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  • I loved this movie that presented Native American culture and history with respect and understanding. Anna, the character portrayed by Janine Turner, was a woman who learned to adapt in order to survive after being kidnapped by Indians. By adapting, she came to an understanding of Native Americans and respect for individuals. Her relationship with the Indian man showed that people are basically the same in any culture and that individuals can reach across cultural and racial lines to have caring relationships. Anna also learned about the failings of the white race, prejudice toward Indians, and the white man's mistreatment of Indians.

    I believe this is a story based on fact, especially since General Custer appeared in the story. My great-grandmother, who was born in 1874, was two years of age when Little Big Horn happened. She often told me she heard people discussing Little Big Horn when she was a child. I now have her books about Indians, written in the late 1800s. Earlier generations of my family came to Indiana in the early 1800s and lived with Native Americans. In fact, one rural Baptist church started as a mission to the Potawatomi Indians of northern Indiana.

    Most Hoosiers know the story of Frances Slocum, a pioneer girl who was kidnapped by Indians and named Maconaquah. When her family found her years later, she had so much adapted to the Indian way of life that she preferred to stay with the Indian tribe and her Indian husband and children. A similar story is "The Searchers," which starred John Wayne and Natalie Wood. However, the character portrayed by the late Miss Wood was young and malleable enough to re-adapt to white society.

    Because of the common themes in the above movies and incidents, "Stolen Women, Captured Hearts" has a special meaning for me. I would highly recommend it to everyone.
  • I thought this movie was excellent! Mr Greyeyes played the role of Tokala with expertise and heart! I feel he should have gotten better credit in the billing. He should've been right there with Janine Turner! The storyline was very true to life. I would buy this video if CBS ever puts it on video. It is truly one to watch over and over again! I was totally mesmerized thru the entire movie!
  • Thought this movie was quite poignant and a wonderful showing of how the whites actually treated the Native Americans and showed that the Natives were defending only their homes, their loved ones and their land. Also shows the worthlessness of the white man's word to the Native Americans when they destroyed Toklah's village after promising not to do so. Yeah, right!! Always believe your government!! Not in this life time. Shows, too, that the whites could have gotten along w/the Natives had they made a little effort rather than trying to commit genocide on them. The Native Americans are the reason the whites actually were able to survive here so had no reason to treat the Natives the way they did. Thought the love between the white woman and the Native American was a beautiful and wonderful thing. So deep and so caring even though their cultures were so different. Wish they would re-release this movie as I believe it has a lesson to teach about getting along w/different cultures. If not being re-released, any idea where I might obtain a copy of this movie? Do not care if it is used as long as it is in good playing condition.
  • spark-1329 August 2002
    This was a refreshing and different plot involving early pioneers and Native American Indians. Lead actors Janine Turner and Michael Greyeyes have great chemistry together and the other actors are also excellent. The language and dance sequences seem authentic. Well done and well cast.
  • msmolner25 August 2006
    Very often, TV movies are overly corny, acting stinks and the plot always ends up with the same result. In this case, I don't think that happened. I really enjoyed this one. Every time there is a film about white woman being taken by Native Americans, there's always disastrous results. You can't tell me that maybe, every once in a while, just maybe..there was a love found somewhere. Thats what I liked about it. I also like that they showed two sides, one conforming, the other resisting. I have looked for this movie to be able to see it again, but have failed. I think Janine Turner is underused as an actress. She's stunning to look at and isn't half bad in the acting department. This is a "throw your blanket over yourself, sit down with some icecream on the couch, rainy day movie". If you are a sucker for romance, you'll love this one. And not to mention....looking at gorgeous Native Americans' with no shirts on, is never a bad thing!
  • epevae20 November 2002
    Although Anna is first unable to believe in it, the gentle way Tokalah treats her with the appropriate respect, leads to to realize her true fate. Despite the threat of war, the plot is peaceful, cautious and with luring persuasion, which leads Anna back to Tokalah despite the obstacles she, her family and the Lakota have to overcome and the trouble and destruction they have to endure.

