The movie was re-cut by the German producers, while the director was away on Christmas vacation. They wouldn't fly him back to Germany to finish the film. Four key scenes setting up its humorous tone and all religious aspects were removed.

In his autobiography Size Matters Not: The Extraordinary Life & Career of Warwick Davis, Warwick Davis, an actor in the film, called it an "absolute disaster" which was "premiered, panned and bombed," and "even the wonderful Joanna Lumley - who still managed to put in an amazing performance as Morgan le Fay - couldn't save it." He blames this on the director, who he says "seemed intent on partying all night long and giving roles to his friends."

As of March 2021, this is the only film to feature Katherine Heigl nude. In one scene she exposes her butt as she steps out of a bath and puts on a robe. Though it may be a body double.

This was Walter Gotell's final film before his death on May 5, 1997 at the age of 73.

Warwick Davis and Gavan O'Herlihy previously appeared together in Willow (1988).