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  • It was made to be silly. There's nothing in this movie that's meant to offend anyone. It's a silly, fun-loving, harmless movie. I enjoyed it when I was 8 and I still do now at 18. Anyone who takes this movie seriously, needs to relax, have fun, enjoy the goofiness. This movie is one you can enjoy with your friends, family and young children DON'T have to be sent out of the room for inappropriate action.

    It's silly, remember that. It's supposed to make you laugh!

    All the girls are young, and the band still together. A few years later, everything fell apart for them. Enjoy the youth and laughter while you can.
  • passthepopcorn621 December 2004
    When I was seven and this movie came out, it was the biggest thing around. Everyone wanted to be the Spice Girls. After they split up and weren't cool anymore, everyone forgot about the movie. But ho, ho, what's this? Years later, here I am cleaning out my old Disney and Barney videos and stumble across my old friend that I used to watch everyday. Even at my old age of fifteen, never failed to crack me up.

    Obviously, this isn't meant to be a contender for Oscars. Anyone can see that. But I can't find much to hate about a movie that's practically the visual to go along with the song "Girls just wanna have fun." That's all it is, fun. And a lot of good fun at that. It's just a guilty pleasure, and it's so much fun to watch it with old friends singing into hair brushes and wearing feather boas. You just need to keep in mind that it was publicity for their new record and it's not meant to be one of those heavy movies you over-analyze. Recommendation: This movie is much funner when you watch it jumping up and down on a couch like a seven year old.
  • This movie is FUN. And the sad thing is that most people are too close-minded to see that. The general consensus seems to be: "It's the Spice Girls in a movie? It's going to be awful!" and either they never see the movie, or they allow their prejudices to judge the movie for them.

    Firstly, let me say that I am not, and was never, a Spice Girls fan. I was way too old for their target market when they were popular, and whilst one or two of their songs had catchy tunes, some were downright annoying. They were a very cleverly manufactured girl band in a time when that market was wide-open. Giving each girl a distinctive character and style was a stroke of genius on the part of their 'creators', and while they didn't have particularly strong voices (except perhaps for Mel C), they didn't have particularly bad ones either. I've heard far worse. So I went into this movie purely out of curiosity, expecting it to be somewhere between awful and merely silly, but I ended up enjoying myself thoroughly. Also, my 65-year-old father loves this movie, and he saw it only having heard vaguely of the Spice Girls, but not knowing their music at all. Yes, Spiceworld is an exploitation movie; BUT it does an excellent job at it! What I loved most was the way it poked fun at itself all the way through. The character of the screenwriter pitching his idea to the girls' manager (brilliantly played by Richard E. Grant) saying "It's obvious to us that the Spicegirls are movie stars!", when it's obvious that they're not, and everyone knows it - there's even a scene at the beginning where he says, "Yes, but can they ACT?" and his boss responds with, 'Who cares?", or similar. I loved that. And while the girls CAN'T really act (some are worse than others; I've read that Victoria was the only one who had taken acting lessons before, but I can't say it showed since I thought she was the weakest link), it's obvious that they're having fun with the script, and they don't do too badly at all.

    The script was another great surprise to me; it's full of good lines and funny characters that poke fun at themselves and their stereotypes. An example of this is the great Roger Moore playing the "Chief", who is presumably the Big Boss of the Spice Girls. We only ever see him on the phone with Clifford the manager (Richard E. Grant), and every time we do he is stroking, in pure Bond Villain (or Dr Evil) fashion, a small white animal on his lap. But every time you see him he has a different animal; first it's a cat, then a rabbit, a tiny white pig etc. I thought that was such a great way of poking fun at the stereotype of the villain always having a white pet. And then the character himself has these fantastically enigmatic, senseless, but hysterical lines, like: "When the rabbit of chaos is pursued by the ferret of disorder through the fields of anarchy, it is time to hang your pants on the hook of darkness. Whether they're clean or not." and: "The headless chicken can only know where he's been. He can't see where he's going. Do not be that chicken." I love that off-the-wall humour, and this movie is full of it. Of course, some people just don't GET that kind of humour, which is fine by me as long as it doesn't make them slam the film because of it.