    At last a film based on sensitivity rather than on bloody fighting scenes which adds to the depth of the story even more.
  • This western 'Romeo and Juliet' totally worked for me. How could it not with beautiful people to watch such as Janine Turner and Michael Greyeyes? Mr. Greyeyes especially is probably one of the most handsome men to come along in a long while. It's no wonder that Janine Turner's character fell for him!

    Very enjoyable love story.
  • (November 2000) I was fortunate to view "Stolen Women, Captured Hearts," on lifetime tv this past week. I highly recommend it. It is well-acted, emotionally inspiring, touching and sensitive. The story based on a true account about a Lakota warrior and his love for a young white woman that began with a vision in his childhood, reaffirmed my belief that soulmates will find each other, no matter the circumstances. The story was told simply, yet beautifully, from both sides. I especially liked the way the writer did not take sides, but showed the events from the viewpoint of both the Indians and the white women. Mr. Richard Fielder, the writer, left any decisions as to right or wrong, to the audience. This type of movie is refreshing as compared to the stereotyped movies, plots and endings of the 1940s through the 1960s. It was a pleasure watching the actors. They suspended my present reality and I was lost in the past, my fingers crossed as to the outcome. Thank you to all those who had a hand in this fine production. I give it a full 10.
  • I just watched this movie on Lifetime over the weekend. I can't even describe how good it is. Michael Greyeyes (tokalah) is mesmerizing. He just exudes passion and loyalty, besides being gorgeous. The two main characters have good chemistry and Jean Louisa Kelly is good as a hostile prisoner. I completely agree with Maria Jesus & Paula-50's reviews. Watch this movie, you will not be disappointed.
  • I saw this movie on television on August 8th and dreamt about it that night. I was so taken by the performance of Michael Greyeyes that the next day I felt compelled to find out who he was. I watched every available video he appears in within the week. Nothing compares to his performance in Stolen Women, Captured Hearts--he certainly captured mine! I was so drawn into the story that I felt like I was having a past life experience. It inspired me to visit a museum of Native American history and I am now reading Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.
  • I recently saw Captured Women, Broken Hearts on the new Lifetime Movie Network in May. Through the middle of the movie i immediately fell in love with it.

    Janine Turner and Michael Greyeyes were beautiful together!

    One more thing. Was this movie a made for Lifetime, TNT, CBS? I cannot believe I did not here about this movie in 1997!!

    Anyways I give this movie an "EXCELLENT" for acting!
  • "Stolen Women, Captured Hearts" is one of the best lovestories I have yet seen on film. Never have I seen so much desire and actually so little physical contact between the hero and the heroine. The tension between the two is building along with the development of the plot and action to a point where one stops to believe, this will be a happy end.

    The characters are great: For the time of the story a very strong and independent woman (Anna = Janine Turner) and a man(Tokalah = Michael Greyeyes) so very sensitive to the needs of the woman, he loves, without loosing any masculinity besides being strong and handsome.

    Custer (William Shockley)is played exactly so full of deceive, as history has showed him to be and Anna's girlfriend (Sarah = Jean Louisa Kelly) reveals in the end more depth than imagened. Annas brother (Reverend Brewster = Ted Shackelford)gives a sympathetic and understanding impression, whereas her husband (Daniel = Patrick Bergin)is behaving like an ordinary possesive man in those days.

    Finally is William Lightning well-cast as the Native-indian boy, who helps bridging the two worlds.

    Though "Stolen Women, Captured Hearts" hasn't as many splendid nature scenes as "Dances with wolves" - it's a great film - and what a thrilling end!

