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  • Okay, so maybe I'm a little biased by the fact that I'm in my late teens, but personally, I wasn't a big fan of this movie. Very unrealistic, short, standard Disney live-action material. As adult fare, it definitely doesn't get a high rating in my book. BUT, the movie does have its merits. Specifically, like all Disney movies, it has an ability to enchant just about every young child under the age of 12. I saw it while keeping an eye on a group of 9-year-olds, and while I found myself glancing at my watch to see if the film was almost over, the children (boys AND girls, I might add!) were sitting on there seats watching in rapt fascination, wishing that they could BE the Deedles. I had the same experience recently when I watched in on TV with pair of 11-year-olds I was taking care of for the evening...they loved it! So, in short, I'd warn adults away from it, but don't ban it from your house, as it could come in handy if you have some unruly kids around!
  • This is simply just another of those predictably lame "family" movies that makes a huge effort to be hip and cool. It will come as no surprise to those familiar with such high-budget / low-ambition junk to learn that this film is neither hip or cool. The two lead characters, the "Deedle's" of the title are a pair of nimrod's who's constant stupidity is neither amiable or endearing it's just damned irritating and the allegedly comical scrapes they get into are too improbable and silly to ever raise anything more than a half-forced smile. Being a horror fan it was inevitable I would dislike this movie. The only reason I bothered watching it is because it features the mouth-wateringly sexy A.J Langer, who also starred in Wes Craven's excellent "The People Under The Stairs". She is the only real reason for watching this film. One to avoid on practically all levels.
  • "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" had a certain charm to it. A wit if you will. It chronicled the lives of deep, yet shallow-acting characters. They were entertaining to see on screen; the situations they got into even more so. But alas, there is none of this obvious humor in the most heinous rip-off of Bill and Ted to this day, "Meet the Deedles."

    "Meet the Deedles" was a movie made for one reason, and one reason only: To cash in on a once-was film franchise. Bill and Ted's two adventures were time-pieces; a look into the eighties. But one can see why this technique failed in the sequel, "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey," because by then (1991) audiences had grown weary of eighties teenagers in heinous situations. Film companies should have learned then that while Bill and Ted were once good, and always will be, MORE of the same kind is tiring. They tried a lot of films in the same tradition, but they all flopped. ("Bio Dome".)

    The original is the only thing worth seeing again; not sequels or rip-offs, because their time has passed. But "Meet the Deedles" ignores this and gives the audience something about ten years too late for its own good. The movie's only true ambition is to create mindless slapstick and generate a series in the tradition of the ``Bill & Ted'' movies. It really does neither.

    The story involves twin brothers Stew and Phil Deedle (Steve Van Wormer and Paul Walker), slackers from Hawaii who find themselves in the middle of a fiendish plot to sabotage Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.

    One day Stew and Phil are hanging beneath a balloon being towed above the Hawaiian surf, while being pursued by a truant officer on a Jet Ski. When they reach ground, their millionaire father (Eric Braeden) realizes he must put a plan of his own into action: Send the two surf-bums to Camp Broken Spirit, a monthlong experience in outdoor living that will turn them into men. Through a series of truly mind-numbing and brain-tumbling actions, the Twin Deedle Dudes, who may as well be referred to as Bill and Ted, are mistaken for park ranger recruits upon their arrival at camp. They come under the command of Ranger Pine (John Ashton), and stumble onto the solution to a mysterious infestation of prairie dogs.

    Prairie dogs. My, oh my. Praire dogs. Where do I start? Perhaps I'll tell you why millions of them are scurrying about. It's quite simple, really. Too simple.

    An evil former ranger named Slater (Dennis Hopper) has trained them to burrow out a cavern around Old Faithful, allowing him to redirect the geyser's boiling waters in the direction of New Faithful, to which he plans to sell tickets. A whole lot of work when he could just use some machinery to re-route the water. But that would be too basic for a film as stupid and mindless as this. No, Slater as to have prairie dogs chew around the geyser. Truly awful.

    Hopper lives in his underground cavern, along with his sidekick Nemo, played by Robert Englund, Freddy of the ``Nightmare on Elm Street'' pictures. At one point he explains how he trained the prairie dogs, and I quote, ``Inject kibble into the dirt, and a-tunneling they would go.'' I never thought I would ever hear Dennis Hopper say such a thing. But he did, and I am forever scarred. While he schemes, the Deedles fumble and bumble their way through ranger training. None of these scenes are remotely funny, nor hilarious as they should have been.

    Yet with all this criticism, "Meet the Deedles" is also kind of fun to watch. It's so lousy that it almost comes off as original. It's worth seeing alone just for Dennis Hopper's crazy line I mentioned above. But I would not recommend you go out and rent the film; rather, wait until it is on TV.

