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  • The film deals with a South African terrorist group commanded by Nash (Joe Lara) who have robbed vials of a deadly virus called Ebola and threatening to release on the population . Delta Force is assigned by Security Chief (Hal Holbrook) for the mission to track down them . The leader (Jeff Fahey) and other members (Frank Zagarino , Rob Stewart , Natasha Sutherland) are flown into Mozambique to stop'em . They must battle to vanquish in this overly violent actioner .

    The picture is exciting and tense at time lackluster thriller . This standard noisy action movie is less than memorable . However ; fights , gunplay , shootouts and explosions are well done in this routine actioner . The flick is plenty of macho man , frenetic action , chases , struggles and firepower . Delta Force original story is in ¨Delta Force I¨ based on hijacking TWA plane with Chuck Norris , Lee Marvin , George Kennedy , Robert Foster and directed by Menahem Golan . It posteriorly continues ¨Delta Force II operation stranglehold¨ with Chuck Norris , Richard Jaeckel, John P. Ryan , Billy Drago and directed by his brother Aaron Norris . Furthermore , ¨Delta Force III , the killing game¨ with the sons Hollywood's bigger stars : Eric Douglas , Nick Cassavetes , Mike Norris and directed by the same director this film , Sam Firstemberg . Rating : mediocre but entertaining .
  • marsnook200710 October 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have the DVD and Video of this movie and watched it more than once.

    I thought is was suspenseful in parts and that the actors played good parts.

    I especially liked the actor Rob Stewart even if he wasn't the main lead(he should have been).

    It showed what could happen with a chemical in the wrong hands and what the government would do to contain it.

    Ernie Hudson was great as the character to help stop the terrorist from spreading danger to others.

    Rob Stewart was also great in playing the Doctor, the only problem is usually the doctor doesn't get involved in the fighting.
  • This is just one of those things that should NOT have ever even happened, I mean, I hate this film with absolute passion, after watching it I actually contemplated suicide, why this terror has been unleashed upon innocent people is beyond me, they should use this film in wars as a new and improved torture technique...I would honestly with all my heart rather listen to 6 hours of Christian rock music.

    Coupled by the fact I've seen seals who are better actors, I find the explosion of opening a can of pop more exiting, they had might as well have just run around for 2 hours firing cap guns, wearing action man suits, it's honestly that bad.


    Action Scenes - Sickening Plot Line - Depressingly Poor Actors - Just.... terrible, the terror it inflicted cannot be put into any words i have... stay well back from this "film"

    In a whole: WORST! MOVIE! EVER!
  • When you have seen so many bad films then you begin to acquire a taste for them. It's films like 'Operation Delta Force' that give bad films their good name. Just sit back and relax and forget about all your worries and delve into fantasy land as Jeff Fahey and that black guy out of Ghostbusters run around pretending to be USA army specialists. Trouble is the makers of this film didn't intend for it to be a fantasy tale, its supposed to be a serious tale of guerilla warfare. Well, this just makes it all the more amusing. You'll not believe how silly some of the scenes are. Bad films like this serve a purpose because when you see a good film then you will really appreciate it.
  • Bear in mind that I haven't seen this film since it first came out on Channel 5 about a year ago.

    This film has one of the most stupid scenes I've ever seen in a film of its type. The bit where they are dropped off by helicopter to the bottom of that railway bridge, and then climb up the bridge supports to the top. WHY????? WHY NOT JUST GET THE HELI TO DROP YOU OFF AT THE TOP???

    Anyway, apart from that little annoyance, which actually adds a little humour to the film (from our point of view), this film is utterly cr*p. Simple as that.

    It's plain to see that the writers/directors didn't do any homework on spec ops. Our highly trained heroes stand out in the open, shoot from the hip at targets 200 metres away and get them every time, while the enemy couldn't hit the Titanic from 2m away. This is brainless, team-based Rambo action.

    I personally wouldn't waste my time even rating this film, except that now I'm here, I might as well. Can the rating system take negative numbers???
  • Ernie Hudson, Jeff Fahey,Frank Zagarino and Joe Lara star in this derivative actioner which finds a delta force team who goes after a terrorist group who captured a deadly virus who they plan to launch on their enemies. Despite having a seasoned cast of Action vets, Operation Delta Force is one big loser. For instance the usually lively Jeff Fahey is very wooden as the good action star, while Lorenzo Lamas wannabe Joe Lara overacts and doesn't convince for one second. Worst of all is Ernie Hudson who has been in everything and basically he gives a performance of little interest. Ironically enough the most life comes from Zagarino. Operation Delta Force is a terrible movie that makes the middling Delta Force movies with Chuck Norris seem like The Dirty Dozen. Skip it.

    * out of 4-(Bad)
  • Don't get me wrong on this one Jeff Fahey isn't a bad Actor in fact the cast is mainly made up of good actors who presumably were all having a bad day. What really makes this film as bad as it is is the really cheap special effects. The planes and tanks on maneuvers were actually news footage taken from the Gulf War! Also before every single explosion in the whole film a mine-cart can be seen for a split second. This is because the Film Company spent that much money on actors that it had only enough money for one explosion so with that money they shot the all important exploding mine-cart scene and showed it over and over again. To add to this humiliating display if you watch carefully you never see a handgun fired. This is because the hand guns are really just hand gun shaped hunks of metal carefully shaped to look like hand guns and instead of showing them being fired the camera angle simply shows the person falling over when you hear the bang!
  • While the title leads one to believe that this is another sequel in the Delta Force movies started with Norris/Marvin, it is far from the truth. This film has strong performances from the Delta Force members, and extra depth is added with Ernie Hudson and Natasha Sutherland. Operation Delta Force not only has fast-paced action, but also touches on human interaction. Biological warfare, aparteid, ethnocentrism, and bureaucratic standards are shown throughout the movie. Unlike a total shoot-em-up film, depth of character is added, concern for others shown. Despite the nature of its release and popularity, I thought this to be a much better movie than many released at its time.
  • I liked this movie. It moves quickly with enough action to keep you on your toes. It actually has a plot. While the plot is a standard one it is interesting and handled fairly well. There is a twist in the ending and not the one I was expecting. Jeff Fahey turns in his usual solid performance.

