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  • Power Rangers In Space has the most developed story line (in my opinion) of any PR series before or since. Although it was presumably intended for a younger audience as previous PR shows where, In Space was more appealing to an older audience as well. This is perhaps the insight of the writes that many of the children who had watched the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers had continued to watch the show and would now desire more developed plot lines. The characters are far more complex than in previous Power Rangers series. The villains, for the first time are shown as beings with real lives, complex thoughts, fears, and dreams instead of single-minded cliché's who live only to destroy the Power Rangers and take over the world. The rangers too show more feeling and are put in more situations that require such emotion than in previous PR series. Overall, Power Rangers in Space is insightful and thought provoking.
  • This season took a darker turn compared to previous seasons, especially the cringe-inducing Power Rangers Turbo. This was originally planned to be the final season of Power Rangers, as Turbo's ratings were extremely low. As a result of that, the producers put out all the stops to make In Space an grand finale. In my humble opinion, they succeeded. The villainess Astronoma can actually be taken seriously, and the Rangers actually have some really strong villains to fight, both physically and in character! The only negative things I have to say about this season is that it ended the classic "Zordon" era, (although Lost Galaxy and Time Force were very good,)and that Melody Perkins' acting wasn't very good (though she did get better over time.) There are only two bad episodes in the whole season: the laughable TMNT team-up, and the one where Andros had to protect a baby alien. Overall, PRIS is worthy of praise, and one of the few Power Ranger seasons that can actually be taken seriously with a straight face.

    Overall Rating = 9/10 (Excellent)
  • Beginning with this Power Ranger series. Power Rangers moves more towards some serious story writing, although it does not show up at first.

    Four of the five turbo rangers team up with a space power ranger named Andros who has witness the great evil that is about to come upon the whole universe. Andros is not crazy about his new partners at first but the eventually make a great team to fight this great evil headed by the Dark Spector. His number one servant is Astronema an evil young women who Andros discovers to be his long lost sister who was kidnapped by evil forces and groomed to take part in the universal scheme of the Spector.

    Now the stakes have risen for the Space Rangers. Save the universe and save Astronema from the evil she has become.

    Power Rangers In Space gets to a rocky start it does pick up the pace and leads to a great climax at the end. Future Power Ranger series will try to out due this one.

    Best one to do it? The 2001 PR series "Time Force."
  • I've liked Power Rangers up until Turbo... had I known that the following series would make up for it, I would have continued watching.

    This has one of the best (If not, THE BEST) plot of all Power Rangers series!

    I'll admit that I liked pretty much all incarnations of Power Rangers, but in retrospect, MMPR was kind of hackney, Zeo just didn't do anything for me, and Turbo was just terrible. Of course, now they've made things more plot oriented with the help of this series.

    The Andros/Astronema subplot was great.

    This series also had a great ending 2 - parter, "Countdown To Destruction," which was very well - done.

    If you don't like Power Rangers anymore, at least give Power Rangers in Space a chance... after you see that, try watching the rest and notice a pattern of well - directed, well - scripted action.

    (For the whole family, anyway.)
  • I loved the MMPR series; it was cheesy, but a nostalgic classic of my childhood. Power Rangers Zeo and Turbo weren't nearly as good as the first three seasons, but they're both decent and enjoyable. Personally, I think that this is easily the best Power Rangers season made on television. Sure, it ended the Zordon era, but it doesn't matter. The story lines and the concept are very compelling and the two-part finale is very emotional which I'll admit I did shed some tears out. The characters are likable and the villains including Astronema, Dark Spector and Ecliptor are menacing. The morphing sequences are great and the music is pretty good too, but I think the strongest aspect goes to the megazord fight sequences. They're fantastic to watch just like the other megazord sequences from the previous seasons.