    I am split between my outlook on "Meet the Deedles." It is certainly one of the worst films I have ever seen, but it is not unwatchably bad like other bad children's flicks. I saw a TV-film two years ago named "P.U.N.K.S.", and while the lousiness of it is much on the same level as "Meet the Deedles," its watchability (yes, I made up that word) differs. "Meet the Deedles" is just awful. "P.U.N.K.S." is even worse.

    Only watch "Meet the Deedles" if there's nothing on TV. But I don't recommend it to you as a good film, but rather an awful one. See it and witness pure stinkiness on film.

    Whatever it tried to steal from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" is not apparent. Whatever was stolen was not stolen properly. .5/5 stars (half a star).

    John Ulmer
  • This movie served its purpose. It was incredibly ridiculous, fun to watch, and had Paul Walker shirtless in it. It is obviously a movie targeted at 5th graders, but die-hard Paul fans won't be disappointed. I hate to be a typical teenage girl about this, but who wouldn't want to see a movie w/ Paul Walker shirtless? This movie by no means stresses his acting ability, but he looks great. Warning: Some scenes involving AJ Langer will make you want to hurl. But of course, that is what the fast-forward button is for.

    I recommend it for Paul Walker fans and immature people.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well, I think the common theme from the reviews I've read is that kids love this movie. Which is not surprising since I believe that is what Disney's target market is.

    And if you are a Paul Walker fan like myself, you will watch and enjoy the movie just for the eye candy.

    This film is brainlessly funny or funnily brainless. Whatever. I got what I wanted from this film. I enjoyed it.

    I knew that there will be slapstick comedy. That the humor will be childish. But I don't care.

    I recommend this movie for those who felt like their brain has just been bludgeoned after a long hard day attending meetings, discussions, brain storming sessions, analyzing and calculating numbers... you get the picture.
  • As another reviewer said; "I recommend it for Paul Walker fans and immature people." Being both these things I was wetting myself laughing at a fair few points of the film. Mainly because I find farts very very funny indeed. I had a rip-roaring hangover this afternoon and decided to put on a film that was so simple it required no thinking whatsoever to watch. This was the ideal thing. It's cringe worthy and very tacky at times but that doesn't mean it's absolute rubbish. Worth a watch if you're into tacky comedies that rely heavily on bodily function jokes or if you want to see Paul Walker in a wetsuit. I'd like him to put a Deedle in my haystack.......
  • This is hands down one of the worst films ever. I'm not going to waste my time commenting on such a travesty, so I'll sum it up in two words: this sucks.

    Disney deserved this one to bomb, it blows me away that they managed to spend so much money making it. Completely incompetent, humorless filmmaking, actually surprising considering the source. And I didn't think Dennis Hopper could do worse than Space Truckers... well I was sure wrong.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Meet the Deedles" is a relatively unknown film with Paul Walker in a lead role early in his career. My kids and I enjoyed watching this movie together several times when they were young (ten and under). A lighthearted family comedy, it's both silly and sweet, with a number of memorable funny phrases that still make us laugh over ten years later.

    "Meet the Deedles" includes positive messages about taking responsibility for yourself, learning to be independent, having goals, working hard, and being close with family. While it may not be Academy Award material, "Meet the Deedles" has a certain simplicity and innocence that is refreshing--including a happy ending, which is really nice for a change.

    While still feeling shocked and saddened by Paul Walker's recent death at such a young age, I am thankful for his contribution to this film and hope more people will now watch and enjoy it.
  • Don't waste time seeing this movie! It's not funny, the actors are bad, and there is absolutely no moral in the story! It's a waste of money and time. I'm really disappointed to see Dennis Hopper starring in this movie. I hope he donated the salary to poor people, because otherwise he shouldn't have a reason to be there! I don't understand why they made such a brainless movie! The circus animals were the best actors there! And what a bad commercial for Yellowstone national park. They should sue the producers of this movie. Who said yes to this project in the first place? They must have known this movie didn't sell... Do yourself a favour. Buy all copies of this movie and recycle it. It doesn't belong anywhere.
  • Just like "The Big Green" and "Honey, I Shrunk Ourselves,"