    Come on CBS! Get yourself together and get "Stolen Women, Captured Hearts" out on sale in Europe.
  • This movie is full of romance and action. It tells a unique and true story of a woman whose life was spared because of the vision of a Lakota warrior. Michael Greyeyes and Janine Turner did an excellent job in this movie along with good supporting roles from many including Dennis Weaver. Too much profanity which was not necessary to tell the story. An otherwise excellent film.
  • This is one of the hottest movies I have ever seen!! Only the "piano" is as passioned as this movie..... PLEASE!!!! air it again as soon as possible or tell me where I can buy it, because I must have it on video or dvd!! the actors could have not been more natural or more talented!
  • What can I say? I'm married, and very much in love, but boy, if ever I was to be unfaithful, it would have to be in a situation like this one, with a guy as ATTRACTIVE as MICHAEL GREYEYES.

    I'm a romantic all my life and this is now MY NUMBER ONE ROMANTIC FILM. Don't just casually watch this one. You have to really sit down and let yourself be engrossed in the film to completely appreciate it's finer points. The connection and passion between M.Greyeyes and Janine Turner is incredible and on each encounter elevates to a point where you cannot believe they can hold out so long without a touch, a kiss or anything!

    By the time you get to the recapture bit, it's almost an emotional relief when they finally kiss. This film portraits the male/female relationship beautifully without reverting to the usual sexual tactics displayed so often.