    Overall, I still love MMPR, but PRIS surpasses it as the best season ever made on television. This deserves a thumbs up from me!
  • In 1993 almost everyone liked the Power Rangers, but then everyone started to hate it when they started adding new things. I liked Power Rangers ever since it first came on TV. Now Power Rangers in Space is even better then the last shows (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo). The episodes are better and the show is even darker. I think if everyone who hates the Power Rangers should give them one more chance by watching Power Rangers in Space.
  • spaceran26 December 1998
    Power Rangers In Space is the first PR series where there is a real plot. EATHAN claims it sucks. But obviously, he doesn't know what he is talking about. This show is the best. Great action, great plot.
  • For veteran Ranger fans, this series was the culmination of six years of an entire universe in itself. Following "Space", future seasons would be separate series in themselves, connected only to previous seasons by guest appearances of previous Rangers for one or two episodes.

    "Space" was the final bow to the legacy of the early '90s. The powerless Turbo Rangers (minus Justin, gratefully) form the last continuous link to previous seasons by teaming up with Andros, who is by far one of the best written Red Rangers ever (aside from 'Whole Damn Show Tommy'). The brief appearance of a new Silver Ranger (a colour many fans had been waiting to see since Gold Zeo) added some new spice to the lineup.

    But solid storywriting is what made this series come out on top. The writers were able to link the past with the present, give the villainess Astronema a deep connection to the Rangers instead of a paper cutout evil bitch role, and made viewers develop sympathy for both the good and evil sides. Spry and sweet Karone, once out of those ghastly coloured wigs, won the hearts of many fans as a villain of real substance who was worth turning good, akin only to Tommy. For a childrens' show it was an incredibly dark moment to see Karone manipulated into her cyborg form, no doubt a bow to the Borg of Star Trek, but still chilling.

    The series also tied up all the loose ends of the past by reuniting all previous villains under a mastermind, Dark Specter, who not only desired to rule the universe but also bore vendetta against his own henchmen. The final episode arc saw the restoration of the universe and the elimination of all previous villains with one of the greatest sacrifices of the Ranger saga.

    With the possible exception of "Time Force", no future Power Rangers series could ever rival "Space" in terms of depth or intrigue. With the Space Rangers left the legacy.
  • Power Rangers In Space clearly is the best installment in series of all time and deserve another season its brilliant. The Acting Is A one and the cast is good with the mix of incredible story telling and skilled directing made this installment untouchable. Space deserves another run and possibly a film of these superb power rangers installment they should set an example of how power rangers are supposed to be grade A. Power Rangers in Space brought the series to the height of its power only it was short lived the series since space have taken a drastic shift for the worse that may be a Irreversible Synopsis under Disney. From the beginning to the end space left you on the edge hungry for more and more of the superb story telling that made them so unique from the others all in all space is by far the most dramatic and real rangers of all time. Space is forever missed and they deserve another run
  • storm12-16 August 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    After seeing a disappointing Turbo season, Power Rangers in Space is perhaps one of the best seasons to ever come out. Every about this show just settled in. TJ, Cassie, Ashley, and Carlos were out of the shadows of Tommy's gang and they can finally show themselves as true rangers. Also, Andros really makes a real good impression as leader of the rangers. Even the villains make good impressions. Astronema becomes a great villain...twice, and Ecliptor is perhaps the best general in any ranger series. Also seeing the cameo appearance, including Justin/Blue Turbo ranger, Adam/Black ranger, and even the Ninja Turtles, make the show very exciting. Also, the season finales are not only the best ever, but also probably the best episodes of Power Rangers ever!
  • After the Turbo Rangers, T.J., Carlos, Justin, Ashley, and Cassie lose the Command Center and their powers, they must go off to space to find some new hope. Justin, the kiddy Blue Turbo Ranger, stays behind, leaving the other four rangers to go off into space. When they arrive on a spaceship, they meet the Red Space Ranger, Andros, who reluctantly gives them powers to help fight other evils. We find out some really cool stuff that's a little different from the other PR series, but in a good way! The new team is sure to be remembered for many years to come! Andros will always be one of my favorites, next to Tommy and Jason.

