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  • A fun little film in the mould of the great 1980's teen comedies which used to star the likes of Rob Lowe, John Cusack and Ally Sheedy!! This film is enjoyable from the off, although the subject may be a little touchy as it centres on a High School youth (Will Friedle) who desperately fancies the school beauty (Marley Shelton)and somehow manages to arrange a study date with her at her house. After a while things progress well enough until he finds himself without a condom!. Where can he get one from at this time?, can he get back while she is still interested?, his journey takes him all over the city and gets him in to some side-splittingly funny situations and scenarios along the way. Stand out is Jennifer Love Hewitt as Friedles best friend who is madly in love with him without him realising!
  • This cute little film had one primary purpose: provide more exposure for Jennifer Love Hewitt, and encourage folks to watch her disappointing "Last Summer" flicks at the multiplex.

    Well, something went terribly wrong with that simple plan, because along the way an amazingly enjoyable film got made. Will Friedle (of TV's "Boy Meets World, and at the time JLH's real-life boyfriend) plays a likable high school student who lucks out when the adorable little blonde he's tutoring (the sadly underexposed Marley Shelton) decides to give him a break.

    As he frantically takes Los Angeles apart searching for a condom (yes, that's what "Trojan" in the title refers to) his best bud JLH is realizing she wants to be more than just friends. Aside from the horrible case of envy I developed (Will Friedle got to kiss JLH both on and off-screen!) I had a lot of fun watching the result.

    If you're a parent, the additional good news is that this is one of the few flicks out there (surprisingly) in which the characters don't jump into bed without practising safe sex. That shows that at least there's SOME hope for Hollywood.
  • What could be more entertaining than watching a teenage boy running around looking for a condom. I quite enjoyed this movie much more than I thought I would. Maybe it's because I expected it to be crap. Even though there were parts of this movie that were somewhat cheesy, I never for a second wanted to end the experience.
  • This is a great movie filled with tons of fun and excitement. Will Friedle is the highlight of the movie with his goofy quirkiness. J-love Hewitt wasnt too bad either. It is a close cry to Hewitts other comedy soon after "Can't Hardly Wait" as far as a cute teeny comedy. But, the plot does not resemble really. I really recommend it to anyone who wants a good laugh.
  • GrahamsSN1910 February 2004
    IF your looking for like a short teen oriented comedy this one is good, it some of the jokes are kind of stupid but still funny its basically about Brad played by Will Fridele, and he finally gets to hook up with the girl he's had a crush on for a long time, but it turns out she's really using him to mess with her real Boyfriend, and of course there's the "Best friend girl" played by JLH. Normally with these kinds of plots the guy after wooing his dream girl chooses the best friend with the whole brains over beauty scenario, and it usually annoys me but this time so the best friend is played by JLH so it's really a win-win situation for Brad. So in short I really liked this movie especially with the comedic plot if your looking for like a serious movie this isn't for you, but if you like just want to hang out and watch a teen comedy with some over the top humor(yet still funny) this movie is a great choice.
  • If this movie was supposed to be a typical plotline 80's teenage throwaway film, it missed its audience. The "Austin" nametag on Lee Major's police uniform went over the heads of anyone who wasn't born before 1974. I caught this flick on HBO about three months ago. I thought Lee Majors as a cop was funny (named Austin a.k.a. Steve Austin from the "Six Million Dollar Man"). But I'm sure it didn't register with those who actually cared to see this film with the very attractive Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  • It's a shame when there is a good movie and it never makes it in theaters. That's what happened with TROJAN WAR, it's a charming movie about a guy who is in love with a living, breathing barbie doll. Since the very day he first laid his eyes on her, his breath was taken away. Trying to achieve the one thing he has wanted to do forever, the movie centers on Brad's wild adventures all to get a condom. Along the way he encounters some of the strangest people ever to walk the face of the earth. In this some times over the top film, BOY MEETS WORLD funny man, Will Friedle plays Brad. He is very funny in this role. It is a stretch from his role on WORLD. Jennifer Love Hewitt plays the role of his best friend, who is in love with Brad. This is one of her best movies. Love's acting ability has never been a question, but this performance is one of her best, while it is not Oscar worthy, she embraces the character and took a simple role and owned it. Marley Shelton gets throw in the mix as the "eye candy", her role as Brooke has been done before. Although she is a good actress, this part could be played by anyone. The same has to be said for Eric Balfour, who is supposed to be the "Big" man on campus. There is nothing great about his performance. To add some comic spice, Danny Masterson and Jason Marsden play two strange teenagers trying to find that one special girl. Kathy Griffin has a small, but funny role. All of the acting is good. It could be worse, example Drive Me Crazy. The music only adds to the movie. All of the songs in some way find their place in the movie. TROJAN WAR is a fun film with laughs and even some touching moments. It's a story about wanting more, but not seeing what's right in front of you. Like the tagline say's, she has 24 hours to convince the guy of her dreams that she's the girl of his. It's a story for anyone who has been in love, a story about growing up, and a story about finding yourself and losing your head along the way. All in all it gets 3.5 stars out of 4.
  • Oh this was one of my favorite guilty pleasures! I've never been a huge fan of teen sexy comedies like this one, but I have to admit that it totally got my attention when it first came out.

