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  • This movie is my ultimate guilty pleasure. It's inane, manipulative, has hyperactive cutting, a ton of glaring inaccuracies (pointless to even discuss or debate), and probably 29 other glaring faults. And why in every dramatic slow-mo emo shot are there 3 helicopters flying in unison overhead? What's the point of having 3 helicopters flying really close together? Who cares! It looks cool. If one day I am having a heartfelt talk with my daughter, I hope there are 3 helicopters flying overhead to really 'bring it home' (and Aerosmith performing in the background.)

    Despite it all, I still love watching this movie. Anytime it is on TV I can watch it 'til the end. Bruce Willis does a great job doing his Bruce Willis 'thing' (smart alecky tough guy), and the supporting cast is really great. Steve Buschemi in particular gets the best lines. An awesome assortment of ragtag castoffs (spitting funny one-liners) must save the world- who would have thunk it?

    I think Armageddon was actually conceived by suits in a studio office (no really, I read that in a magazine), which is I guess another strike against it. Yet only a bunch of suits could come up with a 'high concept' like this (so high it's basically a parody by itself.) And only a director like Michael Bay could make it. He's far more suited to these types of movies, rather than big historical epics like PEARL HARBOR (which I really, really disliked.)

    I read somewhere once that this movie is as close as Hollywood gets to pure cinema, in that it is basically completely divorced from reality of any kind. Is that good or bad? I don't know. I do think if you're going to ditch convention and any semblance to reality, you may as well go all the way. It's better than having something that is a confused mess that tries to be different things (Pearl Harbor.) There will be no 'it could really happen!' here.

    So after all this, believe it or not I am going to give this movie a big fat whopping 8. Why? Because IMO it unabashedly succeeds at what it tries to set out to be, whatever that is. That makes no sense, since I am basically saying by all logical accounts this movie may actually suck, yet I am giving it a 8. But hey I loved this movie.
  • This movie seems to be a movie that many people love to hate. I don't see why it has such a bad reputation. It is meant to be an Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi movie, and it definitely lives up to this. It is what it is. Many people have tried to compare it to Apollo 13, but that's like comparing apples and oranges. They are entirely different fruit. Apollo 13 is based on a true historical event (Docu-drama), while Armageddon is an Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi movie. It has plenty of action and adventure, a lot of humor, and a bit of romance. Is the story realistic? Not hardly, but name ANY Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi movie that is. That's why they call it Science FICTION... For those who criticize this movie, nothing will change their minds. However, if you HAVEN'T seen Armageddon, take a chance, watch with an open mind and try not to let all these negative reviews spoil your enjoyment of a really fun movie. Remember, a movie is meant to ENTERTAIN, and Armageddon does just that, if you let it!
  • What did everyone expect when this film was released, i expected exactly what i got, stunning visual effects, good surround sound and plenty of action (and yes i expected the traditional dose of sentiment too)

    This movie is pure escapism fun, which has its place in my collection, movies like Independence Day and Armageddon are great fun to watch and as a bonus the characters weren't bad the script was reasonable and action was indeed plentiful. There were a great deal of laughs too (mostly intentional) anyone who hasn't seen this but just wants relax and enjoy a good (yet Shallow) action flick then this certainly fits the bill.

    For pure entertainment value i score it 8/10

    If this is for you then check out The Core and Independence Day, avoid the Day after Tomorrow and Deep Impact, there not really for action fans.
  • ...that's exactly what this is: an ACTION movie. It's not supposed to sweep the Oscars, the acting isn't supposed to be perfect, and it's not supposed to make perfect sense.

    The story follows a group of oil drillers sent by NASA to stop an asteroid that will strike the world in eighteen days. The drillers are taught and trained to become astronauts (in a very comedic scene) and then sent to the asteroid to drop the nukes and blow it up. After that, a whole lot goes wrong.

    I loved this movie, and I hate how everyone's been calling it 'mindless action'. It's not mindless, it's actually very dramatic. The acting is great from pretty much all accounts, even Ben Affleck does a good job.

    Bruce Willis captures the 'reluctant hero' role, and Liv Tyler does well as his daughter. Steve Buscemi delivers a great comedic performance as the genius who goes insane once they land on the asteroid.

    Great, funny, intense, dramatic movie. 8/10.
  • After discovering that an asteroid the size of Texas is going to impact Earth in less than a month, NASA recruits a misfit team of deep core drillers to save the planet.