    Score: *****/*****
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I fell in love with this show and Melody Perkins when they both premiered back in 1998. The first time I gazed upon Melody Perkins, I fell in love with this woman. That hair, those eyes, that nose, the breasts, the hips, the butt, the legs. Wowza! If this woman turns lesbian, humanity is doomed. We'll all on this miserable little planet be spared some beautiful children out of her. With the right man. I'm anti-semitic. I know, I live in a small hick town in America that nobody's heard of and I'm anti-semitic. You all reading this might think me a redneck and you're right. I'm not alone. There are millions of white men who will never set foot in Hollywood, yet one Jewish actress, like a Jennifer Jason Leigh, catches their eye. Reminds you of Ralph Feinnes in Schindler's List, huh? If Melody's Jewish, I'm down. I simply can't love another woman on God's green Earth. I know I'll die an old man without getting some, but I speak the truth. Back to the show. The Power Rangers have a bunch of adventures in outer space. Their arch-enemies are Astronema and Ecliptor, who work for a metaphor of Satan in the form of Dark Spector. A conflict arises. Astronema and Ecliptor disobey Dark Spector, who has his other henchman Darkonda torture them with a spiked spinning tool,converting and brainwashing them both. Now with circuity on the sides of their faces, the now obediant Astronema and Ecliptor unleash the Power Ranger clones The Psycho Rangers on the heroes of this show. I'm not to going to say any more. I don't want to spoil the fun for those who haven't seen it. The show turns up once in a blue moon on Toon Disney. Check the listings for TV. Disney, get off your butt and release this on DVD(they own the rights), before DVD goes the way of Beta, VHS, and the 8 track tape. Otherwise, we the fans will be in we want this on homeownership so anytime we can watch it hell. Adam West's Batman, anyone? Back to Melody Perkins. Melody, if your reading this, I sent my address and phone number to you in the mail thru your talent agency. Will you marry me?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I honestly do not believe that any PR title since this one has been this good. This show was unpredictable in a very good way. The main evil character was more than tolerable: she was intriguing. Astronema and Andros were given equal time in the spotlight an were equaling captivating characters. this show and it's characters were all played a few shades darker.

    It does take awhile for the Red ranger to warm up to his new teammates but he does and it works well. also astronema can't be taken seriously at the start. I will admit that Andros' search/obsession with finding his sister does get tiring at times but seriously, can you blame him? Sidenote: Despite votes to the contrary, Darkona was the only really predictable character there was and Ecpliptor was cool. Check it out.

    (ok I honestly cannot write this comment w/o possible spoilers so here it is)This show also holds what I believe is the only conversion of an evil character to a good one since Tommy. And though ecliptor was quote "evil, built that way every cubic centimeter" he is shown to have a sense of Honor. Having "evil" characters who have their own agendas was a fantastic idea and worked really well.

    The action scenes/morphed scenes were pretty bad but that's a PR trait. I would have to say that "A ranger among thieves" "Survival of the silver" and "the secret of the Locket" are easily surpassing the 2-part finally as my favorite episodes. Think what you will, that's just how I see it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Probably one of the best shows of the series. As I thought it has definitely been credited for saving the Power Rangers franchise. Space was to be the last PR ever. But it saved the show thanks to great story lines as well as mostly original footage and not Japanese footage. After the Turbo Rangers of Ashley, Carlos, Cassie, and TJ lost their powers and kid ranger Justin stayed behind to have time with his dad. They meet the first part-alien/part-human ranger in Andros, no last name. Trying to get his sister Karone, now the evil Astronomia(Great villain since Lord Zedd and/or Rita Repulsa), back to the good side. Andros doesn't accept them at first preferring to work alone but ultimately learns teamwork. The earth rangers learn space from him as Andros learns about the earth culture he is unfamiliar with at first. Great season and great story lines that saved the franchise!
  • The Power Rangers took on sorcerers, machines, and pirates. But now can they beat them all in space? The answer is that they really don't, but Zordon Does. Meeting a red ranger from KO-35 whose sister is the Princess of Evil until the second to last episode than she's queen. The point is if you didn't like the others see this.
  • bandit_92131 May 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is the second best Power Rangers ever, second only to MMPR. The story plot is amazing. Many say that Tommy was the greatest Power Ranger ever, but I think Andros is. I mean, he saved the entire galaxy! I especially liked Countdown to Destruction. This came out when i was about 7 years old so, at first I really didn't get Countdown to Destruction. But as I got older and read some of my older cousins' DC crisis on infinite earths comics, i realized Countdown to destruction did the same thing for power rangers that Crisis on Infinite Earths did for DC. This was the last great power rangers. After this everything just got boring.
  • Why instant classic? We'll get to that. When I saw this show at first it wasn't great. It had the idea but it messed up on a couple of things. Oh, by the way, didn't they say that they were going to reveal the identity of the Phantom Ranger sometime? To this day no one even knows who he is. It was a great series though. The last 2 episodes "Countdown to Destruction" made it the classic. I really thought that it was the end. The rangers reveal their identities and all evil throughout the universe is destroyed. This is where Zordon also made his last appearance. The series is great and to get the idea of the last 2 (the best episodes) I really suggest watching a couple of episodes before you watch the last ones.
  • xgray-0387323 September 2016
    This season still holds up to this day. The acting is alright, the action is great, and the story elements for the second wave of the former Turbo Rangers, now being the Space Rangers are perfect. The Psycho Rangers are still my favorite group of Power Rangers villains, Astronema, Ecliptor, Darkonda and Dark Specter are also among my favorite villains among this season. And yes, Bulk and Skull's story-arc finally comes to a close, in an epic way.

