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  • This is a lovely romp without a wasted moment. The often quite broad comedy is believable due to the great script and fine acting. The story cuts to the chase in a way that is refreshing (see the scene where Lilly and Dan go outside at the wedding). The leads are all appealing, especially Danny Nucci and Paula Marshall as an unlikely duo and Bette Midler and Dennis Farina, who are evidently having a fabulous time.

    This is just flat out enjoyable and well-written, the way a lot of comedies were in the golden days of Hollywood. And like those great classic comedies, this is not a sappy sentimental story with any false nobility. People admit to not being perfect. They don't try to be anything they're not - or if they do they are quickly deflated.

    The underlying theme is "be true to yourself and don't get sucked into the boring b.s. of life." This is the kind of subversive edge that the great screwballs had, right down to including a pompous wannabe politician and a gold-digging second wife.

    Bravo. If only they'd make more like this. How about a sequel or the same team coming back together for another project?
  • This movie just saved my day - I know this is not a movie for everyone, but I fell in love with in the first minutes. This movie has the certain "something", which I find rare in movies these days - you can clearly see that everyone has had great fun doing this. Bette Midler and Dennis Farina pull out the best roles, and the casting is awesome overall. I might just be naive, but this film kept surprising me all the time, and I can't recall the last time any movie has gone by so fast. There is not great depths in the plot, it's just plain old 'feel good have fun' hour and a half !

    Worked for me, went straight into my top ten !
  • ivana-71 September 1999
    I didnt think that this movie would be any good but i rented it anyway. Boy was I wrong because this movie is so funny especially Bette Midler and Dennis Farrina as a two people who love each other that much that they hate each others guts. And there is more romance, I willl not say between who.... but its so cute.

    Rent this movie IT'S FUNNY!!!!
  • When I first saw this movie on tv it seemed way over-exaggerated so I decided not to watch it again. Oddly enough when a second time came around to view it I did tune in and really started to appreciate the humor of it all. It's so downright funny, at times in the extreme, yet how true to life in some moments. It grows on you! Needless to say, when I like a movie that much I go and buy the video too. It's an endearing comedy to lighten your day, overall entertainment, and everyone does a fine job with their part in this "over the top" comedy. Try it, you'll like it!
  • This movie is adorable. I've seen it about six times but I never tire of it. I enjoy the comedy between Bette Midler and Dennis Farina, who are both fantastic, but watch this movie for Paula Marshall and Danny Nucci. They are both hilarious and sweet. This movie may not be the most popular one, but I'd rather watch this than many of the romantic comedies that have come out recently. Rent it, especially if you're a romantic comedy fan! It's great!!!
  • Maxi-1426 October 1999
    I didn't have high expectations for this movie but was I surprised. This was one of the funniest romantic comedies that's come along for quite some time. Bette Midler and Dennis Farina are great! Paula Marshall and Danny Nucci have some really good scenes. Jayne Eastwood as Aunt Iris is a hoot. Perfect casting in this one all the way. If you have been married for awhile you can practically feel the sparks sizzling between Midler and Farina. The music was even enjoyable. The latin music at the wedding makes you feel like dancing. Bette Midler and Dennis Farina prove that some things get better with age...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was a fun movie. Admittedly, it was not the best film ever made, but it hangs together well enough, and is quite enjoyable.

    Molly DeMora (Paula Marshall) is about to marry Keith Marks (Jamie Denton), the rather stuffy son of a Replubican Senator. Unfortunately for Molly, this means that she will have to invite both of her parents, who have been divorced since she was a little girl, and still don't get along well. Her mother, Lilly Leonard (Bette Midler), is a famous actress who is now married to a psycho-babbling therapist, Alan (David Rasche). Her father, Dan DeMora (Dennis Farina) is a famous writer who has married Rowena (Gail O'Grady), the woman he left Lilly for. Molly expects some sparks to fly between her parents, but the ones that do surprise even her, as they rekindle their romance (in an hilarious scene involving a rocking Volkswagen), and leave the reception together. Unfortunately, Keith fears that these kinds of antics will cause a scandal, something detrimental to both his career and his father's. So, he rather sternly orders Molly to handle the situation, which she does, with a paparazzo photographer (Danny Nucci) hot on her tail. However, as Molly tries to bring her parents to their senses, she starts to wonder if maybe they shouldn't be together after all - and if maybe she doesn't belong with Keith.