    Other moments I love, which elevate this film from could-have-been-dodgy to funny, are the casting of Meatloaf as the Spice Girls bus driver, and then having him say lines like: {on fixing the clogged toilets} "Hey, I love these girls. I'll do anything for them...but I won't do that!" - which is, of course, a play on Meatloaf's hit song "Anything for Love". Also the parody of the stereotypical characters of the girls, which of course were made up for them anyway, like Victoria not knowing what to wear, and Mel C saying "It must be really hard for you, Victoria, trying to decide whether to wear the little Gucci dress, or the little Gucci dress, or the little Gucci dress", and Victoria responding "Exactly!", or when Victoria falls into the Thames and continues to scream for help once she's been rescued, and yelling "This dress is dry-clean only!", or Geri saying "Calm down, haven't you ever heard of the word 'compromisation'?" There are scores of these great moments but they really work better in the film than if I wrote them down here. All I'm saying is that this movie is not ever in a million years as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Yes, it's not the greatest, but then most films aren't. It's so much funnier than you'd think, and yes it has its cheesy moments, but sometimes it's SUPPOSED to be cheesy! That's where it's funny. I really don't understand why this film, whose only aim was to be FUN, and in this it succeeded more than admirably in my opinion, is in IMDb's Worst.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    To be a teenage girl when the Spice Girls were around, there was no better time to be 12. I admit it, I was such a fan of the girl power group. How could you not be? Admit it, you say you hated them, but secretly you had a poster of Ginger Spice in your closet. They were cute, they were fun, they were talented and before you knew it they were gone. But for 2 years, it was nothing but girl power! So out of the height of their fame we naturally had to see if the Spice Girls were good for something else and that meant a movie! The Spice Girls made a movie, to show how crazy their lives were at the time and let them just have fun with it and they did spice up our lives real good.

    The Spice Girls are enjoying their fame, but they become dissatisfied with the burdens of it. A sinister newspaper owner, Kevin McMaxford, is trying to ruin the girls' reputation in order to cash in on the headlines, and even dispatches a photographer to take pictures and tape recordings of the girls. Annoying film director, Piers Cuthbertson-Smyth, who stalks the band along with his crew, hoping to use them as documentary subjects; at the same time, the girls' manager, Clifford, is fending off two overeager Hollywood writers, Martin Barnfield and Graydon, who relentlessly pitch absurd plot ideas for the girls' film. Amid this, the girls must prepare for a concert at the Albert Hall, their biggest performance yet. But between all this craziness, would they even want to continue to sing at the price of their friendships? You'll have to see, but I'm sure you could figure it out.

    I think a lot of people are a little too harsh on this film, the girls gave it a genuine try. You can tell they just had fun and wanted to do this for the fans. I think there were actually some really funny parts, like when they went through the spice boot camp. The whole last scene where they are going through their action scene in London, it's so random and just a good time. See, what I liked about this film was it's harmless nature. It was made for the fans specifically because we loved them so much. I admit that I'll watch it every once in a while still just to go back down memory lane and it still brings a smile on my face. The songs are so darn catchy, I can't help it. There are some very fun cameos that get a good giggle. The story is very predictable and the movie is over the top silly, but that is what makes it fun. I'm here to defend the film, I think people over analyze things way too much. Sometimes, you can't explain it, but you just want to let go of the real world and spice up your life a little bit. The Spice Girls may never win an Oscar, but they won the world's hearts for 2 short years, the girl power may have fizzled a little, but I'll take a trip down memory lane any time for Spice World.

