In interviews for the film, Linda Hamilton took the unusual (and honest) step of saying what she really thought about the movie, calling it "mediocre as hell. Okay, it's really bad, really bad." Charlie Sheen even went a step further, stating he "hates this movie".

Filmed in 1995.

This is the final film of George P. Cosmatos.

Shadow Conspiracy (1997), Absolute Power (1997) and Murder at 1600 (1997), three political murder mystery suspense thrillers centering around the US President and the White House, both debuted in the same 1997 year.

The display of satellite orbits was constructed using an Autometric tool called "Omni" which was part of the Edge Whole Earth product line.

Charlie Sheen's paypacket was $4 million for the film.

Most of the boat scenes for this movie were shot in Hopewell, VA at the marina, which is southeast of Richmond and right off the James River. They attached large flood lights on the 2 lane bridge over the river and filmed the scene from a private houseboat that the director paid for a second story built onto that house boat. He did this to get a higher angle for the shots and also paid the owners for the use of their house boat for the entire shoot.

Terry O'Quinn and Sam Waterston previously appeared in Heaven's Gate (1980).

During the gun test Stephen Lang is targeting a small model from Aliens the movie and Star War.

When the US Secret Service wouldn't allow the filmmakers to land their UH-1 Huey they were using on the South Lawn, they used stock footage of the President's helicopter, Marine One, landing instead.