    Admittedly, it's a silly story. In spite of that, it's still a well written one, and a well acted movie. Midler is hilarious as always. Farina shows an ability to charm even while playing for laughs. Nucci does a great job of showing a decent human being in spite of the slimy way he makes a living. Denton is wonderfully stuffy. But the best performance is Marshall, who seems to have an absolute gift for comedy.

    Yes, it's a silly movie, but every now and then, you need a silly little diversion, and this is just the thing for those times.
  • As larger-than-life as she is, Bette Midler manages to allow her co-stars to share the spotlight a little in this naughty comedy. David Rasche and Gail O'Grady could each carry a film on their own, and Farina's role fits him like a glove. Rasche was my favorite character. Jennifer Aniston was offered Paula Marshall's role as the daughter, but they wouldn't pony up $1 million for her. Marshall is fine, but Aniston may have been worth it to draw more people into the theatre and make this film the bigger hit it deserved to be. Her stuffed shirt of a husband exudes a sexy stuffed-shirtedness. But Nucci is annoying and his supposedly comic scenes with Marshall fall flat. He's supposed to be likabke, he's not. With Carl Reiner directing, it would hard to not find this film funny, and unpredictable. This film is not for people with conservative morals, but everyone else should enjoy it.
  • Boyo-23 August 1998
    I really love this film and I am not sure why. Paula Marshall has a terrific screen presence, and some of her scenes with Danny Nucci are truly magical (like when they dance at a wedding). Unfortunately, Nucci didn't become a star because of this movie, but he should have. Same w/Marshall. Vets Midler & Farina let the kids do the work in this one, and the movie is better for it. Good old Carl Reiner directs with the lightest of touches. Also has a terrific soundtrack.
  • Dennis Farnina and Bette Midler are the best chemistry match for this outrageously screwball comedy.

    Attending their daughter's wedding, after 14 years of being divorced from each other, and remarrying, the two despise each other and pull absolutely no punches. After a major screaming match at the reception, the two are put out in the street and told to calm down. It is at this point that the old feeling captures them and the picture becomes an absolute madcap comedy. The duo run off and are pursued by the daughter, and a photographer who can't stop snapping pictures of Midler.

    While on their escapades, the daughter realizes that she has feelings for the photographer. She has married into a political Republican family who pride themselves on good family values. Some values. While waiting for his bride to return, the young husband gets drunk and has a one-night fling with Farina's second wife!