  • SPICEWORLD is a good, enjoyable movie. It is NOT Cinéma Vérité, nor is it supposed to be. You want a deep, poignant movie? A thriller? An action-flick? Watch something else. This movie is a farce, and was intended to be only that, nothing more. You people who didn't like the movie are expecting LORD OF THE RINGS or something, and this will never reach that level. But for a fun, energetic, insane romp with countless nods to classic movies, stars, and actors, this is perfect.

    The Spice Girls had their time in the limelight and used it to produce essentially a theatrically-released extended music video. If you're old enough to remember M-TV when it was actually JUST a music video channel, this is what SPICEWORLD is (think of the classic Michael Jackson video/movies like THRILLER where it was music and a bit of story tossed in for good measure). Nope, not Oscar™ material by a long shot, but still quite enjoyable.

    Oh yes... one last thing: I saw this movie on PPV in 1998 and immediately fell in love with it and the Spice Girls. I was 28 then, and even though I'm 36 now, I still enjoy this movie for what it is. Perhaps that's because I'm OLD ENOUGH to know what it ISN'T.
  • The Spice Girls.......what can be said about them that hasn't already been said? Well, for starters..none of them can act. Playing themselves (albeit slightly exaggerated) seems to be a stretch. The lone shining star as far as acting is Meat Loaf, who in his role as SpiceBus driver provides comedy release without being Jar-Jarish. The fact he delivers the line "hey I love these girls, and I'd do anything for them...but I won't do that..." without blushing is priceless.

    This movie has some of the cheesiest scenes in the history of film, with the aliens scene being among the worst, but when this movie hits with the goofiness, it hits well. I still laugh to this day when I think of the plastic SpiceBus jumping over the plastic London Bridge. Surprisingly, one of the best musical numbers is the cafe scene...where the girls show that they actually do have some discernible talent.

    This is the best summary of the movie I can give: I hated the Spice Girls until I saw this movie, and now I have to say that I actually own a CD of theirs
  • I was very early tweens when the Spice Girls dominated the world, and I remember the film coming out to cinemas; counting down the days till I could go see it! As a child and massive fan I found the film entertaining as it was to cracked up to be, it was all the phenomenon of the time. Looking back now it was a great time for me enjoying it and themselves as a girl group enjoying massive success and this is why I can accept why the film may not be any BAFTA hands down winner, obviously the film was never meant to be! It was written by their managers wife! And has too many more than subtle references about Britain. The acting is cheesy but no way did it tarnish any of the many important actors/comedians/singers who cameo'd in this film because as I remember Richard E. Grant saying it was just so great to be part of the experience, it really was a time-line in history. Now who cares whether he was lying or being honest we know he is an actor who gets paid big bucks, but the fact Roger Moore was in this film and Meatloaf, I don't think you can call them all sellouts. Fact is Spice Girls did make an impact on us all, this is just a bit of history left to show their mark.
  • I've read comments about this movie being awful - and OK so its not something you have to use your brains for, but its FUNNY! These are the greatest pop legends of the 90's, Girl Power shook the world and so of course they were gonna exploit it for all their worth, but the thing that makes this pop band movie so much better than any other are the cameos, the list is endless.

    Its got more start turns than an Austin Powers movie, and thats saying something, and great thing is everyone has a sense of humour about their own position, even the girls themselves.

    I grew up with the Spice Girls and was a major fan - I'm 19 now but watching it now i find it even funnier - cos now i understand the jokes that flew over my head 8 years ago, and i know exactly who all these brilliant actors and musicians who make their cameos.

    It has great lines, a great and beautiful cast and shows the lives of the spice girls at their most normal and bizarre at the height of their fame, for the young girls the world over who loved the spice girls this is a great film to bring back the memories of almost 10 years ago.