    The real mystery surrounding this film is how it got released by the Criterion Collection. Both this film and Michael Bay's "The Rock" received the Criterion treatment at one time. And while both are very enjoyable films, do they really belong with Criterion? I feel that by merely being released by them, there is an added importance stamped on the film.

    But as far as guilty pleasures go, this is a fun and entertaining film. I could do without the romance angle, but the idea of blowing up an asteroid before it hits earth (which assumes a lot of questionable science) is just classic science fiction, here given more legitimacy and budget than ever before.
  • bah_cacatule19 June 2010
    this movie is arguably one of the best movies i have ever seen and to be honest i can NOT understand its current IMDb rating... it has everything in needs to be a movie worth remembering after tens of years! it can put a large smile on your face in its funny moments, and it WILL bring tears in your eyes in its most emotional moments... this movie is a reminder of why human life is worth cherishing, worth fighting for, worth DYING for... it features great human valors such as love, forgiveness, heroism, sacrifice, sturdiness.. i must have seen it at least 8 times by now and it never, NEVER ceases to impress me to the point of tears.. to conclude with, i am very disappointed in the viewers that voted on this movie here.. honestly it deserves 10/10
  • I'll be the first to tell you, special FX are not what I look for when I am hitting the movies, I love intelligence and acting, story, story, story, good directing at least. But from the opening scenes, 'ARMAGEDDON' explodes into emergency action. This sci-fi comedy-drama was a solid hit!! I have to fully disagree with critics who will praise a horrible movie and then say that a story like this is not bigger than life. This is a blockbuster entertainment giant, with a striking sense of humor, which 'Rockhound' (Bucsemi) provided many laughs, along with the rest of the multi-talented and troubled 'troup' of civilized maniacs. I truly think that the plot of the story is fun to think about, the world needs to be saved by a bunch of motley-ruff necks that can hardly obey the regular laws in their own city and now, they are going to work with the laws of gravity, science and all else to keep the planet from becoming a memory. Every movie mogul wants a block buster that is going to in essence save the world from total oblation and hit the box office with a vengeance. This one does it with he-man style and a wise-crack or two. They all ride together though, Harry Stamper, Grace the young in love daughter of Harry, Charles Chapple er, I mean 'Chick', A.J. also in love with Grace much to Harry's uneasiness, 'Rockhound' who just wants to have girls' who 'just want to have fun' the man who is a sky-scraper if anything else, Jayotis 'Bear' who is strong and a bit on the sensitive side, just to give us equilibrium, when they landed on the surface of the huge rock and he looks up and emotional and exclaims Thank you Jesus! The theater roared! He was right though. Then there is 'Oscar' who is a fun having not so fearless worker, and the comically sarcastic, but easy going Max, all under N.A.S.A Administrator Dan Truman who can't fly anymore. But he gets to watch these birds-of-a-feather, working together. With everyone up and going plus Lev Andropov the Russian Cosmonaut who works hard and gets a little too rowdy! They are able even with the adversity of Col. William Sharp they come together and pull it off and even with the last few moments when Harry Gives his life for A.J. in a very touching moment the story comes together and sets it right, the screw balls have a mature moment and a sobering lesson. But this crew is great!! They all mix together like a great drink. Bruce has the Juice, along with the rest of the motley crew, making this adventure a blast, even by today's standards it still comes across with strength, style, and comedic punch!

    Recommended for action/adventure sci-fi junkies as well as regular Joe's' like me. (****)
  • This could have been super but, as with the case of most modern action films, the action is way overdone. Still, it had its moments.....

    THE BAD -One word describes a lot of scenes in here: chaos. Things are blown up all over the place, people are shouting everywhere. It gets to be too much, especially in the last hour which gets ludicrous. You practically have a headache when you're finished watching the 150 minutes of mayhem.

    Half of the disasters that happen to the astronauts were not needed, and many of them come one after the other. It wound up muddling the story. Do today's filmmakers think you have to have something dramatic and loud every two minutes to keep their audiences? And talk about loud.....holy eardrums, Bataman, you could be deaf listening to this movie which includes a lot of loud heavy-metal "music." It's too noisy.

