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  • KathyT15 December 1999
    "The Green Mile" is one of my favorite Stephen King books and I have read it several times. I was anxiously anticipating the film version, but was concerned that the emotional impact of the book could not be replicated on screen. Fortunately this wonderful story was adapted by Frank Darabont, who did such a magnificent job bringing King's "Shawshank Redemption" to the screen. He does the same high quality work with "The Green Mile". The story is faithful to the book, only losing details that were not important to the story anyway. The casting is superb - every actor is perfectly suited for his role and does an excellent job, although I would like to single out Doug Hutchison. His portrayal of the detestable Percy is right on the mark and suggests complexities in this character I had not discovered in the book. The length is about three hours and it seems that critics are complaining about that. I can't understand the complaints. The film never drags and is never dull, and it certainly didn't feel three hours long. The length is needed to tell this story the way it should be told, and the story is so very engrossing. Best of all, Darabont and the actors bring so much emotion ot the screen, that I cried like a baby through several scenes. "The Green Mile" will haunt you.
  • i expected this movie to be a normal and i just want to see it for Tom Hanks but as movie goes through i cry,i laugh and there comes a feeling which can't be described in words. i rate this movie as the best i have ever seen. some moments in the movie makes me hold my bed pillow in the tightest ever grip. i can guarantee that this movie will leave an impression in your mind for a long time. i even say that this movie is better than shawshank redemption.fantastic story, brilliant acting,mind boggling feelings and overall an unforgettable drama. if you have watched 1000 movies and not this then your movie watching journey is incomplete.i will also make sure that even my next generation should watch this one.
  • The Green Mile is a masterwork. This is film as art, at it's very best. The depth of the cast is extraordinary, with all of the players delivering excellent performances. There is a clear sense here that all involved in the production knew that this was something special, and gave it their all. See this film if you truly enjoy actors giving everything to their craft. Watch for the countless subtleties of expression, and the great power that the cast creates with silence. This is evident in the opening sequence and remains throughout. Above all, Michael Duncan as John Coffey is exceptional. He brings gripping emotion to a unique, fascinating character.

    The Green Mile should bring you joy, laughter, and if you are like most in the theater this night, tears.

  • Having seen the movie, The Green Mile, and read the novel of the same name by Stephen King, I am glad to say that the movie stays true to the book, which in itself is a great read. I read the book in one setting about a year ago, and after seeing the movie, I didn't see one scene from the book, or one plot point, left out. There were a few minor changes from the book but which in no way detract from either work. As far as performances, I can imagine many people pointing to Michael Duncan as John Coffey or Tom Hanks as Paul Edgecomb as the best performances of the movie, and they are good, but I would hope that Michael Jeter would receive recognition for portraying Eduard Delacroix. He plays Delacroix exactly as I pictured him when I read the book. I can very well see why King himself said this is his favorite of the movies adapted from his novels. It is the only one played out as he had written it. I wouldn't compare this movie or the book to (Rita Hayworth and) The Shawshank Redemption because that would be unfair to both. They are both great, but are both different. The Green Mile isn't a movie about hope and friendship, as The Shawshank Redemption was, it is a movie about a miracle of a man, and the people he affects. But like The Shawshank Redemption, I give The Green Mile 4 out of 4 stars. Great story, great cast, great look.
  • Frank Darabont returns to the directors chair with another adaptation of Stephen Kings novel. The events take place at a death row, the guards call the green mile. The story is a layered, rather character-driven fantasy tale of the events that transpire at "the mile" after the arrival of a giant man, John Coffey (Michael Duncan), convicted of the murder of two small girls. Actually this is not one single story, but several tied together seamlessly.

    A character-driven movie requires a lot from the cast, and fortunately when it comes to cast, The Green Mile delivers. As the poster of the movie tells, this movie stars Tom Hanks as Paul Edgecomb, senior prison guard of the mile, and as always he performs very well indeed. Yet the cast around him is even more spectacular, perhaps partially due to them being relatively unknown. With a face you know, one inevitably remembers previous performances, and the new role is coloured by this. Doug Hutchison as Percy Wetmore, a mean spirited prison guard was particularly impressive, yet his character could have been given more depth. The most captivating was the performance of Michael Duncan.

    It is hard to find a flaw in this movie. The camerawork is superb, cast wonderful and direction flawless. The movie's considerable length, a bit over three hours, is something that had me worried. Yet the marvellous cast and the peaceful yet firm pace of the movie held my attention progressively through the three hours right to the touching culmination. Many will find this movie to be too long, but I for one was delighted of the style, combination of simplicity of events and depth of characters and conversation.