    Sure, the situations are very similar if not identical to many Hughes' classics from the 80's but you can't help but feel the late 90's vibe. I mean, the music, the clothing, the vibe.

    The lack of the condom in the most important scene is displayed as a problem but be honest guys, who wouldn't like to be in the exact same situation?! Be honest!

    Also, the movie displays a battle of morality but it's something I wish would've happened to me back in the time. I mean, having a super sexy but shy love interest, plus having the chance to bang the hottest sexy slut of high school...

    Enjoy and remember your funny moments at high school. Don't watch this one otherwise you were a 90's pubert.
  • SarahOl22 February 2004
    I find this movie to be fun. It wasn't the best movie ever, but it was fun, and quite enjoyable. I had some great laughs! Love Hewitt was great in it(As always). And I liked the plot, it was cute and funny. This movie is definally not a waste of time. I would recommand it to anyone. I give it a 8 out of 10. I also loved the songs in this movie, I just recently found out the name of two of the songs that are played most. The one that plays right at the begining of the movie is called "Ill fall With Your Knife" by Peter Murphy. And the one that plays when Brad is in the bathroom with Brooke is called "The Word Behing Words" by Jeremy Toback. I love these song. In conclusion, don't miss out on this cute movie.
  • Will Friedle plays Brad Kimble who is dreaming of Brooke Kingsley (Marley Shelton).His best friend Leah Jones (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is dreaming of Brad.Brad's dream is coming true when he finds himself from Brooke's flat.But he runs into a problem when he realizes he doesn't have a condom.So off he goes to buy one.But that's not the only problem he runs into.So will Brad's dream come true? Or will Leah's dream come true? Trojan War (1997) is a great teen movie with terrific actors.Will Friedle is amazing in the lead.He's blessed with comedic skills.That you could notice in this great teen show called Boy Meets World (1993-2000), where he played Eric Matthews.Jennifer Love Hewitt is both beautiful and talented gal, who has been in many things, including "Party of Five" (1994-2000), where Jen played Sarah Reeves.There's also Danny Masterson from That 70's Show playing Seth and Will Friedle's real life best friend Jason Marsden as Josh.Lee Majors as Officer Austin and Anthony Michael Hall as Bus Driver are also pretty darn great in their roles. This movie isn't the most usual teen movie, even though the plot may sound like it.The word kafka-esque is mentioned in the plot keywords, which describes the movie pretty well.The journey Brad goes through is pretty surrealistic, like in a bad dream.That's what makes this movie pretty interesting.This movie can be enjoyed not only by teens, but also those who feel like ones, like me.I turn 23 today and I liked this movie pretty much, probably more than I should admit.So why don't you give it a shot.
  • Zuhalter11 February 2004
    Now, I decided to watch this movie for two reasons...and both of them belonged to Jennifer Love Hewitt, if you catch my meaning. But really, this was a bad movie. The script was tedious, unimaginative, and laughably predictable. Don't get me wrong; I know that this was wrote as a "fluff" piece to be shot on a tiny budget. The problem was, that there are movies that make the "fluff" funny and "Can't Hardly Wait." "Trojan War" was never funny, and there wasn't a single interesting character (or relationship) in the entire awful movie. Additionally, most of the actors seemed to take a page from the Bette Midler school of WAY OVER-ACTING COMEDY, which makes for a lot of joke-flop cringing. The directing, writing, and acting all combine for what is a unappealing, 84 minute long utter waste of time. Avoid this movie if you're not 13, or drunk enough to have trouble focusing your eyesight on the television monitor.
  • The Trojan War (1997) starts with a pretty good premise, even if it was stolen wholesale from 1987's "Some Kind of Wonderful". Semi-geek virgin, desperately in love with the schools unattainable beauty who has become disillusioned with popular guy she has been dating. Protagonist's gorgeous (anywhere but in this school) tomboyish best friend is secretly in love with him? Cut to climatic party scene at which all this is sorted out.

