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  • I absolutely loved this film. It's an unpromising subject - a man with a dying wife - but the excellent Jean Reno gives such a compelling performance that you cannot help but be sucked into the story. It is funny, moving, wonderful, beautifully acted and superbly filmed. And best of all it is good, clean entertainnment. Director Paul Weiland is sufficiently confident in his cast, his screenplay and his abilities that the story is allowed to take centre stage. There is nothing gratuitous, nothing formulaic about it Roseanna's Grave, it is a film of the old school: honest and genuinely entertaining.
  • spunko9 January 1999
    I was ready to turn it off but my wife wanted to see it. I'm glad she did. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, touching, funny when it needed to be. And yet another good movie with Jean Reno.
  • Serpico-714 February 1999
    This movie should be filed on all video shelves next to the wonderful Il Postino and Cinema Paradiso. Though this is not actually in Italian, the style and character of these other two films is evoked. It may not be as moving as these Italian masterpieces, but I would argue that it is more amusing.

    It is one of those movies that gives the spirit of a place, draws you in to it and makes the audience genuinely care about the characters. If you feel disillusioned with blockbusters or just need a bit of cheering up after a hard day, this is your movie.

    Amazingly, it couldn't get a cinema release over here, and it is very little known. My advice is to try it, and soon, like me, you'll be recommending it to one and all.
  • This film is one of those wonderful hidden gems that restore your faith in both film making and storytelling.The opening premise is that a mans'wife is soon to die from an incurable disease and that her last wish is to be buried in the village church graveyard. Unfortunately there is just one plot left!

    Naturally there are a number of other villagers even closer to deaths' door.The husband, Marcello,is brilliantly played by Jean Reno. He delivers a virtuoso performance which carries the film dashing around saving the lives of other villagers in order that his wife can secure the last plot! Part romantic comedy, part farce, part love story, part tragedy, this superbly crafted tale had me laughing and holding back a tear in equal measure.

    The farce scenes rival Feydeau at his best in the likes of 'Hotel Paradiso', slapstick with style. Yet Reno as Marcelo, ably assisted by his comic "sraight" partner, Mercedes Ruehl as his wife Roseanna, also produces a pathos for the tragic circumstances which underscore his credentials as a very fine actor.Unmissable. A real treat.
  • The acting is superb, the story line strange and the experience a treasure. Funny, serious, surprising. The entire package is rolled up into a neat package you won't forget for a long time. I was so enchanted by HIS acting I was halfway through the movie before I realized how fine SHE was. Well worth anyone's time.
  • lulu-37 November 1998
    Well-written, clever, heartwarming, funny and basically sweet story of two people very much in love
  • Jean Reno is one very appealing and versatile actor, and here he's surrounded by attractive and loving women (as is probable in his off-the-set life). The setting is Italy so rural, the VCR tape should come with it's own bottle of Chianti. And, there's a clever ending which puts a neat exclamation mark to the story's moral. Probably filmed in Italian as well as the English version available in the USA.
  • Most of us know Jean Reno for his roles in violent actionmovies but in this movie you can admire the hidden talent of the French topstar as this is a comedy... And directed by Paul Weiland who has been involved with most of the TVseries from Rowan Atkinson (Bean, Blackadder). The story is morbid and hilarious at the same time as it tells the story of some small Italian village in where the cemetary only has 3 places left. Roseanna's wish is to be buried next to her daughter who died at a young age and as she's suffering from some cardiac disease this day comes sooner than she can think of. It's Jean Reno's task as her husband to keep all the inhabitants of the village alive to guarantee Roseanne a free place. This movie makes space for some very funny situations (Jean Reno is at times superb) but this movie cant decide whether it will be a black comedy or some burlesque thing and it's that grey area that makes For Roseanna (also released as Roseanna's grave) just a nice movie, just two stars and a half...and you cant blame the actors especially not Jean Reno or Polly Walker (Roseanna's sister Cecilia)
  • "For Roseanna", as it was titled on cable, tells of an Italian wife (Ruehl) with a bad heart and a husband of 20 years (Reno) who's determined to see she is buried with her daughter in a cemetery with only three graves left by making sure the townsfolk of his Italian village do not die. A comedy and light drama, "Roseanna" is a sweetly sentimental film with a simple but entertaining story for patient people set in the lush rustic beauty of the Italian countryside. No blockbuster but quaintly enjoyable, "Roseanna" is a charming little film with four plots.
  • arumbold30 March 2002
    "For Roseanna" is a wonderfully sweet romantic comedy about a loving husband and his devotion to his dying wife. The film is full of charismatic performances, but Jean Reno steals the show by a narrow margin. Mercedes Ruehl is also warm and lovely in the title role. For a story so focused on the subject of death, the character of Marcello is the embodiment of vitality, and his various efforts to keep his fellow townsmen alive so they don't take up the last graves in the village cemetery are hilarious. Having seen Reno more typically in dramatic roles in movies such as "The Professional," "Mission: Impossible," and "Ronin," I was impressed with the very gifted comic range that he demonstrates here. With very fine talented supporting performances from Polly Walker, Trevor Peacock, Renato Scarpa, Roberto Della Casa, and Mark Frankel (tragically, his final performance), this is a little jewel of a movie. Don't miss it.
  • Budd-58 September 1999
    Roseanna's Grave begins with a trapeze artist walking a tight-rope in the middle of an Italian city. The clown falls and dies. He takes his place in the overpopulated graveyard. Now there is only one grave left. Jean Reno's sick wife wants that grave. He can't let anyone die. This film is a comedy?