    If you want an action thriller to take your mind off your troubles this is it. I think it is a cut above your standard B movie. It's been done better but mostly worse. Get out the popcorn and enjoy this one.
  • I think this would have been a decent low budget actioner had it not been for the dull, funeral dirgelike score. Hardly a moment in the film goes by without the same tune droning leadenly in the background. The film had the elements of a good story and some lively action but I was totally distracted by the constant droning in the background. A good score comes in to add mood and tension where needed and should be silent when the film's action or dialog is needs no enhancement. Evidently the producers thought it needed enhancement constantly but the horrible music merely ruined the mood and action for me.
  • I thought the movie was excellent. I rented it and had it for 5 days and watched it 4 times. The cast was great and I am especially fond of Joe Lara. It's time to rent it again. If you like action, you'll really enjoy this movie
  • 7echnoid17 June 2003
    This is one of the most predictable and poorly manufactured action-movies ever made. It doesn't go all the way down on the rating only because it is so bad that it turns into a comedy. Btw, check out the sound-effects here! The bullets sound like they're hitting metal when they actually hit nothing but dirt, wood or rock. Strange...
  • michael_troup18 January 2007
    As if the script was not bad enough, watch for the following(finding these mistakes is the ONLY REASON TO WATCH THIS MOVIE); constant cocking of automatic weapons as each character enters each scene; team members swinging their loaded weapons across their buddies bodies; team members firing weapons apparently through each others heads with no effect; guns firing without muzzle flash, gas discharge or recoil; the female lead firing first right handed, then left handed(which you can't do with that weapon without getting hot brass ejected into your face), then right handed again, all the while holding the gun incorrectly; no shells being ejected from automatic weapons in scene after scene; a gun battle at point blank range in a rail car with NO casualties, no ricochets and no damage to woodwork or any other material whatsoever(!); the reusing of stock footage on at least three separate occasions; actors climbing out of the water DRY; scenes so badly blocked out that the female lead is looking over the head of the actor she is apparently staring in the eye; I could go ON AND ON...oh, and the Delta team in the African bush calling for a medivac that turns up within 60 seconds WITH the additional transportation that they requested at the END of their transmission. This would do Ed Wood proud- I was only waiting for Jeff Fahey to knock over a polystyrene headstone to make the movie complete.
  • When I first saw this on video I thought what a pile of poo but why the hell did I enjoy it??

    The thing is when a film is called "Operation Delta Force" you don't go into it thinking that you are going to see the finest display of realistic military action film making. You go for a fun 90 minutes where you can leave the world outside your living room.

    Obviously when the film came out there was a shortage of bad guys so who better than the local population of where the film was shot - Bad South Africans! At least this explains the accents of supporting cast, unlike other worthier fare that lensed in SA (eg: Bravo Two Zero)

    In fact I loved hearing Africaans in a film as it really lends itself to villains. I never was a fan of Jeff Fahey and at least he doesn't detract from this film but I never wondered why Joe Lara didn't get a chance to do at least one good film. Okay apart from the rubbish Seagal ponytail he has a good look and I guess... Oh who cares man this film is fun - why am I analysing a film that is formed around a B-Movie Special Forces formula (see my review of Operation Delta Force IV: Deep Fault)

    I love this film for all it's B-list cast and terrible continuity - for it's absurd action scenes (anyone that doesn't realise that a film where a group of men run at a concrete machine-gun emplacement and don't die but actually destroy it, isn't to be taken seriously is lacking a fun gland).

    See it when you've had a hard day doing something important - my dad and I did and we loved it - A Proper B-Movie!!!.
  • The acting may not be up to much, but if it's action you want then this has it in bucketloads, the plot concerns a group of South African right-Wingers who steal a very deadly toxin and it's antidote and hold the world to ransom.. or something like that, so the Delta Force get called in to save the day, Pretty good if you've got 90 minutes to waste or there's nothing else on the T.V - Give it a go it might not be as bad as you may think

    Followed to date By 4 SEQUELS!

    My Rating:- 7/10
  • shrubber200117 December 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    Well, to say this film is depressingly bad is like saying accidentally swallowing a bomb full of anthrax is a tad regrettable. It begins how it means to end: with a group of the most clichéd characters ever being ever so macho and stereotypical. We have the no-nonsense leader, the man whose wife has just given birth, the slightly younger one with the cocky comebacks... we also get a love interest for no real reason other than these films always have love interests. Oh, and she's a girl (obviously: Homosexuality is not permitted in Delta Force one suspects) which leads to some tension in the group because she ain't no man. There are also the pointless explosions which occur so many times it hurts, the rival soldier with a history (he killed the Leader's brother, but that's okay: I'm sure they'll be talking by the end) and some truly dire dialogue, which is why this film at least gets a nod in the right direction. After all, not many films have the immortal line: "She's the best man for the job, even though she is not a man."
  • Why why why do people decry films like this, ok it`s not a good film, but it`s a lot better than some films made in the 90's, Jeff Fahey is good as the leader of the Delta Force, Joe Lara is ok as the 'baddie' and it`s nice to see Hal Holbrook doing his stuff.

    If you want some escapisum this is ok and it`s no worse then any of the TV series 'The A Team'...give it a try, the story line is not to bad either...come on it is a 'B' grade movie but live and let live...