    Unfortunately they stole only the premise and not the actual script (or the cast with the exception of Marley Shelton who makes a fine "dream girl" replacement for Hewitt), so the production falls far short of its predecessor. It also falls far short of its 1998 successor "Can't Hardly Wait", also featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt-this time as the unattainable beauty. In fact the writers of that film appear to have taken the script from "The Trojan War" and re- written it for an audience with IQ's about 30 points higher. So my advice (unless you are a mega JLH fan) would be to stick with the predecessor and the successor and leave "The Trojan War" for its intended audience of wiggers and drones. The soundtrack is much better in those two films as well.

    "The Trojan War" was pulled from its scheduled 1997 theatrical release because of poor projected audience numbers and filed away in the hope that Jennifer Love Hewitt's skyrocketing popularity (insert "Can't Hardly Wait", "Party of Five", and "I Know What You Did Last Summer" here) would change the equation and justify the promotional expense of releasing the movie. Even that was not enough for distributors to take a chance on the film and after a year of deliberation it went direct to video. And even with Hewitt's continued success in "Ghost Whisperer", the sales projections for a DVD release of "The Trojan War" has not excited anyone in the industry.

    Then again, what do I know? I'm only a child.
  • I've always been a fan of Will Friedle, I think he's a very funny comic actor and at the time Trojan War was made he was just coming off years with Boy Meets World as Eric Matthews. He was the best one in the cast of that show.

    Trojan War is a film that's a decade behind the times, it's something that the 80s brat pack would have done. In fact a refugee of said pack Anthony Michael Hall has a small role as a psychotic bus driver. It reminds me a lot of Tom Cruise's Losin' It.

    Friedle plays this slightly nerdy kid who's funny in his own way if people actually listen to him. He's tutoring the teen dream girl of his life Marley Shelton when because she wants to make jock boyfriend Eric Balfour jealous she offers herself to him. But alas no protection so poor Friedle spends an adventurous night trying to get an elusive condom.

    Some funny scenes, but it really has been all done before. Especially by Tom Cruise and Anthony Michael Hall in their salad days.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film opens up strongly, but then quickly descends after the "practice" scene. Leah's obviously in love with him, her movements and reactions couldn't express that any louder. Yet, Brad somehow ignores the fact that the girl who's leg he was holding was an inch away from passionately kissing him.

    From there on out, it became incredibly predictable until the end credits. The small problems become major problems, the "funny" bad guy (or girl, in this case) becomes reoccurring, the girl he's after turns out to not be the girl he truly wants, and the bad guy gets taken out by the good guy doing barely anything. What really bothered me about the final "climatic" scene was that the dog that he's had a problem with since leaving Brooke's house obeyed him in attacking Brooke's boyfriend, instead of attacking Brad. There was absolutely NO logic behind that.