    And what a comedy. Jean Reno gives a sweet performance as the loving husband attempting to keep everyone in the town from harm. The length that he goes to, to honour his wife's wishes is remarkable. He convinces the family of a man in a coma that he is still alive when the doctors tell them he has no chance, he even kills a man by accident but hides the body.

    This is a love story and the chemistry between Ruehl and Reno is refreshing. Ruehl is remarkable as the dying spouse. She hopes for her sister and her husband to get together but they don't like each other at all. It all builds up to a tragic outcome but the ending is a surprise, a wonderful surprise to a wonderful movie!
  • kastellos31 August 2006
    One of the best love stories of the past several decades. It is warm, touching and funny as well. The depiction of small Italian village life is very well done.

    The supporting cast is very good but kudos go to Reno and Ruehl. They are great, and very charming. They were able to make the audience feel the love and passion they had for each other without the gratuitous spit-swapping and sweaty bed scenes that pass for love in most movies today. Every husband would love Ruehl's reply to Reno when he asks Ruehl why she married him and she says, "You touched my soul." I should be so lucky.
  • What a delight ! A film that captivates, enthralls, entertains and most of all warms the heart from its very original beginning through to the ending that not only surprises but completes a marvelous cinematic experience. Not many films leave you wanting to rewind the tape and watch again, this film does and like other classics such as "il postano" , "mediteraneo" and "cinema paradiso" should be on the video shelf of any lover of cinema and indeed any lover of life !

    The casting was perfect and at no time during the film did we see any poor acting or miscasting and all involved played their parts to the hilt.

    If you havent seen this film then try and get it on dvd/video and you wont be disappointed.
  • If you are a sucker for a really amazing ending.....

    If you like a good romantic comedy........

    If you want to see a movie that is unlike any movie you have ever seen before......

    If you wanna laugh your ass off.....

    If you want to be moved to tears......

    Then you gotta see this movie..... i own my 6th copy of it. I have given one or 2 away and worn out 2 of them.

    Acting is superlative, Mercedes Ruehl is AMAZING...and the story of Mark Frankel is tragic which only adds to the allure of this movie.

    SEE IT
  • I found this film delicious for its simplicity and heart-throbbing ways. Reno and Ruehl actually ARE Marcello and Rosseana. Photography, dialogues and locations are great.Humour and light tragedy are very accurately blended.
  • mommish8 February 1999
    An unusual twist on the run-of-the-mill love story. Beautifully presented, well-cast; I laughed, I cried, I watched it twice!
  • me2216 June 2006
    I hate to counter the endearing comments this film has received on IMDb, but my wife and I both found this film in a word, "trite". Yes, Reno is a terrific actor and Italy provides wonderful scenery.(Having lived in Italy and France for the past 12 years, we know both first-hand). However, that isn't enough to make this a great film.

    The plot has many contrivances, the accents are poor, and the humor is at times too broad to be believable. Of course this is better than your typical TV movie, and if what you want is a little bit of fluffy entertainment, you will find it satisfying enough. But I imagine that films like this are created to fit American stereotypes of what perfect little towns in Italy look like, without embracing anything that rings true.