    "Meet the Deedles" can be checked under the list of Disney's lousiest live action flicks! I mean, come on, who really wants to see two bonehead surfers who land in Yellowstone Park

    just to catch some waves? Huh??! How can anyone be that dumb? The chemistry between the two leads (Paul Walker and Steve Van Wormer) kind of reminded me of the relationship between Bill and Ted from those old "Bill and Ted" flicks; all crude and

    no IQ! Dennis Hopper is terribly wasted in this flick, which he plays a deranged ex-ranger park ranger.
  • sarah-923 August 1999
    Many would say this movie is stupid, i thought it was great. It was so dumb it was funny. The Deedle Boy lingo is tops in my book. I rented it once, watched 15 minutes of it and turned it off, but then I was flipping through channels the other day and landed on it. I figured my brother and i would watch a few minutes and laugh at how foolish it was but then it was killing me! It was so funny! Not just stupid humor, but actually some clever stuff too. What a great movie!
  • As much flack as this movie has gotten, I was pleasantly surprised I was laughing out loud at some of the dumb humor. Although I would classify Bill & Ted's as more intelligent than this movie, it's still a fun picture. Let me put it this way, if you don't find it funny that two guys try to rid Yellowstone Park of prairie dogs by concocting something that makes the animals poop uncontrollably when in the area (and accidentally releasing this concoction on a bus load of unsuspecting tourists), then you probably won't like this movie. If you think this stunt is so "out there" that it's hilarious, then you'll like it. Just a good old Disney farce for today's audience. Give it a chance and rent it when you're in a nutty mood.
  • OK I admit it. I rented Meet the Deedles because my movie store gives me free old movies for every new release I rent. (I'm a Gold Club member-I rule!!!). I had narrowed my choices down to this one and that "Leonard" Cosby movie that got all those glowing reviews, but I figured what the heck, I didn't have a lot of time to watch two movies on this particular evening, so I could just FF to all of the AJ Langer parts (cos I think she's way cute) and that would be the end of it. To make a short story long, I rented Deedles. Why oh why have all the critics bludgeoned this movie? I'm sure that my sensibilities haven't left me, and I thought this silly, unpretentious kids' fluff was actually rather amusing. The Deedle boys are refreshingly inane, Freddy Krueger alarmingly inept, and AJ Langer bodaciously babealicious. So remember, next time you have to choose between oh, say, wading through all the intricacies and red herrings of "The Usual Suspects" and the mindless, fun drivel that is known as Deedlemania, think twice. Then take the Usual Suspects to the rental counter, pay the man, and walk out of the store. Of course, if you were a Gold Clubber like me (yessss!!!) you could have your suspects and deedle too. It's good to be the King. *** out of ***** on the Corkymeter. Note: Author of previous review just got his Gold Club membership from Blockbuster and hasn't been right since. Wait for revised review of "Meet the Deedles" in the near future.
  • There are many kinds of bad movies. Some are just lame (the recent 'Star Wars' movies), others are so bad they're actually good ('Xanadu'), and there's that rare abomination that's just too horrid for words. Folks, this is 'Meet the Deedles'.

    This movie isn't even worth a lengthy review, except that it truly must be seen to believe. I sat through it ONCE when it was on TV, never again.

    Oh it made me laugh all right, but not in the way it was supposed to. I just couldn't believe this movie was actually MADE. Let me put it to you this way: Take the most horrible thing that's ever happened to you, and keep on multiplying it by a thousand. 'Meet the Deedles' is even worse than that.

    ...This movie just plain terrified me. It's not even worth renting, unless you just love self torture.
  • I simply cannot find one good thing to say about "Meet the Deedles". At no point was I remotely interested in anything that was happening. It's a real shame that Dennis Hopper appeared in such a horrible movie. There is no reason for this movie to have been made. The plot was incoherent and uninteresting, while the characters were undeveloped and dull. It is the only film I've ever considered turning off in the middle. This movie isn't worth the time it takes to go to the video store and look at it on the shelf.
  • pennywise103113 July 2005
    I was a kid when I first saw it, but when it was on TV a couple years ago I realized how confusing it was because they're twins and you think both of them are equally hot, but Stew has the best hair, but Phil is better because the ranger girl wants to go out to the forest to eat worms (like the gross white maggot kinds!), but Phil put gummy worms out instead so he doesn't have to kiss a girl with worm-breath.That was the nicest thing ever!

    It's pretty wild how Phil Deedle grew up to become Paul Walker and the other guy was in Bubble Boy or something. Paul Walker is pretty hot and you can tell he's smart cuz he helped figure out about the P-Dogs. Petey the P-Dog was cute, but not the same way Paul Walker is!
  • On their 18th birthday, Hawaii surfer dudes Stew and Phil Deedle skip school. Their wealthy father Elton, informed that the boys will get no more second chances, has to do something. Realizing the boys will someday take over his business, he must see that they are turned into men, so he sends them to a sort of boot camp in Wyoming. A couple of unexpected detours result in the boys ending up unconscious at the entrance to Yellowstone Park, wearing the labelled clothes of Mel and Mo, the park's newest ranger trainees. (Did I mention Mo and Mel are female?)