    A must for fans - avoid if you had no love for these girls
  • KristenM9023 September 2006
    I love this movie simply because it's a good laugh. The acting is terrible, the plot is cheesy, but I love it all the same. You watch this movie, and you're going to think it's the worst excuse for a singing group promoting itself ever. And you'll be right. It is bad. But that's what makes it so great! It's a cheesy movie full of cheesy jokes. It's not supposed to be an academy award winner. It should be the first of the genre "Cheesy for the sake of being Cheesy". I mean, if Meatloaf voluntarily in this movie, we all know that it's not to be taken seriously. Mr. "Bat-Out-Of-Hell" himself wouldn't be in one of these movies to try and earn his acting credibility. Love this movie for what it is. A cheesy good laugh to watch if you're depressed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The outfits! The "acting"! The plot!! What could be better than a movie so bad that it's good? Spice World was created to milk Spice Girl fans for all they were worth, and it worked! I saw it and rented it, didn't you? I believe this movie is worthy of a 10 rating because it was created just to please younger fans and humor the idea of a Spice Girls movie. Remember the Beatles movies? They were ridiculous, yet they are still a treasure in the movie community. Spice World should be remembered and enjoyed. Only true fans of their pop music can learn to enjoy this film. This movie is hilarious because it's so bad. The only way you could hate it is if you are a SERIOUS movie critic, and in that case you're boring because you like 21 Grams and other equally boring yet "moving" works. Enjoy the horrible movies for what they're worth!
  • I was actually pretty apathetic of the Spice Girls until I saw this movie, but this is too much. This is the first English-speaking movie I've seen that requires English subtitles so you can figure out what the little darlings are saying. Fortunately, there's no plot, so you just treat it like a 90 minute long music video. For an added challenge, see if you can resist the urge to keep from clawing your own eyes out of their sockets while protecting your ears from bleeding while the gals sing and prance their way into your spleen. A spice world is a cruel world, indeed.
  • bek-128 December 1998
    My God, this is a Truly Horrid Movie. All this movie has going for it is some good looking girls (and the music, if you like their music, which I don't). The acting is horrible, the plot is infantile (at best), and the dialog is stupid. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

    An interesting side-note... almost everyone either voted 1 or 10. I suspect the people that voted 10 will mature in a few years and block out this embarrassing portion of their childhood.
  • Oh, what has the world come to. I'm worried for the sanity of everyone who has watched this and even more worried for those who haven't seen it and are going to...For the sake of mankind don't do it. This is quite simply a terrible movie. It's not funny in the slightest, after approximately 20 seconds the girls become unbearable and make me want to break something. I know that this movie is not really about the acting but trying would have helped. Admittedly I am not exactly the biggest Spice Girls fan but I am extremely open minded but it doesn't matter how open minded you are, it is close to impossible to enjoy this big, ugly, embarrasing piece of film. I hope to God that they don't do a sequel.
  • As I recall, just before this film was released, the laws concerning gun ownership in the UK were changed. This meant that literally thousands of automatic pistols and large calibre revolvers were removed from the hands of the general public. Coincidence? I don't think so.

    The government knew that the combination of Spice World and privately owned combat handguns would result in retaliatory strikes against both the countries film and music industries, by vengeance hungry members or the public. I don't own any guns, but I'd have probably joined in anyway, using a broom or a saucepan to dish out some Spice Girl inspired justice on the people that created this film.

    In hindsight, this could have saved us from the likes of Atomic Kitten and there would have been a good chance of sorting out Elton John as well. But alas the government foresaw this and here we are, shaking our heads as the British film industry spasms in its continued death throes.

    `But it's aimed at kids and Spice Girl fans!' you may shout, thinking that such a statement will somehow appease me. But, you'd be wrong, because the idea of letting those mad harridans, drive around the country in a bus, sing songs or say girl power is almost as insane to me as letting Rosie O'Donnell have her own talk show.

    If I worked in a video store and someone tried to hire out this movie then I'd refuse to let them have it, and possibly punch them for good measure. That also goes for Moonwalker.
  • I went to see Spice World on opening night with some friends (no, I am *not* a 12-year old Girl -- I'm a 21-year old College Student), fully expecting to see a 2-hour long commercial for the Spice Girls. The only other people in the theater with us were some teeny-boppers dressed up like the Spice Girls and some gangsta wannabes, who were probably hoping that there might be a flash of nudity. By the end of the movie, the wannabes had thrown all their drink ice at the movie screen and were booing it out loud. This is one reason not to watch this movie, even on video at home. There is a chance the ice you throw at the tv screen may somehow harm it, and your booing will wake the neighbors.

