When asked why he decided to direct this film, Sidney Lumet frankly replied that he liked to work all the time, and if he couldn't find a good script he'd take a fair one.

This was George C. Scott's final film before his death on September 22, 1999 at the age of 71.

Sharon Stone (Gloria) previously co-starred with Gena Rowlands, who played Gloria Swenson in Gloria (1980) in The Mighty (1998).

At the time that the film was made, Bobby Cannavale (Jack Jesus Nunez) was the son-in-law of the director Sidney Lumet. He was married to Lumet's daughter Jenny Lumet from 1994 to 2003.

Costing $30m. " Gloria" took in a little over $4m during its entire US domestic run.

Crew personnel who worked on both the original Gloria (1980) and its remake Gloria (1999) included Dave Weinman from the art department and from the camera and electrical department Gábor Kövér, Robert Paone and Dennis Gamiello.

The original film was unrated, but a suitable family film. This film got an R-rating for it's violence and language.