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  • When I was shuffling through my local video-store, I found this beauty in the 1£-department, and thought "Wow, wtf, Ron Perlman, Clint Howard, and John Rhys-Davies! I MUST OWN THIS!" - Well, when I put it in my VHS-player, expectations were high, but I could almost immediately see that this movie was a total turkey. But it had some redeeming qualities.

    The Good: Ron Perlman was great as the evil Dr. Ramsey Krago who's trying to infest the world with his evil virus, which only he has the anti-dote to! Although he looks quite bored in most of the scenes, he's still the most fun actor to watch in the movie. But I couldn't really tell if he had Grey or blonde hair though..

    The Bad: The hero "Ken", played by stuntman-gone-leading actor-gone-stuntman again Matt McColm, finds out about Dr. Krago's evil plans and wants to stop him, using every skill he possibly knows! That is, looking really smug and trying to seduce every woman he meets, and attacking bad guys with his amazing double-kick mid-air split, that would (almost) make Jean-Claude Van Damme jealous. He's not really interesting, and his attitude was annoying throughout the whole film.

    The Ugly: In a totally redundant part, we have the always entertaining Clint Howard as Ken's accountant, Hutch. He doesn't do anything to the movie other than say a bunch of stupid things to Ken, and then follow him around on stakeouts, and Ken also uses Hutch's wife's car during a car-chase, where infamous stuntman Henry Kingi (Predator 1+2) flips Ken the bird right before getting blown away. Classic scene. Hutch also fumbles around with a hand grenade (with a SKULL painted on it, so you know that it's dangerous) on the back-seat of the car, which almost kills them both. The drivers of the two evil "A-team" trucks are apparently very stupid, because they have no idea of how to avoid hitting parked vehicles that are in their way. But that's just how henchmen are in these kind of movies. D-U-M-M.

    The Bonus: In the beginning of the movie, we see John Rhys-Davies as a disgusting slime-ball who Ken is working for, and believe it or not, he has a sex-scene! So if you ever wanted to see "Gimli" wearing nothing but filthy underpants and an open bathrobe, then this is the movie for you! He also forces a girl to "go down" on him, a fantastic scene.

    The Rest: Well, there's a bunch of women who runs around looking real tough, although they're not. Only one of them was important to the plot, but I can't remember her name, because they all looked alike. Then there's also a bunch of stupid henchmen who likes to stick their gun-holding hands out in FRONT of the heroes, so that they can grab them and throw them to the ground. That's great henchmen-work. I also think I saw Kane "Jason Vorhees" Hodder as a henchman, who runs out of a door right in front of one of the heroes just to get gunned down immediately like all the other lame henchmen.

    Conclusion: Well, this movie has a stupid plot, a boring male lead, boring female lead(s), but great supporting actors, and good stunts (especially during car-chases and in the final showdown, I can assure you that it is hot stuff!). The music is tame, and the cinematography isn't worth mentioning either. But overall, I enjoyed it somewhat, since I'm a semi-big fan of some of the supporting actors, and the stunt-work was also very good for a movie of this ultra-low caliber. So if you have nothing better to do, then watch this movie, but don't expect anything good.
  • A good solid film for only a million dollar budget. The plot is believable and right along the same lines as Mission Impossible 2...and this movie came out 2 years before MI2. Maybe MI2 saw this and copied it on a big scale. Ron Pearlman is as sinister as he always is and Clint Howard plays the same quirky, goofball he is so good at. Annabelle Schofield and Morgan Brittany are sexy and fun to watch.
  • vision-311 April 1999
    Actually event if the story is not the best one in history, I have to admit it's a pretty good surprise thanks to Matt McColm who is rather impressive in the role of an action man. He is a better actor than many of his asskicker-colleagues and seems to really enjoy being in front of the cameras and not only to hit some dudes.
  • Most part of the time, watching the movie, I had a strong feeling that the main hero Ken by name just shows off. I don't want to say anything about the actor who played him but nevertheless, after the next "winner's smile" of the main character I felt a strong sympathy towards Dr. Ramsey Krago. I even wished I was there to help poor Ramsey to get rid of this annoying macho man. In fact, Ramsey, with his evil genius' charm, looked better than Ken and "behaved" better. I think I would agree to become his secretary if I didn't have such a nice job of a librarian already! :)