    The teeny-boppers were not impressed with everyone else's responses to the film (violent vomiting, painful spasms), but I'm sure they've seen it another 40 times on video, alternating it with viewings of Titanic.

    In short, this is a bad movie. A very, very, very bad movie. If you have read Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", then think of it this way: it is only slightly better than a Vogon poetry reading.

    I wouldn't advise you to see it, but if you do, look out for:

    1. The suits the tv guy wears. He's a pretty spiffy dresser.

    2. The bus-jumping scene. This was just kitschy enough to *actually* be funny.

    3. Roger Moore. Pity him. He was once a Bond.
  • Finntroll22 September 2004
    What happens if you take a talentless, brainless, tasteless, obnoxious pop product an try to make a movie about it? I'm surprised to say that you would probably get something better than "Spice World". The annoying Spice Girls, may Satan torture their soles forever, has made one of the worst movies of nineties, quite possibly one of the worst movies ever.

    Now you may wonder why I ever watched this if I hate Spice Girls so much. The answer amigo, is this: I had a bad hangover and unfortunately this was the only thing on the T.V. right then.

    Plot is nowhere to be found, decent actors are also completely absent, really annoying idiots however, are there plenty of here, but since this movie is about Spice Girls, it just couldn't be done without including five of the most obnoxious, irritating, stupid cows ever to be vomited out of the U.K.. If you're a bit retarded/stoned/drunk, it's Spice Girls I'm talking about right now. OK?

    Well anyway here's all you really have to know about this movie:

    It blows. Goats. As hell.

    The only people who might like it are those who really love Spice Girls. But those people probably won't be able to see this at the mental institutions they live in anyway.

  • Sure this movie is pretty stupid, and so are the Spice Girls, but really, there is no way it's as bad as the Lizzie Maguire movie, What a Girl wants, and the list goes on. Sure its kinda ridiculous and unrealistic, but its made for tween girls. And even if you aren't one, its a fun thing to watch. Especially if you used to like them (oh come on, don't deny it--practically every girl did around 1997)it's a pretty strange experience, always thinking "Oh my god, what the heck was I thinking????" And this movie doesn't get boring...just a bit embarrassingly bad. It was pretty amusing for me to think back to how much STUFF they had--they weren't a band, they were a merchandising chain!! But, all things considered, I give it:

  • At the age of 9 I was a Spice Girls fan. And I immensely enjoyed it in the cinema. Now I do realize how silly actually this movie was. Spice World is, and is meant to be, purely the fan-fantasy featuring five of their favorite singers doing... well, whatever. The film goes around with several subplots, one more forgettable than the other. But throughout we do see Spice Girls interacting (and overacting). When you are a child fan, that is how you imagine they must spend some of their free time, or at least, you fantasize about it in a similar fashion. Their personalities in the film are actually only exaggerated versions on what stereotype their nicknames presented them with.

    If you are not a Spice Girls fan, do not see this film. You will probably not enjoy. Unless you are looking something 'so bad it's good'. Film goes nowhere and gives you nothing, unless you are a fan and enjoy seeing them on big screen, mostly singing familiar songs, bickering and having fun. It is definitely a plus if you are in a super-funny mode and ready to have some laugh with them and at them.

    My diagnostics: 8/10 for fans, 3/10 for everyone else.
  • This movie was never intended to be serious ART (for that, go watch "Hamlet"--pretty much any version). I'm way too old to be a Spice Girls fan; my husband and I saw this on cable, and my main reason for scanning it was to see Roger Moore.

    Let's get the obligatory bashing out of the way: the Spice Girls can't act very well, they sing a little better, they've got a good media machine hyping them, a good arranger for their tunes, and I liked the "2 Become 1" video on MTV.

