cheap and on the quick. This might just be the worst thing I've seen him put his name to. This one's about a couple of kids who discover that the monstrous cast of their favourite television show just so happens to be made up of real monsters who are now being threatened by an evil queen from outer space. It's a truly bottom-of-the-barrel production which has a bunch of actors dressed up in creepy plastic monster masks, some really dumb humour, bad acting on the part of everyone involved, and a script which barely manages to join the dots from A to B.
  • thecolonade15 December 2015
    charles band excites and delights with horrific monsters and creepy David icke scaring reptilians. A great title i will be exposing my future children to, I am a huge full moon fan though ... the style of the monsters the in jokes the slight tongue in cheek nature its all there subtle and magnificent!!!!

    Watch if you love puppet master or ghoulies or hideous! or head of the family or demonic toys ...but you are looking after some kids and you want to give hem nightmares for years to come ahaahahhaha

    genius a rip roaring success

    10 out of 10 BRAVO CHARLES BAND
  • If the main purpose of a movie like this is to draw you in such a way that you have to finish it out of sheer absurd curiosity, then this movie accomplished that. Horrible writing and acting (Here's looking at YOU "Queen Mara"), and the aliens were hideous. It's hard to figure out who you're supposed to root for. My five year old instantly lost interest. I give this a two based solely on the fact that I couldn't look away. Yes, a complete train wreck. We got this movie from a Redbox only because the other movies my son wanted to watch were out of stock. What a waste of $1.00. Do yourself a favor, skip this flick and get something from the MST3K series instead.
  • If your kids are aged in single digits they may well enjoy this movie. You may too, but on a different level: you'll find it falls squarely and completely into that group of movies that are so bad they're actually enjoyable. The script is ludicrous, the acting is laughable, the special effects (if you can call them 'effects') are ridiculous. Honestly, who makes these movies and why??? I feel sorry for the kids who act in these things. No doubt they sign on expecting it will kick start a career in movies. I wish them luck.

    This is definitely good for a laugh, but that's about it.