    The ending is an absolute pip in the tradition of the 1930 screwball comedies. This is a marvelously crafted film- one of the best of this type that I've seen in years.
  • I know it was only a romantic comedy but this has been one of my favorite movies since the first time I watched it. I can never get enough of it. It's like Groundhog Day. This movie does not get annoying if I watch it a hundred times because I just love it so much. The acting is hilarious, I love the plot and the script is wonderful. And of course, who could complain about Danny Nucci?! Definitely one of my favorites! I love how Joey seems so annoying in the beginning. The audience is convinced not to like him yet when he starts opening up to her about taking the pictures and how he thought she was beautiful at her birthday party, it brings them closer. I have always thought this was the most romantic movie I have ever seen and I have yet to find one that has outshone it. But you know the saddest thing about this? I haven't even bought it on tape or DVD yet! *sighs* I really have to do that soon! Anyway, if you're just browsing and you don't know whether or not you should watch this, trust me, it's wonderful, you should!
  • I am not a big Bette Midler fan, so I wasn't too sure I would enjoy this film, but I rented it on a friend's recommendation. I enjoyed this movie so much, I now own it on DVD. I think the casting was excellent from Bette Midler and Dennis Farina all the way through to Jamie Denton and Paula Marshall as the unhappy newlyweds Keith and Molly. This is a must-see for fans of any of the actors involved in the production, as well as any fans of movies with a feel good ending. I would recommend it as a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.
  • Perhaps unlike some people, I expected to enjoy this movie because Bette Midler and Dennis Farina are two of my favorite actors. Well, my expectations were fulfilled and then some. In addition to Midler and Farina, I also greatly enjoyed Danny Nucci as Joey the paparazzi, Paula Marshall as Molly the bride (Midler & Farina's daughter), and David Rasche as a manic-depressive, psychobabble-spouting marriage counselor and Midler's second husband. I usually agree with Roger Ebert's reviews, but for this movie we have totally different opinions. He thought this movie was too predictable and that the dialogue was stale. Maybe it's a tad formulaic but I didn't mind because (1), I really cared about the characters and wanted them to end up where they were headed, and (2), I was too busy laughing. There are many genuinely funny lines (especially by Rasche) and a few very touching moments. The actors are all quite talented and appealing (even the "bad" guys) and maybe that is what makes it so enjoyable.
  • Fifi5 January 1999
    I love this film! Bette Midler and Dennis Farina are hysterical as the warring ex's who find they still love each other. Controlling your parents, no matter how hard you try, is an impossible task. Paula Marshall's character was beaten even before she started.
  • I think THAT OLD FEELING was the best movie I will ever own .I think BETTE MIDLER and GAIL O' GRADY were the perfect people for the movie! Even though I am only 13 and I think everybody should watch this movie! It is the funniest ever. and also BETTE MIDLER and GAIL O' GRADY are my favorite actress's.
  • Molly De Mora (Paula Marshall) is marrying Keith Marks (James Denton). She's reluctant to invite her divorced parents who hate and haven't seen each other for 14 years. Lilly Leonard (Bette Midler) is a self-obsessed actress. Dan De Mora (Dennis Farina) left her for Rowena (Gail O'Grady). Lilly brings along her boyfriend Alan (David Rasche) to the wedding. Keith hires photographer Joey Donna (Danny Nucci) without realizing that he's been hounding Lilly taking unflattering photos. It's a combustible mix. Dan and Lilly still have fuel for the fire.

    Farina is an unlikely rom-com lead. He and Midler do have plenty of combative energy. I don't understand Keith's despise of the forbidden relationship. I don't see it as that forbidden anyways. Marshall is good. Despite some early ugliness, Nucci grows on me. They become a charming second coupling. It would have been better if Lilly and Dan are forced into isolation which rekindles their romance. They basically jump into bed too quickly for me. This has its moments and a good cast. It's not a big hit but it works.
  • When I read the synopsis for this film on the t.v. channel, I immediately assumed it was one of those "screwball comedies" of the 1930s. Instead, it turned out to be a "modern" screwball comedy which kept us glued to the screen the whole time. Everything about the film was so enjoyable: the acting of everyone, and above all the clever writing, managing to relate all the main characters in the filmic version of a quadrille. By the looks of things, I would guess that everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the making of this film. As always, Bette Midler was supreme, whilst this film yet again showed how brilliant and versatile an actor is Dennis Farina.
  • this is the kind of movie that i try to remember with a fondness even in excess to how i really feel about it, just to make up for the fact that i often fail to make any real converts to my strange passion for movies that work better than they should. That Old Feeling is a good example (others I could cite: My Fellow Americans, Odd Couple II) of just how hard it is to really convey the intimacy that certain long-term rancor breeds...

    Denise Farina (who first entered my hall of fame in Get Shorty, because he nailed it, the way he abuses Gene Hackman, the huge oft-broken nose...brilliant). And Bette needn't reprove herself to me, and though I'm hardly a die-hard fan, there's something so vibrant about Bette Middler as she negotiates her raging trysts with her loathed ex...That friction, the movie suggests, is central to any sort of authentic passion.

    And, like any closet-romantic, I am dazzled by the knowledge that Paula Marshall (Molly, the newlywed) ended up getting married to her costar Danny Nucci (plays a paparazzi following around Molly's mom--Bette Midler) a few years after shooting on the film wrapped. chemistry is crucial.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***SPOILERS, OK?!?! SHEESH, GET OVER IT!*** I have extremely high expectations for movies. Unbelievably high expectations - unreasonably high.

    This picture meets - and even exceeds - expectations. Predictable? Yeah, but so what? You know that Molly's parents are going to end up together in the end. And you know Molly isn't going to end up staying married to the congressman. Who cares? That's not the point of the movie.