    The script for this movie, however flawed, was a little gem. And in regard to all the other posters decrying Roger Moore's involvement in the movie, I recommend that you catch the flick on cable or rent the tape and watch Mr. Moore's scenes again, carefully. He's always in Chief's minimalist office/sitting room, there's no one there but the animals (and behind the cameraman are the lighting guys and the animal wrangler), and Mr. Moore works wonders with jaw-breakingly nonsensical dialogue. Not only all that, but he ended up with probably the most sophisticated and opulent wardrobe of anyone in the movie!

    Oh, and for those folks who think Mr. Moore may have been desperate for money to do this movie--Do you remember that little programme on the telly back in the 60s? "The Saint"? Five series (seasons) in black and white and two series in colour? Mr. Moore was co-producer of the two color seasons and gets his bit whenever a videotape is sold or the package is aired, which is quite often on both counts. It's kinda like having an American 401(k) retirement plan, but with better music and clothes.

    Love & Lasers! GalaxyGal
  • Now I'm the first to admit that I am a huge Spice fanatic. But the movie, eeehhh, I just don't know. It's not that it was awful or anything, but it's not one of my top ten! The Spice girls should stick to singing, but not in the movies!! They sounded absolutely awful, and I got really sick of hearing all of the same songs that I've been hearing for the past few years. They had only 1 unreleased song in that whole movie!! The opening credits had the theater in hysterics though, it was soooo cheesy!! I don't know why George Wendt, Mark McKinney and so many others were in this, they really didn't have any real purpose in the movie, the producers probably could have saved a little bit of money and hired some absolute no-namers to play the exact same parts!! And the whole Alien scene. Come on now, that was way too dumb, even for my cheesy self. The last fifteen minutes was the most entertaining. The main thing this movie does prove, is that the Spice Girls are easy on the eyes, and that they have GREAT shoes!! I'd say that if you are over 15, you should steer clear of this movie, unless you're a Spice fan, and you are REALLY inebriated!! although I did give it a 10/10. Cuz I was Really inebriated when I watched it!!
  • aoifemoni4 August 2018
    People rating this amazing movie poorly need to get a life. Spice up your life
  • In the 1990's, the Spice Girls were the reigning queens of pop, selling countless amounts of records across the world. An unprecedented marketing blitz followed, culminating in the film "Spice World." Backlash was inevitable, and many were ready to dismiss the film or praise the film solely based on their dislike or enjoyment of the Spice Girls' music. When reviewed as a film in its own right, "Spice World" is a very entertaining movie with its tongue always firmly in its meta-textual cheek.

    The Spice Girls -- Geri Halliwell (Ginger), Melanie Brown (Scary), Emma Bunton (Baby), Melanie Chisholm (Sporty), and Victoria Adams (Posh, now Victoria Beckham) -- play themselves. The Girls are getting ready for their first live concert in Royal Albert Hall, but their preparation is beset with several obstacles, including the overdue pregnancy of the Girls' best friend ("AbFab"'s Naoko Mori) and a vicious tabloid editor (Barry Humphries) that wants to see them ruined so he can the ensuing headlines will sell millions of papers. A host of supporting characters add to the mix, including the Girls' high-strung manager (Richard Grant), an insidious paparazzo (Richard O'Brien), a clueless documentary film-maker (Alan Cumming), and a Hollywood producer/screenwriter duo (George Wendt/Mark McKinney) relentless pitching ideas to the Girls' manager for movie spin-offs.

    The Girls do play themselves to a point, but they are more accurately playing themselves as the public sees them. Sporty is always on an exercise bike, for instance, and Baby is never without a lollipop or stuffed animal. They live up to their stereotypes and play them to the ultimate hilt. The Girls themselves seem relaxed, with the most confident performance coming from Geri, who seems quite natural on the screen. Mel B and Emma both seem almost as relaxed, but Mel C seems like she needs a little more coaching on screen presence. Victoria, unfortunately, looks quite uncomfortable whenever the camera focuses on her, and in some scenes she actually comes off as resentful that she had to star in this film.

