Quotes (5)

Steve Rubell: Prison can be so fucking dull at night.

Steve Rubell: Is he gorgeous?

Viv: He's gorgeous. Look for yourself.

Shane O'Shea: [voiceover] I was warned that Steven didn't hire any dummies and I should be on my toes because he could ask some really tricky questions.

Steve Rubell: What's two plus two?

Shane O'Shea: Huh?

Steve Rubell: You'll be fine.

Steve Rubell: Not with that shirt.

[Shane turns to leave, Steve grabs his arm]

Steve Rubell: I said, not with that shirt.

[Shane pauses, then takes his shirt off, showing his six-pack]

Steve Rubell: Welcome to my party, handsome.

Shane O'Shea: [voiceover] A guy named Steve Rubell had a dream: To throw the best damned party the world had ever seen and to make it last forever. He built a world where fantasy was put up as reality and where an 80-year-old disco queen could dance till dawn. Where models mingled with mechanics, plumbers danced with princes. It was a place where all labels were left behind. A place where there were no rules.

Ciel: No ticket, no coat!

Ron: Just look for it.

Ciel: Do you know many black leather jackets with poppers and a cock ring in the left pocket we got back here?