Princess Ilene: I demand to see your king.

Thagnar: Harem.

Prince Gawain: What? You can't do that she's a princess.

Princess Ilene: Who the hell is harem?

[she's thrown into a room full of other woman]

Woman #1: [giggles] I wonder if she's a virgin.

Princess Ilene: Of course I'm a virgin. I'm Princess Ilene of Brenwyn.

Woman #2: We all had kingdoms once. Now we are all queens for a night.

[Ilene looks around scared]

Monday: I am Monday.

Tuesday: I'm Tuesday.

Wednesday: I'm Wednesday.

Monday: And you're Thursday.

Princess Ilene: That's today. He wouldn't dare touch a princess.

[now very unsure]

Princess Ilene: Would he?

Prince Valiant: He told them I was valiant, and that became my name.