    Another film of this genre which too shows a similar play with escalation of emotions in such a subtle fashion, is the UK adaptation of Jane Eyre, interpreted by Samantha Morton
  • This is an excellent movie with well-known actors and plenty of drama and excitement, not to mention romance. Janine Turner is absolutely fabulous and is one of the main reasons this film is so good. Michael Greyeyes is so handsome and does a commendable job at portraying Native American life in the 19th century. The remainder of the cast all played their parts beautifully and contributed greatly to this truly delightful film. It drew me in from the very beginning and I will continue to watch it again and again in the years to come. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys history, action and romance. A true gem!
  • Can't tell you how many times I have watched this movie and never seem to tire of it. Michael Greyeyes has always been one of my favorite American Indian actors. He is incredibly talented and easy on the eyes. Would like to know how to find the book or source this was taken from as it appears to be based on a true story. There should be more movies and documentaries covering the true history of American Indians as there is a such a severe lack of education and misinformation. This movie at least shows the injustices our First People have suffered over the years and it's encouraging that it reveals the true side of Custer and all those who supported him in their alarming mission to exterminate American Indians. I highly recommend it for everyone!
  • MissyBaby30 January 2004
    I came across this movie by chance last night while I was flipping through the channels. I landed on Lifetime Movie Network and punched the info button on my remote. I read the story line and became instantly interested. I will watch anything that has to do with Indians. Unfortunately I came in about 45 minutes into the movie. But what I saw mezmerized me! I loved it. Whoever said that Janine Turner and Michael Greyeyes were perfect together, I AGREE! They were fantastic! One of the thing that held my attentions was Michael's eyes! They are amazing! I kept watching to find out what happened. Although I watch the Golden Girls on regular Lifetime every night without fail, I substituted the Girls for Janine and Michael. I loved the movie! Unfortunatley I can't find it to buy anywhere! I meant to tape it the next time it came on, and unbeknownst to me it came on this morning at 6:30! I kicked my self profusley when I discovered I missed it! The next time this movie is on TV, watch it! I hope you love it half as much as I did. P.S. It has a happy ending! A MAJOR plus!
  • I saw this film from beginning to end, it was the best romantic film I have ever seen, though I cant help thinking it would be a fantastic read, I have searched the internet for the book but can't seem to find one, so if anyone can help me to find it, if there is one I would be glad to hear. Any way back to the film.. The thing I did love about this film, is the "love at first sight" element, the way that Tokalah stares at Anna when they first meet in the back of the waggon, as if she is the only woman in the world, and speaking as a woman and I'm sure most other women feel the same, that is the way I love to be looked at. There was a part I found particularly moving though, it was the part where Anna and Sarah try to escape, but are later found by the indians, Tokalah takes Anna in his arms and she says, "I was so afraid you would not come looking for me." Then they share their first kiss and spend the night together under the stars. For a while I was afraid that the film would not have an happy ending, especially when Anna goes back to find her true love (Tokalah) and live with the indians, and everything is burnt to the ground, but here is where is it sad but happy at the same time, because Anna finds Tokalah praying on the ground, he is alive, you really feel the emotion of these people, the sadness and the loss, but the joy of being back together, Tokalah see's Anna but thinks she is the vision he was praying for, Anna Takes his hands and says "Can a vision touch you, can a vision love you." then they embrace one and other, its a very touching movie I promise you if you love romance you'll love this film. I would love to see this film again, 10 out of 10. thank you for the opportunity to tell people about this fantastic romantic film.
  • katy_jarvis2 November 2005
    This movie touched me in so many ways, which is quiet surprising as I'm not usually one for romantic films. the fact that its a western film really pleased me as they are usually the best kind of films. I love to sit down and watch a good old version film. this was only wish is that i could have seen the rest of it. I only got to see about the first 45 minutes, but from that i knew i loved it.Please let their be a video or DVD. so i can watch it again, especially the ending. will it be on again any time soon.I think people will agree that this is definitely a perfect story.What more can i say. I just really need to see it again.
  • I have watched this movie many times and never tire of it. Michael Greyeyes is so handsome and so perfect in the role. I think that Janine Turner did a good job but I would rather see less makeup on her to make her more believable. I have been unable to record it for myself because that channel reception is so poor in my area but I would welcome email from anyone offering me a copy. I would be more than delighted to reimburse any postage, costs and expenses. I hope to hear from someone out there. I hope the "powers that be" can offer it for sale one day in the US.
  • As soon as I saw this film in 1997 I fell in love with it. I remember planning on watching something else the night it came on but that movie did not come on and I decided to watch this movie. I loved Michael Greyeyes. I would love to see him act in many more movies. I actually did research on him and found other movies he played in. This movie is a definite must see.
  • I loved this movie........ I have always loved romance movies and especially romance movies that display some savagery, and having it done in the old west makes it even better. The only thing that could have made it into a 10 for me (personally) would be if she had traveled threw time (the future) into the past to meet her soul mate. My two favorite kind of movies are time travel and old west. I wish I could buy this on Video.
  • This film evolved from the true story of Anna Brewster Morgan and Sarah White, frontier women who lived near Concordia, Kansas. Their stories can be found in the non-fiction book Pioneer Women: Voices From the Kansas Frontier by Joanna L. Stratton. The screenwriter has taken dramatic license with some of the facts, but it makes for a very enjoyable film. Anna, a newly married woman, and Sarah were captured by the Sioux and lived with them for a year until Gen. George Custer negotiated their release. During the year of captivity, Anna (who is played by Jeanine Turner) learned to admire the Sioux, and she fell in love with Tokalah, a handsome chief played by Michael Greyeyes. Viewers may remember him from Crazy Horse, the TNT film. You will enjoy this film if: you are a fan of romance novels, you are interested in American frontier history, and/or you are interested in Native American culture. It is shown on a fairly regular basis on the Lifetime Network, but is not available commercially for sale.
  • I watched this film for the first time this week and it has captivated my heart to the point of almost obsession. It is as if I am spellbound each time I see Anna and Tokalah gazing at each other with feelings that stir my emotions so much that I even desire to have such a love. I find myself hitting the rewind button each time I watch Tokalah dance and when any kind of contact between Anna and Tokalah occurs, physical or eye contact alone. I have watched Tokalah dance over and over again around the fire. I am in awe at his grace and power in his movements and Anna makes you see and feel what a loving and giving person she is, especially towards Tokalah. I have watched this movie already 4 times and I will watch it again tomorrow. It seems to have awaken many feelings that have been hidden away and I love that movie so much. It has become my favorite movie of all time. Janine and Michael were sure paired wonderful for those parts that may forever change my life. All the actors and actresses played their parts so well it is as if you were there with them. There were also parts of the movie that did bother me but then it was how life was for the indians when General Custer was at war with them.
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