    The movie then ends with him realizing that the entire quest was pointless, as his prize has been right there in front of him the whole time. Then they kiss for a while, and movie's over. We don't know what happens to the gang members he befriended, we don't know what his parents do after finding out what happened (especially him losing their car), we don't know if Brooke and Kyle get back together, nothing is solved in the end except Leah's want for Brad.

    There was a few solid laughs, but with it's 85 minute run time, a few isn't anywhere close to cutting it. I stared at the screen with a blank face for most of the "jokes" that were seemingly written by 10 year olds that try too hard to be funny. It wasn't very entertaining, but it did keep a "I still wanna see how this ends" type of vibe on me the entire time. Long story short, watch it if you want, but there's plenty other high school, sex comedies that do the job a hell of a lot better.
  • arabelamargean2 January 2006
    .....Let's forget about Will Friedle or Jennifer Love Hewitt...There are 2 teenagers,a girl and a boy,best friends 'since like sperm',one in love with the other,the other in love with someone else...It's about the everyday struggle of an ordinary teenager who falls in love with only the most beautiful girl in the school and who now has the chance to live his dream ignoring his best friend's suggestions.Brad(Will Friedle) is a dreamer punched in the face by reality,but in a comic way,in an attempt to make him choose the smartest way.But will Rational take the same road as Love?What will he choose?

    If you are a teenager or looking for a comedy with teenagers,choose this classic genre for it's actors,for it's brilliant comic situations and well planned plot,choose it to laugh your way back to those early days of your adolescence when all you worried about was how to express your love without being disappointed and mocked at...
  • bh_tafe31 July 2014
    This unambitious, well executed teen comedy got a little lost amongst the other teen films that came out around this time. While Scream and its various clones, and crude teen comedies like American Pie were big hits, and ensemble pieces like Empire Records and Can't Hardly Wait developed cult followings, this inoffensive little charmer was widely ignored, which is a bit of a shame as it is far from a bad movie.

    Trojan War stars Will Freidle as Brad Kimble, a sex starved teenager who is completely oblivious to the feelings of his best friend Leah Jones (Jennifer Love Hewitt), due to his obsession with scoring with Brooke Kingston (Marley Shelton). Right when it looks like he is finally going to get his chance, he has Brooke on the bed ready to go, when suddenly he realizes he doesn't have a condom. So now he has to leave her lying there so he can go and buy a packet of Trojan condoms. Not highbrow stuff by any means, but the journey Will takes on his "Trojan War" is reasonably engaging with some good spontaneous laughs and the obvious love story between he and Leah developing in the background.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt was known by this stage, as she had been in Part of Five for a couple of years, and in this one she really shows her credentials as a teen love interest. Freidle is great in several scenes, while most of the rest of the cast fade into the background. This is Hewitt and Freidle's film, and they are a likable duo.

    While hardly one of the great movies of the 90s, this one was OK. And if you happen to be sitting down and see it coming up on cable, give it a go. It's quite a fun little film. Hardly a classic, but still worthwhile.
  • "Trojan War" is the typical fluffy teen fare with as much subtlety as an ice cream cone. And worse off, it's not funny! Silly, yes. Stupid, very. Funny, seldom. Original, scarcely.

    Come on, this is a funny premise! A great premise with great potential! "Booty Call" wasn't the smartest comedy, but it had enough charm, originality and wit to pull it off. It used the condom-chasing premise wisely, for the most part. "Trojan War" is simply a cartoonish farce that flings one goofy situation after another, all of which is over-the-top--sometimes obnoxious--but rarely funny. Wow, I'm surprised it went direct to video!