    There are touches of "Independence Day" mentality with very unrealistic with a veteran astronaut smuggling a gun on board a ship; the daughter of the one of the astronauts barging into the command center and shoving the center's leader in the middle of a crisis (in reality, she wouldn't be allowed in the room to begin with); and the usual last-second impossible heroics. I mean, sometimes I swear I was watching a movie made specifically for morons. Speaking of stupid, what was that goofy cosmonaut character (Peter Stormare) all about. That's just another example of what I was just talking about - totally unrealistic people. Why does Hollywood like to portray astronauts - some of the classiest, most educated and reserved people in the world - in such a negative light? Just another of its sicknesses, I guess where good is bad and bad is good.

    THE GOOD - What was great to watch in this film were the special-effects, especially the disaster scenes with the meteors hitting the earth. They were spectacular. A few of the panoramic scenes in here were beautiful, too. (This is a must for widescreen DVD.)

    There is a good mix of humor in this adventure thriller. That humor makes some of the characters likable, even though they are still unrealistically sleazy heroes. Steve Buscemi had most of the good comedic lines. I liked Billy Bob Thornton as the NASA boss. He's very interesting to watch. Bruce Willis plays his normal macho-hero role. His heroic effort in the end is nicely sentimental. The special-effects, as mentioned earlier, were perhaps the best right in the first 5-10 minutes of the film - a real attention-grabber right off the bat. Actually, the first half of this film is far better than the second half.
  • Sometimes IMDB group rating is wrong. And that is OK. I have learned my life that being wrong teachs me lessons in life.

    However, in this film, my girl whispered to me that it was perfect, and I have to admit I agree. I have also spoken to many many friends and family members about this film and they all call it a ten.

    So there you have it. Sorry the critics couldn't do their job well enough for us on this title. Even they make mistakes, from time to time. Its OK to be wrong.

    Be sure to enjoy this with a glass of wine, or tea if that is your choice because it is so intense I nearly recieved a heart attack twice.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *minor spoilers* This film follows the basic asteroid going to hit earth plot. They find out about the asteroid, some brave souls are sent to destroy it, they get into problems, and one has to die to save the planet. With one major twist. Does NASA send a group of highly trained astronauts to save the earth from destruction? No. instead they call on Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) and his gang of oil drilling misfits. This happy gang are rounded up from a strip club, casino and various other hideouts, to save the world.

    This makes from a many laughs and eventually a "happy ending". If you want a serious film about saving the planet, don't watch this. Its way to far fetched, and has far too many funny moments to be taken seriously. This is great entertainment. For example when the mad Russian astronaut hits the space shuttles engine with a spanner to get it started! Hilarious. Steve Buscemi's character provides some of the films funniest moments. The acting's OK and the special effects are great.

    If you want a far fetched, over the top, voyage into space with the strangest bunch of astronauts around, watch this film. Don't take it seriously, don't expect it to be realistic, just sit back and watch it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Half of the movie is is flashing lights and shaky camera. The rest is made up of predictable characters (think science vs. government, 'know-how' vs. authority, etc.)

    What is the worst aspect about this movie? Is it the cars being thrown around in the first 5 minutes, is the horrible 'Russian' accent of the 'cosmonaut', is it the uninspired characters, the poorly integrated Top 40 hits, or the "US will save the world" vitriol? No. It's the fact that regardless of the "sad" ending - there is very little suspense in this movie - we basically know what's going to happen.

    The one good part of this movie: "American components, Russian components: all made in Taiwan!"
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is one of the silliest, dumbest movies I have ever seen. When I saw this film, it was apparent that no thought, no research, no intelligence went into the writing at all.

    Let's start with the basic premise of the film. An asteroid is discovered and we have 17 days until it hits. What do we do? In the real world, we bend over and kiss our butt goodbye. There is absolutely *no* way a mission such as this could be planned, trained-for and executed in this time. 17 days wouldn't be enough time to prepare a standard shuttle launch, much less one with this type of mission. This movie blindly ignores this fact.

    I am always distressed when films treat people as mere cattle, props to use while pounding a point home and then forget. In the open of the movie, New York is hit with a barrage of fragments, presumably causing untold death and injury. In the real world, people might even see fit to comment upon this with the people they meet. In Armageddon, this scene is presented as eye-candy (it *does* look pretty good) and then is promptly forgotten by everyone involved. No one talks about it. No one cares.