    The movie in general was quite nice but lacked fresh ideas a bit, I think. And the main character was too predictable. The only bright spot in all this is Ron who definitely had to be given more time for different nasty things. :)
  • Ex-military, black belt professional bodyguard/soldier of fortune Ken Conway (Matt McColm) is recruited by his ex-fiancée Marisa (Annabel Schofield), who left him at the altar, to find her missing coworker. The search leads him to world renowned virologist Dr. Ramsey Krago (Ron Perlman), who is secretly creating deadly viruses, releasing them, then "developing" an antidote (which he had created in tandem with the virus) and selling it to the highest paying pharmaceutical company. The Doctor, via poison ring, infects Conway with his latest invention leaving him forty eight hours to get the antidote or die.

    TV movie quality. The opening music is incredibly tacky. Not the most brilliant dialogue. The lead (McColm) has a tendency to go over-the-top-cocky. A rainy day watch.

    Perlman is the elegant epitome of class and style as the suave, debonair and totally villainous Krago. An enjoyable performance as he is so damn smooth and so damn ruthless; a silken snake.

    Worth a rent/buy used.
  • thehl3 February 1999
    I liked the design of the lead character for this film and the basic premise of the virologist bad guy. I also like the always adorable Annabel Schofield.

    Aside from that the film is lousy. Bad performances from everyone including Ron Perlman, who is usually very convincing in aloof shadowy roles (particularly his TV role as Beauty and the Beast's Vincent), simply underscores the bad dialog, the silly story line, and the listless direction.

    Annabel seems to have a gift for rescuing really bad films from the absolute dung heap (cf. Solar Crisis).
  • The only reason why I like this movie is because it's so stupid it makes me laugh. I actually got sad when I wasn't watching this crap and I ordered it from after my video store lost it. Every character in this movie is pathetic except for Clint Howard. He was such a wuss that he actually ruled. And Matt McColm thought he was so bad, but he came out like a male chauvinist or something. The chicks were okay, I guess, and so was RP.

    I could actually give this movie a 10 out of 10 just because it makes me laugh at how idiotic it is. Don't ever rent this movie or you'll become hooked like me!
  • 1st watched 10/18/2001 - 4 out of 10 (Dir-Jack Gill): I actually expected this title to be much worse than it really was, but it still was not good enough to merit it a good rating. Actually decent performances from Matt McColm as the he-man star and a good supporting role from Clint Howard as his silly accountant sidekick, but they couldn't overcome the bad plot with dim-witted unrealistic responses to the situation from mostly everyone involved. The plot revolves around a money hungry virus-vaccine producer who decides to make the virus first, put it airborne then make millions on the vaccine that he was ready to put out on the market because he knew their would be a need for it. Pretty smart guy, except that he didn't expect he-man bodyguard turned private eye `Conway' to be on the case and spoil his whole evil plot. Conway ends up getting the virus and here is where the movie becomes down-right ridiculous and then turns even sillier at the end with former lovers bickering with each other in the after-life as the credits role. A-Pix entertainment doesn't usually even come close with it's offerings but this one was closer than normal but still a grade-b movie that tries to be a little more than this but doesn't pull it off.
  • phil-48317 February 2004
    I saw this movie in college six years ago. It was late, we were not all there, you get the picture. At the time I remember it being funny. So I saw a copy on ebay cheap and figured I'd buy it.

    What a stinker! I don't think I could ever be in the such a bad state that I find Body Armor funny again, much less exciting as an action film. The dialogue is slow. Matt McColm's acting is terrible. The bad guy is ridiculous. Oh, and who brings their accountant along on a stakeout???? Aside from the eye candy of Shauna O'Brien and Annabel Schofield, there is nothing in this movie that makes it worth watching. Go get something else, anything else. Or, if you must, buy my copy off ebay.