    Will Friedle is not a bad actor, but he's resorted to bumbling around like an ape. Let's face it, he has little comic talent. With his previous experience in the biz mainly being the lamebrain sitcom, "Boy Meets World," what do you expect? Who can pick up a great sense of timing and delivery on a sitcom aimed at pre-teens? All his dialogue delivery seems forced and artificial. Bad writing and half-assed acting? Not a good combo. Of course, we have the beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt to keep our eyes open. I liked how she performed a few songs for the soundtrack. I think I'm about the only one who bought her CDs, so I'm probably the only one who recognized her singing in the background in two scenes. One of which she's driving in her jeep and listening to her own song on the radio! That I found hilariously ironic. She's a good actress, and has a really good voice. You go, girl! The few funny moments are mostly thanks to the (adult) cameos. Lee Majors plays the local officer. You can't get much cooler than Lee Majors! Anthony Michael-Hall plays a psychotic bus driver who REALLY makes sure his customers pay "exact change only!" Kathy Griffin has a brief cameo as a convenience store clerk. In a juvenile teen flick like this, you just want to applaud and applaud when grown-up actors like these make their appearances. It almost adds a touch of class.

    As for the plot, faggedaboudit! You can't get any more predictable! One thing that always bugs me out about these movies: The girl who the guy is chasing is always a lot less prettier than the girl (usually his best friend, like in this case) who had the hots for him all along. Marley Shelton is a pretty actress, but that dumb blonde floozie facade should've turned him off from the get-go. Meanwhile, we have the extremely beautiful JLH who has known this guy (Friedle) all his life, and he didn't once consider hooking up with her? Yeah, right! It's just another cheap cinematic conceit that filmmakers abuse to the bone. And the Shelton character is so unappealing, while JLH's very likeable, that you wonder why he went on this whole condom-chasing journey in the first place! It makes no sense.

    The disappointing thing is George Huang directed this piece of crap! This is the guy who wrote and directed the underrated dark satire "Swimming with Sharks" featuring one of Kevin Spacey's best performances. How did he make the transition from hilarious, biting satire to utter garbage? I think the two films bare no similarity whatsoever, and it's almost impossible to believe they were made by the same director.

    If your day consists of sitting on the couch watching marathons of "Saved By the Bell" and "California Dreams," this is the film for you!

    My score: 3 (out of 10)
  • Need a light teen comedy? Don't bother with this one. Even if you like the actors in it, you will be disappointed. Their talents are wasted on uninteresting story with zero laughs. Just because it got made doesn't mean it deserves to exist. Want some lighthearted fun that doesn't make you think too much? Look elsewhere.
  • Absoloutly love this movie, have done since it was released. Such a good feel good movie. If you like this you sill defo love "can't hardly wait" also starring JLH
  • "Trojan War" is a reasonably entertaining teen flick about a guy and tomboyish girl (JLH) who have been best friends since "sperm" (as she puts it). However, he has his sights set on another babe and has to go though the night from hell in search of protection before his conquest only to find that...well, you know. On the upside, this flick is a fun teen romp and tame enough for most parents with some good messages about the importance of responsible, meaningful sex. On the downside, "Trojan War" is a par watch at best and way below the standard for teen films set by John Hughes and Chris Columbus. (C+)
  • Very 80's genre film. Brad meets the girl of his dreams, and plans to spend the night with her, but only if he can score some "protection" first.

    His me-anderings lead him on quest for the prize: to score the coveted condom. From having his parents car stolen, to hangin' wif da homies, this picture was plastered with inane and banal humour. But always in good fun.

    The surpise appearance of Lee Majors (as Officer Austin -- hehe) was somewhat stereo-typical of his roles, but in the end, it's Austin who comes through for Brad.