    There is so much that is wrong with Armageddon. The science involved in splitting an Asteroid the "size of Texas" with a nuclear bomb implanted only 800 feet into surface (trust me, when you have driven 800 feet into Texas, you haven't driven very far.) The idea that that bomb could divert the two large fragments enough to cause them to miss the Earth in the time they had left. The amazing "gravity" on the asteroid.

    The thing is, I can enjoy a good fantasy movie. Films do not always have to work by the rules of the reality I live in. I can accept "The Force" and other such fanciful ideas, as long as the movie is true to its own reality. But Armageddon chose to place itself in *our* reality, and should have attempted to follow the rules that apply here.

    Put simply, this movie is pure trash. It was by far the worst movie I saw in 1998, a year rife with embarrassing tripe. Save your time, save your money, save your brain. Don't see it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this film last night.

    And I'm worried I'm turning into one of those left-wing liberals they rightly make fun of in South Park. Because I found it hugely offensive. Am I being ridiculously sensitive? Firstly, there's the old staple that is America being the only country in the world that is physically capable of anything, ever.

    Secondly, and chillingly, there is the early meteor strike hitting some (unnamed – why do they need a name?) Asian country. The reaction to this is to look at it as a warning. As in "my god, imagine the tragedy that *could* happen". Because, you know, it happened to Asians. It might happen to white Americans, and *that* would be tragic.

    Then, later on, a bigger meteor hits Paris. Our cast on the ground are irritated, because this might mean our boys have less time than they thought. Not much upset in America. No mention that a lot of people have died.

    Then there's Michael Clarke Duncan. A wonderful actor, wasted. Never has a black man been so token. Among a team of hardcore drillers, his job seems to consist of standing in the back, occasionally saying "Hey, you da man." Really. Why did they even bring him? It's not like he's petite - he weighed down that shuttle for nothing! Not once does he lift a tool, steer a space ship or even help fix anything that blows up.

    Even if you ignore the Russian Cosmonaut (Peter Stormare, another great actor wasted in a pointless role), who seems drunk most of the time and hits things with spanners instead of fixing them because "Dat's how we do dese dings in Russia", it's pretty horrific.

    All cemented of course by the site of blond, blue-eyed American children all celebrating in corn fields at being saved and everything being all right. Because all the death and destruction to the rest of the world is irrelevant.

    You expect the bad script, the dodgy acting, the implausible plot (fat, middle aged men being trained in 12 days to be astronauts? Including one who appears to be retarded?). But I couldn't believe the racism and xenophobia implied in the film, and the callous disregard for the lives of anyone not corn-fed American.

    It's a chilling indictment of the attitude of a section of Western Society to the world.

    And it's a crappy film too.
  • buddhadan-115 September 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    I remember thinking that due to the cast, the subject matter, and the director, I was going to love this movie.

    Stepping into the theatre and taking my seat, I was like a giddy schoolgirl as my anticipation for the opening scene built.

    I was not disappointed with the opening and felt that I was truly going to love this movie.

    If you haven't seen the movie and feel that anything that gives away scenes might be seen as a spoiler, please stop reading. I'm not going to give away anything really important, but it might be seen as such, so that is the warning.

    Spoiler may be included below, beware.

    I think that the first scene that really hit me as just utterly ridiculous was the Russian space station scene. I mean honestly, refueling a shuttle with no real prior warning, and then to simply show the station as being so fragile that a simple little mistake can cause the entire thing to just explode.

    While all of this is possible, it seemed to me to be way over the top. I'm not sure if it was just the situation or if it was the cheesy acting, the silly view of the Russian technology, or just the campy attitude of the scene itself.

    It only got worse for me after that because then we endure what seemed like 2 hours of constant super loud explosions in know, that place where there is no sound because it's a vacuum.

    But the coup de grace for me, honestly, was the gun scene. (spoiler possibility) - Earlier in the movie, we see Bruce Willis tearing apart their land vehicle (the vehicle that they will use to drive around in when they get there and to help them drill) when he is told that this is what they will be using. He is taking pieces off and complaining about it because much of what's on it is heavy and not required for what they are doing.

    So then, as we are wandering onto the asteroids, we see that they have opted to add a massive gatling like gun to the know, standard NASA fare is to have heavy weaponry on all space missions in case, you know, aliens or something.

    I could have taken the explosive 2 hours, the silly Russian space station refueling scene, the cheesy love scene near the end, the Bruce Willis character being nothing more than most of his other past characters, but the Steve Buscemi going mad and shooting the space vehicle's gun all over the place and causing havoc/damage, well that threw the entire thing over the top for me.

