Ducos: The war is over, Sharpe; apparently not for you.

[after Harper tells him that Jane has left him for another man, Sharpe waits about thirty seconds, then runs into the house and kicks open - literally - Lucille's bedroom door]

Richard Sharpe: Begging your pardon, ma'am. Your door was locked.

Lady Molly Spindacre: See, men are all the same.You marry them,you make a good home for them,but as soon as your back is turned,they're off to battle, and before you can say Jack Robinson, they're dead as doornails.

Calvet: How do I divide the cheese, by merit or by rank?Who gets the biggest piece?

Sharpe: You do.

Calvet: Because I am a general.

Sharpe: No, because I bloody hate cheese.