    I would highly recommend this season, for only newcomers that would want to know more about the existing history of the earlier seasons of the Saban-era. But, if you'd already seen the previous seasons before in Space, then you would feel more appreciated to respect and honor the established history from 1993-1998.

    Overall, I really love this season!!!

    A perfect 10 out of 10.

    "LET'S ROCKET!!!"
  • Out of all of the "Power Raingers" series this is my favorite one. In a way this show was sort of the final bow to the original "Power Rangers" saga or what some would all the Zordon era.

    What I really loved about this series was that it was taking the next step in the franchise by actually having a good and developing plot line as well as characters that develop and struggle both physically and psychologically. It was a risky move but a great move and believe it or not it was one I was waiting for the franchise to make.

    The effects and the fights with them are cool as usual. Along with the music and the theme song was good, slightly unique from the original. But what really made this stand out was in the characters and story.

    I love that this show goes a dark direction and at some points takes a really unfun turn, that was another risky move and it was a good one. It was something I never expected in a "Power Rangers" show because most of the time they always win, but here they don't always win. Which I felt made the conflict between both sides seem more equal, you really felt at times things could go either way or shift the balance. This really made me care whether the Rangers won or lost because it really felt like it mattered.

    The characters are great, four stand out the most to me. Andros believe it or not, he's my favorite Red Rainger because I felt he was the most emotionally conflicted. He is not just overly burdened in protecting both earth and the galaxy but also the fact that Astronoma whom is one of the main villains is his sister makes it all the more complicated, and really makes you feel for this guy, it really shows how much loss this guy had to endure and your worried how much more he might have to endure.

    Ashley she's my favorite Yellow Ranger. The actress that plays he is hot and has the persona to boot. Really like the chemistry between both Andros and her it was genuine, I like that she's a bit of a rock to him. I like that there is this suspenseful build up in the budding romance between the two, I was constantly hopping one or the other will come out with it.

    Zane is cool, I like the fact the actor sort of looks like a young Brad Pitt which is cool just seeing the possibility if Brad ever did a Power Rangers show. The guy's got a lot of energy, he is capable of command, tough, he's got solid charisma. Even liked that little subplot with him actually having feelings for Astronama/Carona in a few episodes which I found both funny and kinda sweet; I'm down with that I myself am attracted to bad girls, and both have a solid back and forth. I wish they did more with that which I'll admit is the only weak point in the show. But that subplot might have caused an imbalance in plot lines so I'll let it slide.

    Astronema/Carona I really like, she's probably my favorite Power Rangers villain because the most three dimensional. Really liked the actress that plays her she's cute and kinda hot, she definitely look great with that purple wig on in the latter episodes. She got a lot of menace and charisma, but despite what she does I don't hate her. Because I knew she wasn't entirely doing it at her own free will, she's really a puppet in someone's scheme which makes her somewhat sympathetic because her own life has been stolen from her and that also all the more reason you want the good guys to win.

    Power Rangers in Space blasts off and flies high.