    The point of the movie, is Molly, her heart and soul. She's so tightly wound, she's about a quarter of an inch away from blowing a gasket. For anyone who's grown up trying to keep their head straight while their parents were off being crazy, you'll identify with her instantly. She's so self-loathing, trying to run her world and feeling like she's failed any time any little thing goes wrong, that she can't even see that her husband doesn't love her.

    Now, it's not that she's self-absorbed. In fact, quite the opposite. She's totally and completely giving of herself. Too much so; this is what comes about from a lifetime of having to keep other people's sh*t together. But she's simply not in tune with herself and her feelings, because of all the noise from all emotional sh*t going on inside her.

    Slowly but surely, bit by bit, she loosens up. And it's not the kind of loosening up where somebody just tells you, "hey, relax, don't be so stressed out, everything's cool!", and the hero realizes, "hey, all I have to do is relax, and not be so stressed out, and everything will be cool - that's terrific!". I hate those kinds of movies, they're insulting. That's not how sh*t changes.

    It's the kind of loosening up that happens slowly, subtly, without her (or the viewer) even noticing it. A slight shift here, a small turn there, a little diversion inside herself. Bit by bit, she goes from having a hurricane inside her head to feeling some bright, clear sunshine for a change. It happens without her even realizing it.

    You won't realize it either. That's why people can't figure out why they like this movie. It just kind of sneaks up on you, then BAM! So relax, set your intellect on cruise control, and allow yourself to be fulfilled by a charming, wonderful film.
  • fofml25 June 2000
    This movie is very funny. It has a great script with a lot of really funny one-liners and dialogue. Bette Midler is her divine self in this one and the whole cast does a good job. Especially the fighting scenes between Bette and Dennis Farina were great fun to watch. This movie is very romantic and the end, even tough predictable, is just what you want. Really enjoyable!
  • I liked this film a lot more than I thought I would, being not particularly a fan of Bette Midler. But she was great in this movie. And Paula Marshall was fantastic. Dennis Farina and Danny Nucci turned in good performances also. The script was excellent. Definitely worth a rental. Grade B+
  • Bette and Dennis are absolutely fantastic in this.They just about explode every scene they have together. The young couple that play the married couple and the photographer are likewise wonderful. They more than hold their own with Bette and Dennis.

    Wonderful ensemble of characters.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    That Old Feeling (1997): Dir: Carl Reiner / Cast: Bette Midler, Dennis Farina, Paula Marshall, Danny Nucci, Gail O'Grady: Cruel comedy about the passion once felt by a couple now divorced. Paula Marshall is getting married and stressed about inviting her divorced parents. Dennis Farina and Bette Midler arrive and the bickering begins until Marshall orders them outside. This turns into an adulterous affair. Why would parents do this to their daughter on her wedding day? These parents are absent minded and selfish. Even worse is that the other characters are engaged in their own orgy. Predictable and shameless low for director Carl Reiner who once made hilarious insightful comedies such as The Jerk and Oh God. How h got reduced to this is a fact that is best not examined since he is known for material more intelligent than this. Farina and Midler are both talented comic actors capable of better than this. They aren't even remotely likable here. The fact that they lock Marshall in a hotel room so that they can continue their fling is revolting. Perhaps it might have been for the better for Marshall who is given little to do. Danny Nucci plays an obsessed photographer out to harass Midler while she is harassing her daughter. The film could have examined one's failed marriage and its desired passions but its humour dictates the experience as a joke, which is insulting. Score: 3 / 10
  • halseth2018 February 2001
    I personally loved this movie. I thought it was very funny and entertaining. Midler gives an excellent performance as usual. My whole family and I watched and everyone enjoyed it. This is deffinently one of my favorite Bette Midler films. A must see!
  • Marie-6212 November 2000
    The first time I saw this movie, I was at a party with a couple of friends. It was pretty funny, and I liked it, but I have to agree with 'I don't know why'. It made a lot of sense, but even Bette Midler couldn't save some of the scenes in the movie. The actors and actresses were pretty funny, and the ending was terrific, but it just didn't 'click' with some of the better movies that Bette has made. Ah, well, you know you'll never get over it.
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