    Mel and Mo were hired because of their rodent expertise, because the park has a serious prairie dog problem. This was caused by former head ranger Frank Slater, fired after an incident several years ago and now out for revenge, along with his associates Crabbe and Nemo. Stew and Phil don't bother to correct Capt. Pine, the current head ranger, when he believes they are who the clothes say they are. They see an opportunity to satisfy their father in a way that lets them have a good time. Mel and Mo, meanwhile, are otherwise occupied. The big event coming up, which Slater wants to sabotage, is the billionth birthday of Old Faithful.

    Another reason the boys want to stay at Yellowstone--Lt. Jesse Ryan, another ranger who is the stepdaughter of Capt. Pine, who declares her off limits. That doesn't stop the boys from trying.

    I don't understand how Disney could be associated with such garbage. For one thing, there was too much off-color humor for my taste. But I enjoyed this mess overall. There was plenty of slapstick comedy, especially the constant misfortunes of poor Capt. Pine, and Slater's brainless sidekicks. And we were taken on several exciting thrill rides, especially in the sequences immediately preceding the boys' arrival at the park. Another thrilling sequence involved surfboards (In Wyoming? Yes).

    Steve Van Wormer and Paul Walker had their good moments, reminding me a lot of the superior Bill and Ted movies. So did A.J. Langer and Robert Englund. But one doesn't watch movies such as this for good acting. And there wasn't much. I'm surprised a respected actor such as Dennis Hopper would get involved with something like this. He really didn't add that much. John Ashton also didn't make me as happy as he could have. And despite talent he has shown over the years on "The Young and the Restless", Eric Braeden fell flat in his brief appearances as the boys' father.

    As mindless enjoyable entertainment, though, this film succeeded. I can say I had a good time.
  • This film has some of the worst effects I've seen, the story is totally stupid, and the characters are ridiculous. But somehow it all falls into place and makes this one of the funniest films I've seen in quite some time.

    It stars Paul Walker of "Fast and the Furious," fame, basically running around doing silly things, as a make-up-less Freddy Kruger tries to stop him.

    Watch it.
  • Man this wasn't even a decent kids movie! The only funny part was the cross dressing. Don't even rent this one, at the risk of stinking up your house.
  • Meet The Deedles is a great, fun, Disney movie which stars the brilliant Paul Walker, who plays Phil Deedle. One of two surfer brothers. The other played by Steve Van Wormer who plays Stew Deedle. If you want to see a silly, funny movie than Meet The Deedles is for you , or if you're just a fan of Paul Walker, (Like me.) then you're definitely bound to enjoy this cool and good movie.
  • ishy20808 June 2000
    It's a cute movie to see with the family because you don't have to worry about profanity or uncomfortable situations. Plus little kids get a kick out of the slapstick comedy. Also, one of the lead characters is hot.
  • I'm sorry, but this movie is hilarious. I don't know why, and I'm reasonably embarrassed by finding it humorous, but something is just great about it.

    I'd rent it just to see the nurse say, "And, I hand washed your panties!" to that guy from Varsity Blues.

    This high quality film has an abundance of excellently quotable absurd Deedle-lingo, so grab a pen and paper why you watch.

    Also, wait out the credits for a great song featuring Rivers Cuomo of Weezer fame.
  • those of you who think this is a bad movie either think that because you have terrible taste or you think you're too cool for ridiculous humor. If you've seen this movie you know it's funny. If you haven't seen this movie then you should rent it and you will enjoy it, but if you want to enjoy it more rent it and get yourself a fifth of wild turkey while your out... then you can have a great part. P.S. Paul walker is baller, even and especially in this movie. Phil and Stu deedle are two surf bums who end up working at a national park and dealing with a prarie dog infestation. They have to portray themselves as experts in the field so that they can keep their cover, escape from a crazy ex-camp leader and continue to receive free lodging. How does this premise not even make you laugh just by the sound of it? This movie is also awesome because it has insane slang from the ninety's that will crack you up
  • This is actually a sort of cute film. I do not really know why, but it is. The acting isn't the greatest and the jokes are all recycled, but it is fun. I wouldn't waste money on a movie ticket for it, but it's a fun, light thing to watch if it is on television.
  • Meet the Deedles is a very dumb and does not keep your attention throughout. I kept wanting it to end after about 1/2 way through it. It starts off pretty good, but then, it really fails. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, unless you like stupid movies like this. I maybe smiled one or twice, but all around, this wasn't very funny.

    Waste of Time. 1.5/5
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