    Save your money and time and avoid this movie. If you want a good meteor movie, see Deep Impact, if you want a fun space movie with awesome special effects, see Space Cowboys, but no matter what, avoid this flick.
  • This is definitely the type of movie you'll either love or hate.

    I personally love it, I am a Die Hard (lol) Bruce Willis fan. All characters were supurbly cast. Busemi as Rock, Affleck as AJ, Tyler as Grace, Thornton as Truman, ect.... All of them seemed to work well together. Their character just fit them. Lots of people didn't like this movie for they believed that it is too far fetched, which isn't true. One of NASA's theories IS to land on, and drill into a "global killer". And as it is also said in the movie we don't have the budget to look for these things. Amatures are the people that usually find them. Another thing people over look is the fact that Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer worked with NASA on the factual aspects of the movie. They didn't just make these things up.(all of this is said in the commentaries on the criterion collection) The other thing about this movie is, you have to like science, space and the things that go with it (like me "aero_nut"). And you have to appreciate the fact, and not be obtuse that this could happen one day, God destroyed the Earth before he could do it again. I really believe that the love story helped this movie make money, (thats what made Titanic #1), Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck made a great couple. The chemistry between them was awesome. Not to mention this is americans at their best,(with the help of a russian friend, who is perfectly cast as stormare). The love song to this movie is definitely a topper, Dianne Warren has graced so many movies with her songs and this has to be the best so far. Furthermore very few rock bands can sound good with a orchestra, (G-N-R is one) and Aerosmith certainly fit the bill here. i love this cast the movie and the soundtrack, but thats just me.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    This movie is not action packed; it's slow and boring. It's not funny or exciting, it's predictable and plays on cheap sentimentality and vague patriotism. The special effects are not imaginative or impressive. They are noisy and uninspired.

    The acting talent is wasted on hopelessly stupid one-liners and clichés. These are spouted by characters they ought to just be called `gentle giant black man,' `eccentric genius who is about to crack,' `square jawed hero coming of age,' `by-the-book coward,' `luckless gambler who lives by a code of honor,' `impulsive princess' and so on.

    And the writing! How many undramatic countdowns did they think they could fit in this thing? Does a scene where people have to defuse a bomb by cutting one or another wire even count as fiction anymore? The drama of the last 15 minutes of the movie depends on the audience caring if some jerk can put aside his personal differences with Ben Affleck and say bye bye to Liv Tyler in time TO SAVE THE EARTH. All the work is done; we just have to wait a couple more seconds for Harry Stamper, the jerk, to toss off a few cotton candy lines. I know Bruce Willis is a generally charismatic guy, but his Harry Stamper character is an obnoxious bore. I thought he earned the Golden Razzy he was awarded for this role.

    Since the movie is so long, the plot so obvious, and the dialogue so disposable, one can't help but notice the lame inaccuracies, inconsistencies and plot holes. 800 feet into something the size of TX is less than a pinprick. Try walking 800 feet into TX and see how close to the center you are. After all the discussion about the artificial gravity on the Russian station, it appears to be arbitrary once inside. Actually, gravity comes and goes throughout the movie. Does it make any sense that anyone besides Michael Bay would give these morons a couple shuttles and send them to blow up an asteroid threatening the earth?

    The sentimental phone/insurance/cola commercial style montages were revolting.

    I do like action movies. Really. This one is boring, stupid and really stuck on itself. It deserves hatred and scorn because it's everything Hollywood's most expensive efforts have become - a bunch of cheap cliches running from one expensive explosion to another. Oh yes, the whole thing is permeated by a Neanderthal conservative outlook on sex, politics and so on.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I like action movies. I have a softspot for "B" flicks with bad dialogue and wooden acting. So, I've been wracking my brain to come up with one of my guilty pleasures that was worse than this blockbuster. I can't. You'd be hard pressed to put together a bigger piece of cr*p than this Bruce Willis vehicle.

    Armageddon is the story (and I use that term loosely) of a team of "Super-Drillers" flying off to destroy an asteroid before it destroys the Earth. Realistic? Not really. But who cares? It's an action flick. I'm not blasting the premise.

