Although Chayanne plays Cuban in the film, he is actually from Puerto Rico. And even though the opening of the film is supposed to be in Cuba, it was actually shot in the Dominican Republic.

John Burnett (Kris Kristofferson) and Rafael (Chayanne) share a scene where they discuss Rafael's mother writing a song. Burnett responds quickly with the line, "You're not gonna sing it, are ya?" Rafael laughs it off. This was an off-set joke considering that Chayanne has been a popular Latin singer since he was ten years of age.

All of the featured dancers in the Las Vegas competition were former world champions as of the time of release, including Vanessa Williams' dance partner - Rick Valenzuela

Harry Groener - who plays studio dance teacher, Michael, in the film - has a long and established career as a musical male lead on Broadway.

Screenwriter Daryl Matthews was himself a former professional ballroom and salsa dancer and teacher.

Rick Valenzuela, who plays Julian Marshall in the film, is a professional Latin dancer and designed Vanessa Williams' dance costume for the championship scene.

Jane Krakowski stars as an amateur dancer in the movie. She has actually been a dancer for many years and had many plot tie-ins corresponding with the release of the film on Ally McBeal.