One of the statues in Raymond Beaumont's (Robert Englund's) room with the statues is a statue of Pazuzu from The Exorcist (1973).

Characters named Finney, Beaumont, Derleth, and Merritt are all references to early twentieth century science fiction or horror writers, Jack Finney, Charles Beaumont, August Derleth, and Abraham Merritt.

Many crew members, including Director Robert Kurtzman (man killed by piano), had small roles in the film, sometimes appearing in different scenes as different characters.

Features numerous horror movie actors, including Robert Englund (the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" films), Angus Scrimm (Phantasm (1979)), Tony Todd (Night of the Living Dead (1990), the Candyman (1992) movies), Kane Hodder (various "Friday the 13th" and "Jason" movies), Reggie Bannister (Phantasm (1979)) and Ted Raimi (Darkman (1990), Army of Darkness (1992)).

Many instances of the film pay homage to the series The Twilight Zone (1959), the characters name Beaumont (Charles Beaumont was a frequent writer of the show), the Djinn's line "going my way" when he stops Alexandra in the car is a reference to season one, episode sixteen, "The Hitch-Hiker", where a mysterious man continually plagues a female driver with the line "I believe you're going, my way", and the scene with the shop assistant wishing for eternal beauty is transformed into a mannequin echoes season one, episode thirty-four, "The After Hours", where a female shopper is revealed to be one of the stores mannequins made human.

In the commentary, it is stated that, while filming, someone had broken into one of the sets and stole the cameras, even making it on the news.

"Wishmaster was a great experience....I had a very short schedule and had to deliver the film into theatres in 6 months start to finish so it was very stressful but very fulfilling. Sam Raimi actually recommended me for the film and after a half a dozen meeting with the studio I got the job. I had to go in and pitch my take on the film and its design. We shot it in 33 days in LA which was tough as we had dozens of locations all around the city so we had a lot of company moves. We had hundreds of FX which was a bit of a challenge as the schedule was tight. I was very lucky to find Andrew Divoff and Tammy Lauren. Divoff is a very close friend who I enjoy working with on whatever we can find together. We now have this second hand when we work together." (Backwoods Horror interview with Robert Kurtzman in 2009)

According to a 2016 interview with PopHorror, it took 3.5 hours to get into costume with 1.5 hours to get out according to lead star Andrew Divoff. Ironically, he also said his favorite scenes for the film were the ones where he shared scenes with his monstrous brethren.

Greg Nicotero, one of the special effects creator for Wishmaster, also worked on special effects in Romero's 1985 movie Day of the Dead (and he played the character of Pvt. Johnson). Joseph Pilato, who played the drunk crane worker in Wishmaster, was the main villain in Day of the Dead (as Captain Rhodes).

According to director Kurtzman on the Blu Ray special features, the studio originally wanted Dina Meyer to play the role of Alexandra.

Tammy Lauren appeared in the 1987 TV Movie "The Stepford Children" with I Dream of Jeannie star Barbara Eden.

Alexandra drives a 1996 Saturn SL2.

Josh drives a 1969 Pontiac Custom S Convertible.

Kane Hodder: as Merritt's guard.

George 'Buck' Flower: Homeless man.

Ted Raimi: as Ed Finney, Beaumonts assistant.

Angus Scrimm: Narrator at the beginning, (voice only).

Tony Todd: as museum doorman at museum gala, Johnny Valentine.

Reggie Bannister: pharmacist.

Robert Kurtzman: as man killed by piano wire at the museum gala.