    Minor spoilers:

    The movie begins with a couple of scenes designed to introduce the threat and the characters. Bruce Willis is the tough-as-nails leader of the team, and spends his first bit of screen time chasing around Ben Affleck with a gun for the unforgiveable act of sleeping with his daughter. For some reason, that didn't make me laugh. It was forced, like everything in this movie.

    The team is called in because they're the only people in the whole wide world who can drill the asteroid. Okay, I'm prepared to accept that premise if it gets us to the action - the supposed meat of the movie. More attempts at humor, with each character going out to do some crazy, nutty thing before blast off. Again, lame. Finally, they take off. Here's where the movie really pi**ed me off. They arrive on the rock, and set to work. Would you believe it, nothing works right and everything has a suspenseful countdown!!! Whoah! Ten, nine, eight... one - Oh, surprise surprise we saved the day again!!

    And don't even get me started on the jerky camerawork. When I saw it in the theater I thought I was going to be sick. I can only assume they were trying to cover up the gargantuan holes left by the insipid performances by cutting away to a different shot every few seconds (and this from someone raised on MTV - Mr short attention span himself).

    Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse... wait - there's a manufactured tearjerker ending that was so tacked on it made the rest of the film a virtual Citizen Kane.

    Summary: The witticisms weren't witty. The plot - well, I said I'd let that one go. The acting was bad. Really bad. Even Billy Bob couldn't rise above the script, which was worse. Camerawork - again, bad. (I didn't even mention the dumbest love scene in the history of motion pictures - think animal crackers).

    Rating: 1 out of 10. (I'm giving a half point for Steve Buscemi, who makes me smile against my will and another half point for the times I was able to look at the lovely Liv Tyler and attempt to ignore her acting performance) This is far and away the worst movie I've gone to see in the theater... ever.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Like many people in my general age range, I remember going to see this movie as a kid in '98 and coming out of the theatre practically in tears. It seemed, at the time, to be one of the most important, awe-inspiring cinematic experiences of our generation. At once riveting, action-packed, funny, heartbreaking, and truly inspirational, Armegeddeon really did have everything going on, right down to the catchy Aerosmith theme song and sappy tear-jerker of an ending.

    Sweet Jebus. What were we smoking? I watched it for the first time in years last night on one of the movie channels, and... I cannot even describe it. This is, truly, one of the worst movies ever made. Where to even begin? Leaving aside the plethora of LAUGHABLE scientific errors ('personnel trackers' on astronauts? yeah, sure, thanks for that, Billy Bob), I'd have to say the worst thing about it was the remarkable - dare I even say unmatched - way in which it combined crappy writing with crappy acting. There are too many examples of this to even begin listing here, but one in particular springs to mind - the scene where Bruce Willis is telling the Feds exactly where to go to track down each of the oh-so-charmingly-roguish members of his oil drilling team ('check every bar in New Orleans', 'the craps tables in Vegas', 'the only black guy on a motorcycle in Sturgis'... all to the tune of 'Come Together'... it reminded me a bit of the "NEWS TEAM! ASSEMBLE!" scene from Anchorman, except serious). Ben Affleck proves, once again, that he is by far the most overpaid actor in Hollywood, having less depth, range, and overall talent than anyone else in the business. Not that Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler, OR ANYONE ELSE IN THIS GODFORSAKEN PIECE OF GARBAGE was much better.

    (I have to say, though, I got a kick out of seeing a pre-stardom Owen Wilson get killed off half-way through... is this the only movie where his character dies?)

    Peter Stormare is perfect as THE MOST STEREOTYPICAL UNSHAVEN Russian COSMONAUT YOU HAVE EVER SCENE. (Then again, Peter Stormare does seem to have a talent for playing over-the-top Eurotypes.) It really was quite amusing how, almost IMMEDIATELY after the Americans dock with the Russian Space Station (which is actually called that in the movie), Ben Affleck succeeds in singlehandedly causing the whole joint to explode in spectacular Hollywood fashion. I also love the fact that, in the end, Paris is the only place on Earth to get destroyed, and that absolutely no one seems to care. And on top of all that, it at points literally turns into simultaneous ads for Lockheed Martin AND Kerr McGee. Oh how proud I am to be an American.

    There's plenty of other stuff to rant about, but I won't... suffice it to say that this is a really, really, REALLY terrible movie, that I feel ashamed to have ever genuinely liked.

    I give it two stars just for the mockability factor.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all. I do not look down on Americans. I know lots of people that are intelligent people from the USA. But this Movie is so utterly bad, that i just had to comment on it.