    Did you figure out who the bus driver was? I won't give it away, but check the credits!
  • During my summer vacations over the years of seeing and reviewing movies, I was always happy and delighted to some movies that I'll always remember that particular summer vacation. Well, recently, during my summer vacation this year, I have to say that I've seen my first worst movie during the summer. And, it was not the last one I thought was terrible. In August of this year, I've seen another horrible movie. That movie was Harlem Nights, with Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor. At the end of my summer vacation, I had to ask myself one question: What movie would I not want to see again? My answer? Trojan War. And, if you're asking what's Trojan War is about, let me tell you what exactly Trojan War means in this movie. A high-school senior, played by Will Friedle, wants to woo the girl of his dreams. The girl in his dreams is a beautiful blonde, who's also friends with a high-school jerk. One night, he sees his chance to make out with her. One problem stands in his way: he doesn't have protection. In other words, he doesn't have a condom. So, he goes to a convenience store and buys the condoms, all right. But, once he's outside the store, his parents' car is stolen by a group of Hispanic thugs. Movie stereotyping being seen here. Throughout this whole movie, the poor kid tries to get one condom and in the midst of the madness, he embarks on a series of misadventures. Those misadventures includes: walking into a nightclub and having to be forced to dance with a voluptuous Hispanic woman, having to take a wild ride in a city bus, driven by a insane bus driver, who doesn't like it when the riders don't pay for their ride on the bus, and we see the young man being taken hostage by the same Hispanic thugs that took his parents' car. Now that I explain to you what's the movie about, you can see that the title of this movie is misleading. People might think this movie is about the legendary story of the Trojan War that was fought in the B.C. era. Wrong. To me, this story is ridiculous. Why do we care about this young kid, who want to love this blonde? The only thing I have to say before I forget again is the supporting character, played Jennifer Love Hewitt. What is she doing in a movie like this? She's a young actress, who has the talent to express to the audience. Here, her character goes nowhere fast. The movie is also predictable and the elements of this story are burrowed from other teenage romances. We have the kid who's in love with the blonde in the movie. He should love the brunette. I mean, if I was this kid, I would've went with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I'm again ready to forget this movie once again. But, just because I've seen my first and worst summer movie, I didn't miss out other good or great movies as well. If I had to pick the worst summer movie of 2013, Trojan War would be my choice. I would leave this one in the heat for good. ★ 1/2 1 1/2 star.
  • Hello? Was anyone else paying attention? This is the same movie as "Some Kind of Wonderful." A relatively attractive girl is in love with her best friend, who in turn is in love with an aloof popular bitch, and it takes him the whole movie to realize that his friend is the better choice. This also borrows from "Booty Call," since the bulk of the movie is everything that goes wrong while a guy searches for condoms. I wouldn't classify this movie is a waste of time, since it was nice and short. Altogether bearable.
  • This is a thoroughly delightful teen comedy for the 90's. Although the story gets a little goofy at times, the great cast keeps the story from sinking. Will Friedle is a good choice for the lovestruck teen, while Jennifer Love Hewitt is great as his best friend pining for his affections. I think this is a better choice for "Love" than Can't Hardly Wait. In that movie she played the Babe role, and I think she's better as the girl next door. Anyway, it's a great video movie and can be watched several times. Also 80's teen comedy buffs, check out the funny perf from Anthony Michael Hall as the bus driver.
  • This movie is an excellent choice provided you fit these three criteria. 1) If you enjoy Will Freidle's character on Boy Meets World. 2) If you enjoy high school movies such as Can't Hardly Wait. 3) If you just want to sit back and enjoy a lighthearted romantic comedy. There's a pleasing mix between the new generation thespians (such as Jennifer Love Hewitt and Eric Balfour) and the established thespians (like Lee Majors and Kathy Griffin). The acting is wonderful by the leads and the supporting cast members alike. The problem of "girl in love with an ignorant best friend" is not new but Trojan War is a nice fresh take on it, plus the action in between is new and unique making it quite enjoyable. To top it all off the script if very well written. It's funny, involving and unpredictable. Of course if you're looking for a serious contemplative film or something that takes a deep and profound look at modern society then you're out of luck. In all other respects (as long as you don't take it seriously) this picture could not be any better, so enjoy.
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