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Liam Lacey The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
If the external threat in the plot were a little more credible, this would be an annoying distraction. But in the context of the rest of Gloria, it's a safe strategy: When not watching Sharon Stone act, audiences can fall back on just watching Sharon Stone.
Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle
It's entertainment, but mild entertainment.
James Berardinelli ReelViews
Just because it's not boring, that doesn't mean it's worth plunking down the price of admission.
TV Guide Magazine
A pale imitation of the John Cassavettes original.
Charles Taylor Salon
The most dispiriting thing about Gloria is that it's further evidence that filmmakers just don't know what to do with Sharon Stone.
Merle Bertrand Film Threat
Listless clunker.
Andy Seiler USA Today
Poor Sharon Stone! Poor Sidney Lumet! [22 January 1999, Life, p.11E]
Steve Davis Austin Chronicle
While the somewhat indefatigable Stone may survive this misfire (she's survived plenty of others), Lumet may not.
Stephen Hunter Washington Post
I found myself praying that the film would jam and melt and, well past the halfway point, it did, and I was sprung, 30 minutes early.
Peter Travers Rolling Stone
When studios plant these stink bombs in theaters, do they really think that audiences won't notice the stench?

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