    First of all...Movies are mostly far from the truth. This movie is no exception. Lots of scene's are so incredibly false. For example the departure of the 2 space ships. You see them drop off the full tanks in space. Just a small distance from each other. Remember what caused the space shuttle to explode in the past ? Just a tinsy winsy part that came off. In here it is just common to drop fuel tanks that are as big if not bigger then the whole ship. What idiot would let 2 spaceships lift up and do that at the same time ??? Second of it is that the Russian station is a piece of (s)crap. I hate to bring this up to you, but astronauts nowadays go to Russia. Since their equipment is much more reliable then NASA's. The Space Shuttle is retired. And NASA uses it just to pay off the bills. And there is no better alternative for it. And the list of whoppers goes on and on. This is truly an insult to people that do take space travel serious. And i know half as much as these guys do. But the most annoying part ( read: the whole movie ) is the Propaganda and patriot crap that u get choked with. MY GOD !!!! I thought i was looking at a CNN business commercial for like an hour. The actors solve their petty problems by shooting at each other, giving the middle finger to everyone they come face to face with, start up fights, ignore the police, etc, etc... But when it comes to their love for their country and sacrificing their lives, suddenly everyone stands in line to commit suicide for it ( bomb detonator ) ?? Maybe i lack the feeling of being a true "Patriot", that can sing the national anthem backwards in Swahili. Whilst riding with George Bush behind the steering wheel of a golf cart, driving in circles until the battery is empty. But this movie was too much for me too handle. And when i finally got hold and pulled the flag pole and fabric of the American flag out of my hiney. I realised that i was glad this movie was finally done. I do not know why so much good actors participated in this narrow minded, stereotyping, propaganda movie. But i pity them. This represents a country where you can get away with murder if you have money or power. As long as "Uncle Sam" thinks you are a good patriot. Where everyone is happy as long as it is another country that has been devastated, no one cares.
  • This may not be the most scientifically accurate movie ever made but who cares. It was fun. It was exciting, action packed from beginning to end but more importantly you had empathy with the characters. You actually cared what happened to them.

    Armageddon is an excellent movie. A must see.
  • Greetings from Lithuania.

    This movie is in my brains. This movie is in my soul. This movie is in my heart.

    "Armageddon" is a movie of my childhood. I watched it with my friends for about 20 times 10 years ago. Two of my friends have died now. I remembering them when i watch this movie now, it's timeless, best fun movie ever, and i cry every time i see it. And it's giving me so much tears every time i watch this one, it's just GREAT, unforgettable piece of the most unrealistic, spectacular popcorn movie EVER.

    "Armageddon" - you have to see this one.
  • After some silly opening narration by Charlton Heston the story starts. According to this an asteroid the size of Texas is going to hit the Earth in 13 days. If it hits it will destroy the entire planet. (I know I know--just go with it) So NASA (led by a slumming Bily Bob Thornton) hires a group of oil drillers (led by Bruce Willis), trains them how to work in outer space, sets them off to drill a hole in the asteroid, set explosives and get the hell out of there...all in 11 days. Also, before the asteroid hits, meteors are coming down and virtually wiping out major cities like New York and Shanghai.

    As you can see logic disappears pretty quick in this one. Director Michael Bay has said he makes movies for teenage boys. That's no surprise. There's LOTS of explosions here, lots of masculine men fighting each other and a plot dumbed down so anyone can understand it. There's also a hysterically funny "love" story between Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler (their goodbye scene using Animal Crackers has become a classic of bad cinema). Despite all this the movie WAS a huge hit. I saw it in a theatre back in 1998. It was a ridiculously stupid movie but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't entertained. It pounds you into submission with some incredible widescreen imagery, LOUD stereo sound and some truly unbelievable special effects. After a while you ignore the stupid story and just sort of go with it. As for characterizations--well who needs that? All of the actors are playing walking, talking clichés. There's not one person that acts like a normal human being. Liv Tyler tries but the script is stacked against her. Also I LOVE how she's allowed to casually stroll around the top secret NASA facility while her father and boyfriend are on the mission! The acting is as good as it can be. Willis delivers his regular one note performance; Thornton doesn't take this seriously for a moment; Tyler tries; Affleck looks lost and Steve Buscemi, Owen Wilson, Will Patton and Michael Clarke Duncan basically hit their marks and say their lines. So this movie is big, loud, stupid and far too long but it WAS entertaining. Just turn off your mind, sit back and watch things blow up. I give it a 7.
  • The most gripping, terrifying aspect of this movie is that it made millions at the box office. I am ashamed I even rented it to see if it had any value at all. I found myself booing the screen and throwing things. One of the worst of all time.
  • alex_moffatt1 March 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is the worst film I think I've ever seen. I'm not even going to start on the ridiculous clichés, numerous countdowns or abhorrent acting, no, it was the shameless disregard of modern physics which was the biggest let down.

