Romeo Dolorosa: Well, the truth is, I'm a scientist.

Perdita Durango: A scientist? No, you're definitely a dentist. I could tell from the stupid smile on your face.

Perdita Durango: [Perdita to Estelle, while Estelle holds a gun to her, threatening to shoot] If you really wanna do something, you just do it. But you don't think about it. That's the difference between you and me.

[Estelle gives Perdita the gun. Perdita then knocks Estelle to the ground and makes her kiss her foot]

Perdita Durango: Where the hell are you going?

Romeo Dolorosa: I'm going to dance with the devil under the pale moonlight!

Perdita Durango: Go fuck yourself, Romeo.

Romeo Dolorosa: What's wrong? It's from Batman.

Perdita Durango: Fuck Batman!

[while mounting tied up Duane on a chair and raping him]

Perdita Durango: How many times have you done this, Duane?

Duane: [mumbles] Ha?

Perdita Durango: How many times? Ten? Five? Fuck, once? Shit... so how was it?

Duane: I'll never forget it.

[a flashback is shown of a buxom overweight girl laughing maniacally while mounting Duane on a bed]