Mann: There ain't enough bullets in the world for all them crackers.

Aunt Sarah: Nigger is just another word for guilty.

[last title cards]

Title card: In 1993, 70 years after the massacre, the Florida House Of Representatives granted reparations to the Rosewood families, spearheaded by Philomena's son, Arnett Doctor. The success of the case was due largely to the sworn testimony of several SURVIVORS, who were children at the time of the massacre, and to the deposition of one WHITE citizen who testified on behalf of the victims.

Title card: The official death toll of the Rosewood massacre, according to the state of Florida, is eight... two WHITES and six BLACKS. The survivors, a handful of whom are still alive today, place the number anywhere between 40 and 150, nearly all of them AFRICAN AMERICAN.

John Wright: Thank God the Navy don't let in...

Mann: What? Go on and say it, Mr. Wright. Thank God the Navy don't let in niggers.

John Wright: I was going to say cowards.

[first lines]

Gertrude: G'mornin'.

Aunt Sarah: Good mornin', Sylvester.

Sylvester Carrier: Mornin', mama.

Aunt Sarah: Good mornin', Gertie.

Gertrude: Good mornin', Mama Sarah.

Aunt Sarah: Don't run with them eggs, Arnett!

[last lines]

Sylvester Carrier: Which way you headed?

Mann: Same as you, friend. Goin' catch that train.