    I have a limited background in physics, but I know a few basic things about space; a rock the size of Texas cannot have the same gravitational pull as that of the Earth, the difference between detonating a bomb on the surface and detonating a bomb 800ft into a rock the size of Texas will make absolutely no difference, a rock the size of Texas could not simply cleaved in 2 by a bomb, there is no wind or fire in space, the smartest people on the planet would not forget to take the moons gravitational pull into account when predicting the trajectory of the rock (it's like the only thing to consider) and the list goes on. Every scene was painful as I could no longer watch the film, only spot yet another error.

    The only sympathy I felt was that towards modern science. R.I.P. Sir Isaac Newton.
  • If you're looking for an action-packed, emotionally powerful movie that grasps your attention in an instant, Armageddon is the movie for you. This movie exceeded my expectations in nearly every way, through its enriching plot and acting, exceptional directing by Michael Bay, and its core concept of the power of relationships.

    The movie opens up with action right away, with a meteor shower. It first impacts a space shuttle, and then hits Earth in various locations, causing chaos and fear in people's eyes, as they don't know what is going to happen next. This scene catches people's attention, and is a powerful opening to what the rest of the film has in store. NASA then discovers a Texas-sized asteroid approaching Earth and they have 18 days until it hits. This causes panic in the space station, and everyone bands together to try to find a solution to this massive problem. It's a race against the clock to stop the asteroid before it's too late. They came to the solution of blowing up the asteroid from the inside, with the help of some oil drillers.

    Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis), an experienced deep sea driller is hired by NASA to essentially save the planet. No pressure, right? He agrees to the task, but insists he brings his own men with him, as it makes him feel more comfortable. One of his men, A.J. (Ben Affleck), is dating his daughter, Grace (Liv Tyler), and this is hard for Stamper to handle, as he is the typical overprotective father. Grace has been travelling with her dad throughout her life, as her mother left the picture. She created a family with the guys onboard, and they treat her as they would their own child. They have a strong bond that no one could take away. Bruce Willis' performance was superb as he portrays a character that is tough, yet vulnerable as he cares about his daughter. He also offers a sarcastic charisma, which helps ease the tension of their life-threatening circumstances. While Bruce Willis' impressive acting is evident in other well known movies like Die Hard and Sixth Sense, where he plays strong characters, he brings a unique depth to the character of Harry Stamper specifically. His powerful performance adds a lot to both the story and the film as a whole.

    One of the elements that made this movie so powerful was the use of music to create certain moods. Music had the power to increase the intensity of a moment or a scene and evoke emotion from the viewer. This film uses the powerful song, "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith multiple times. This song helped create a deeper emotional connection to the characters and the relationships that they formed. Michael Bay also implemented strong visual effects to portray space, and action scenes involving explosions. This was crucial to the film, because it made it more authentic and helped create a realistic portrayal of events. Some think that certain scenes seem impractical, as their bomb wouldn't be able to blow up an asteroid of that size. I recognize these complaints, but little details like these don't make or break the movie, as it is a fictional film.

    A core theme of the film is the power of relationships in one's life. Relationships add to the depth and the power of this film. Harry has a special bond with his men, as he spends nearly everyday working with them. Harry is extremely tough on the outside, and hardly shows how much he cares, but it's there. And he of course has the relationship with his daughter, who is the light of his life, and does anything to make her happy. Grace, in particular was the main reason that he decided to complete this task, in all efforts to make her proud.

    This movie is a must see, and thoroughly impressed me on all levels: plot, acting, visual effects, and emotional appeal. It also captured the core theme of the importance of well-developed relationships. It grasped my attention from start to end, and never failed to keep me on the edge of my seat. Michael Bay's fantastic directing made this film an entertaining masterpiece, and I recommend it to anyone seeking an action-packed, heartfelt experience.
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