Major Flower: But even a skinny squirrel would make a nice fur jock-strap.

Phil Deedle: Well that makes sense...

Stew Deedle: Since squirrels hide nuts! Thank you! I'll be here all week!

Phil Deedle: We're a walking Kodak moment.

Phil Deedle: Two words: no.

Phil Deedle: That's so diculous it's re-diculous.

Mo: Lynch them! Lynch the Deedles!

[last lines]

Stew DeedlePhil Deedle: Surf Wyoming!

Phil Deedle: No Brakes Bud.

Stew Deedle: Old Joke Bud.

Phil Deedle: No Joke Bud.

Stew Deedle: Something's gone horribly awry!

Phil Deedle: You had cake?

Nemo: I'm gonna kill me a Deedle!

Stew Deedle: Did you change your watch?

Phil Deedle: Why? I like this watch?

Stew Deedle: We'rein a different time zone, bud!

Phil Deedle: Whoah, take it down 1000 Stew-man!

Phil Deedle: Climber! Pull my finger!

Stew Deedle: [pulls]

Phil Deedle: [farts]

Mo: Do not pass go! Do no not collect 2 shiny ranger badges!

[Major Flower has already picked up the Deedles and is driving them to camp]

Phil Deedle: [pointing to various animals they pass by] Whoa, a Bullwinkle! Look, a Bambi, and a dead Pepe Le Pew!

Phil Deedle: Oh, too cool, Stew. This is just like watching a nature show on television.

Stew Deedle: [plugging his nose as they drive over the dead skunk in the road] Or in this case, Smell-O-Vision.

Phil Deedle: What I wouldn't give to be the Deedle in her haystack.

Phil Deedle: Your geyser's a geezer.

Phil Deedle: Hey, Scooby Stew, look!

Little Girl: This stinks. We want fire!

Phil Deedle: [about a bubbling hot spring] It's Nature's Jacuzzi.

Elton Deedle: Boys, I'm just so very, very proud of you.

[hugs them both]

Stew Deedle: The feeling's mutual, Dad.

Phil Deedle: Yeah, we're proud of us, too.

Phil Deedle: Captain Pine is short for Caaappttaaiinn Piiiiiiine

[thumbs up]

Kid in background: You guys rule!

Frank Slater: To those idiot Deedles, wherever they may be!

[drinks, then abruptly spits out coffee]

Frank Slater: There here!

Stew Deedle: Hey! It's Captain Hooky!

Phil Deedle: Yeah! It's the Preemo Party-Pooper!

Phil Deedle: Why can't we have a birthday off like everyone else?

Elton Deedle: Who's everyone else?

Stew Deedle: Washington, Lincoln... the baby Jesus Dad!

Major Flower: There's just one thing I can't stand!

Stew Deedle: Bathing?

Phil Deedle: Maybe we should stop...

Stew Deedle: Stopping requires brakes, bro!

Phil DeedleStew Deedle: YEAH!

Camper: Hey! Hey! What the heck? These are prairie dogs not gofers!

Stew Deedle: Insert laugh here

Stew Deedle: When I see a cake, I see a forest fire.

Phil Deedle: Operation Gastro Castro?

Stew Deedle: This cave's about to cave.

Stew Deedle: Sorry folks, but in Yellowstone their's never room for jello.

Phil Deedle: Don't you find it odd?

Stew Deedle: What?

Phil Deedle: Boo bear has absolutely no relation to Yogie, yet they roam around the park in bow ties and no pants.