    The director, Bob Spiers, is best known perhaps for his work on the series "Absolutely Fabulous", and he brings the same comic hand to this film has he did to that supremely funny show. The comedy is played light, never too much over-the-top, although a good deal of silliness is inserted. Dramatic moments are often muted by a small joke or bit of campy melodrama. Nothing is ever taken too seriously, and the film clips along at a good pace, peppered with hilarious fantasy sequences, knowing self-parody, and satirical jabs at everything from hospital drama to action movie car chases.

    The film is full of cameos as well, including both musicians and non-musicians. Elvis Costello turns up as a bartender, while Meatloaf plays the driver of the Spice Bus (a double-decker bus emblazoned with SPICE on its roof). Jennifer Saunders shows up as a bitchy fashionista, while Bob Hoskins' role is too funny to give away here.

    It's easy to see why some people dislike the film, however. The soundtrack tries to fit as many Spice Girls songs as possible into the film, which is to be expected, but the songs themselves are of a wildly varying quality, from the rousing "Spice Up Your Life" to the questionable "Viva Forever." It's also hard to buy the Girls' backstory as struggling musicians, and the film lacks any kind of dramatic tension, which may be intentional, but it gives the film a fluffy quality that does not appeal to everybody. Some moments in the film now seem oddly indicative of future events: about a year of the release, Geri would leave the group and the Girls' next album without her would signal the end of the act, with all the Girls going on to solo careers of amazingly diverse success (Geri and Mel C have score the best, while nobody wants to hear Victoria's album, ever). Keep this in mind during the fantasy sequence with Stephen Fry as a square judge.

    All in all, "Spice World" is a very entertaining diversion. It's a pop song in film format: it's airy, fun, and slightly mindless, but for a while you forget about your worries. Certainly not as bad as people have made it out to be, but one to avoid if you really just don't like the Spice Girls. 7 out of 10.
  • I went to see this film with several friends in the winter of 97. My only comment is that this movie is the only film I have ever walked out on. It is, without a doubt, the most waste-of-time move I have ever seen! This, coming from a person who generally likes tacky "B" movies.
  • Spice World is not brilliant cinema. It's utter pap. But it's hilarious if you can get over the fact that the movie is intended to be taken as seriously as the Spice Girls themselves: that is, NOT AT ALL. The movie is a ridiculously campy, plot hole-ridden piece of movie cake.

    There are appearances by Elton John, Alan Cumming and even Meatloaf and all of it just adds to the fact that time will look back on Spice World as a campy gem. Go consult a list of Oscar winners if you want a proper film. The Spice Girls did what even Britney Spears couldn't do -- make a movie that proves to be irreverent and mocking enough to win over the hearts of any willing skeptic.

    Memo to Victoria Beckham/Posh Spice: Please spare us any future records and take a break from fashion -- you missed your calling as a comic actress.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So, first things first: Have I seen this film? It doesn't really matter.

    Much like a Rambo film, Avengers films, or a Spiderman film, you know what's about to happen; full of ass whooping and awesome.

    Starring the Spice Girls ( all of them) doing what they do best -Spice up our lives, you would be a fool to miss this one-of-a kind film that the entire human civilization looks back upon in instant nostalgia and wonder.

    Here's an example straight out of the film :

    Posh: You could always take your shirt off, Geri. Ginger Spice: Shut up. Posh: It was just a joke.

    It keeps you in suspense. "Will she take her shirt off?" you wonder. Inside you, you beg she does. She instantaneously feel the need of religion, and accept Jesus into your life. If Jesus doesn't persuade her to take off her shirt, who will? Well no one, because she doesn't take her shirt off.

    But the thought of it was still amazing.

    A must watch. If you have a weak heart, consider yourself warned.
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