• WARNING: Spoilers

    Patty Randall, a Sixteen-year-old girl finds life in her hometown dull until her cat, D.C. gets his paws on a vital clue to a mysterious kidnapping! She wanted some excitement in her life for once and now that day has dawned. Two criminals try to kidnapp a wealthy wife and end up taking the wrong woman, an innocent maid. D.C. finds the kidnapped maid and she sends a message to the outside world on a watch placed around the feisty feline's collar. It is up to Patty, D.C. and a hapless FBI agent to find the maid and save the day! The FBI Agent gets stuck with the 'crazy teenager' who thinks her cat can solve a major crime - leading to a hilarious investigation filled with zany mishaps and misunderstandings before they finally crack the case. Christina Ricci and Doug E. Doug star.