    Rating: 4 stars
  • hashmark24 October 2004
    I am a big freak of power rangers when i was a little kid it started with the first ever American power rangers all the way to the end of galaxy. However in space should've been the last one. for it was the best series yet and forever. I would like to thank Walter Lang for bringing Ecliptor to this world for even though he was evil I liked him the moment i saw him on TV. he was my favorite character in the series. I watch him when he actually was a good guy for once, I couldn't believe he actually had his own finishing stance when he destroyed his arch enemy. But when at the end when i saw him burst me into tears for he was the greatest monster that ever step foot in the power ranger league, he even surpasses Goldar. Ecliptor and Waltor lang well actually just ecliptor thank you for everything and no matter how much i grow up I will never forget the excitement you showed to me during my Young age. Thank you........Ecliptor.
  • I'm a true fan of the Power Rangers, but like may others after MMPR I gave up hope. With silly puns and fake fighting screens, I kept asking myself why I continue to torture myself. Then out of the blue I turn on the TV and there it is Power Rangers in Space. I was immediately drawn into the plot and characters. I have to say this is the best series out of all the Power Rangers including DT and Tommys returning role as a Power Ranger. AS many have said before me when Space ended so did the legacy. Truly there isn't anymore ties with the real heart of the show. This series had a true calling and true characters. Each character had a story behind him/her. Each megazord or prop had a meaning to it. Everything just flowed together as if it were meant to be. Its an incredible storyline, and I wish they come out with the complete set on DVD!!!
  • I'm 22 years old and I have been watching Power Rangers since it originally aired in 1993. Power Rangers in Space is my all time favorite, followed by MMPR and PRDT (which reminds me of MMPR). Actually, I must admit that I stopped watching PR after PRiS ended. I mean, for a lot of fans, it felt like the end simply because of the fact that Zordon was destroyed. I have to say that I know a lot of people my age and older no less, who love Power Rangers to this very day. My feeling, is that if JDF can still be a ranger, you're never too old to watch and enjoy the show. Back to the original topic. PRiS. I love it and still watch it. I just wish they would come out with the series on DVD. My tapes are becoming worn.
  • Well this was the final series of what i like to call "the orignal rangers universe"...becasue up untill the end of this series all of the power rangers series had been connected some how. I loved it becasue of its story but the biggest and most memorable moment for me was the final episode. With the rangers finally revealing who they are and Bulk and Skull getting into the fight to save the planet. I loved this show as a kid, and still do.
  • I enjoy that in each of the Power Rangers series, the sets are getting much more interesting and extensive, but the scripts require a little more thought. I feel that the acting and writing is a little shallow.

    Well I still enjoy watching Power Rangers, it is sad that Jason Frank and Austin St. John are not Power Ranger actors anymore, because, I believe they are one of the better Power Ranger actors in the series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As of now, I consider "Power Rangers in Space" one of the best Power ranger shows ever watched. It begins by starting what "Chase Into Space: Parts I and II" from "Power Rangers Turbo" left off.

    The former Turbo Rangers (Carlos, T.J., Ashley, and Cassie) are traveling through space to rescue Zordon from the clutches of the evil Dark Specter. They are drawn into a unknown ship, on which they journey onto. There, they meet an unknown Ranger, who is Andros, who comes from the human colony KO-35. When attacked by Astronema, a newly appointed villainess to conquer the Earth, he gives in and gives the former Rangers new, more powerful, Ranger Powers to become the Astro Rangers, where a lot of unexpected twists and turns happens.

    This installment of the incarnated "Power Rangers" is indefinitely better than the other three. It cuts down on the sloppy comic relief and focuses more on the plots. The plots are semi-original, to say the least, with putting an unexpected (be forewarned, SOME spoilers are revealed) subplot involving Andros and Astronema are related as siblings and by better, more gripping acting by the new Rangers and the villains themselves (Patricia Ja Lee and Tracy Lynn Cruz are somewhat standouts, if you watch the episode-compiled movie on VHS).

    What also makes this so watchable was the cliff-hanger ending which somewhat wraps things up, into a happy ending. But that false sense of security is ripped away when Scorpius and Trakeena come onto the scene on "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy"... But that's another story. Otherwise, it's a satisfying and well-written installment to the ongoing Power Rangers legacy.

    Rating: *** out of **** stars
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