Quotes (10)

Marty Preston: [to Judd] His name's Shiloh.

Marty Preston: [to squirrel] I wouldn't shoot you.

Mr. Preston: What else don't I know?

Marty Preston: What?

Mr. Preston: You hidin' Judd's dog and never lettin' on. What else you keepin' from me?

Marty Preston: Nothin', Dad.

Mr. Preston: Well how do I know that's not another lie?

Marty Preston: 'Cause it's not.

Mr. Preston: Oh yeah, well your sayin' so don't make it true, not now. And that's the problem with lyin'.

Judd Travers: [to Marty] I told you, the deal's off.

Mr. Preston: No, I just want you to do what's right!

Marty Preston: Well, what's right?

Marty Preston: There's gotta be a first time for everything, right?

Mr. Preston: Oh, you're right about that, boy! This is the first time you ever lied to me!

Marty Preston: [about Shiloh] What's his name?

Judd Travers: [irritated] He ain't got a name! I don't name any of my dogs. Dogs 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, that's what I call 'em! When I want 'em I whistle, when I don't I give 'em a kick. Get, Out, Scram, Idgit, those are their names!

Judd Travers: [after Marty has told him abused kids always run away as soon as they can] Well, if that were true I would have run off when I was four. Far back as I can remember Pa took a belt to me. I didn't run off. Didn't have no place to go. I turned out.

Marty Preston: But, Doc, you don't know what I've been through.

Doc Wallace: You feel like the whole world's against you, huh? See that picture up there? That's Sam's parents. There's Eddie the father, Claira the mother, and that little ittie bittie thing, that's Sam.

Marty Preston: [Looking at the picture] I never seen a picture of them.

Doc Wallace: Claira was my princess.

Marty Preston: [Turns back to Doc, listening carefully]

Doc Wallace: We were babysitting Sam the uh night of the accident. And I'll never forget Social Services.

[Takes off his glasses]

Doc Wallace: Oh, yes, they jumped all over us. They said we were that we were too old to raise a child. That we didn't have financial stability.

[Puts glasses back on]

Doc Wallace: Which I thought it was a joke cause I'd been practicing medicine for forty years.

Marty Preston: But, you were able to keep her, weren't you?

Doc Wallace: Yeah, after a hell of a fight. It was the love of Sam that gave us our strength. We would have sacraficed anything to keep her. You see, sometimes, the greatests test of love is how much you're willing to fight for it. You think about that. This dog is gonna need a lot of love. Go get him.

[Marty picks up Shiloh and turns to leave]

Doc Wallace: Marty?

[Marty turns back to face Doc]

Doc Wallace: I love you.

[Marty smiles then leaves with Shiloh. Doc watches Marty leave. He then looks up at the picture of Sam and her parents. He then shuts his eyes and puts one of his hands on his head in sadness]

Marty Preston: Wait, Judd, wait. All I had was your word. Ain't that worth something to you?