    All in all the The Green Mile is a very touching drama, with the joys and sorrows of the life pictured with great skill, if not the best movie of the year. Five out of five.
  • MR_Heraclius24 February 2020
    Some of the supporting characters are a little two-dimensional, but 'The Green Mile' is an incredibly effective prison drama with terrific performances and a script that deals with grief in an innovative and emotionally resonant way.
  • THE GREEN MILE (1999) ****

    Starring: Tom Hanks, David Morse, Michael Clarke Duncan, Bonnie Hunt, James Cromwell, Michael Jeter, Doug Hutchison, and Gary Sinise Written and directed by Frank Darabont. Running Time: 180 minutes. Rated R (for scenes of strong disturbing violence, language, and some sexuality)

    By Blake French:

    It's not everyday that a movie is able to change an audiences opinion on something. "The Green Mile" is a movie that made me think long and hard about supporting the death penalty. The film, based on a novel by Stephen King, contains such a variety of emotional events that it repels its audience away from its subject rather than glamorizing it. Only a handful of recent productions have been capable of such power. "The Green Mile" is truly one of the best films this year and is Oscar Worthy in many categories. It is a unique, three hour experience that must be seen to believe.

    The story is more of a personal narrative than an actual plot. The film offers an interesting perspective of the events that take place. It is seen through the eyes of a man who is over one hundred years of age, Paul Edgecomb, who is currently living in an old folks home with his friend, Elaine. During a very emotional day for Paul, he tells Elaine of a historical year in his experiences. She listens closely to his story.

    He tells of a particular year in the 1930's. The setting is a beautifully crafted prison hall. Paul explains he used to be a kind prison guard on death row in charge of overseeing the executions. In this year, several significant activities occurred in his life: he had a terribly painful urinary infection, and met a prisoner named John Coffey. This man has been sentenced to the electric chair for the rape and murder of two innocent little girls. This man isn't like anyone else Paul has seen, however. Aside from being massive in size, he is humble, mild mannered, and caring. After several miraculous events take place that may point to the thought that John Coffey might have magical powers from God, Paul begins to doubt the crimes this so called criminal has been convicted of.

    Throughout the story we witness three executions that in an electric chair. These capital punishment sequences have much power and significance. The electrocutions, one in particular, contain some of the most unsettling, disturbing material in film history. The movie is anti death penalty; we see the sometimes sadistic world from the prisoner guards point of view. It will put you in their shoes--and perhaps, change your opinion on the death penalty. I certainly had to think about my stand on this issue.

    I did have questions that were not really answered by the filmmakers. I wanted more on John Coffey's magical powers; the miracles aren't investigated enough to suit our pleas. I think the movie could have also stood on a firmer platform of religion. We assume that Coffey's abilities are a gift from God from the character's dialogue, but religion itself is more of a theme in the film than a message or plot point. I can perfectly see why the writers decided to leave these elements to the audiences imagination, to provoke participation. So I suppose my objections are not really flaws, just personal aspirations.

    "The Green Mile" contains so many vivid performances, I will not be able to honor everyone who deserves credit in my review. Michael Jeter, Gary Sinise, Doug Hutchison, James Cromwell, Bonnie Hunt, and David Morse are all superior in strength of their characters. Each contributes Oscar worthy performances, and if the Academy leaves these individuals out at Award time, they need to recheck their databases. Michael Clarke Duncan recently received a Golden Globe nomination for his supporting role, and he deserves it. Tom Hanks is just unspeakably brilliant in the leading role. He is right behind Kevin Spacey from "American Beauty" in the best performance of 1999.

    The message to "The Green Mile" is clear and understandable: justice isn't always just and the miracles can happen in the most unexpected of places. This film is one of the most penetrating dramas of the past several years. It will induce your mind to think about its subjects, and gradually build on you. "The Green Mile" is a movie that will stick with you long after the ending credits role by.

    Brought to you by Warner Bros.
  • There's a reason why this Oscar winning tour de force is #67 ranked of all films on IMDb, despite the fact that it's 3 hours long and has some truly grisly scenes (not for the squeamish, children, or a first date.)

    It's chock full of outstanding performances, not only from Hanks, but also from the many supporting characters, all who are rich and full. It will seem slow to the impatient, but will be richly rewarding for those with the stamina to make it to the end.

    It will certainly get you thinking about capital punishment and perhaps different shades/degrees of evil. It is either a deeply moving spiritual tale or a wonderfully creepy journey down the rabbit hole of Stephen King's mind; take your pick. Either way, I put it right up there on my desert island list with the likes of Shawshank Redemption. It is definitely required watching.
  • The length of the movie was perfect. It kept to the story to an amazing degree. The few changes didn't hurt the feeling nor the telling. The story itself is stirring and captivating. The casting of the parts and their portrayal were right on. This is one of the best movie versions of a Steven King novel I've ever seen, and I think I've seen them all. If you're prone to tears at a film, take extra tissues, you'll need them. The theater I was in was a mass of sniffles through the end credits. If you like fantasy/drama the film cannot be missed. There are some graphic scenes that may upset some, but this is Steven King. This is a movie I plan to add to my video collection as soon as the Letter Box version hits the shelves.
  • This movie is a real gem. It is hard to find fault with it. Hanks is excellent in a role that clearly calls for him to suppress his natural slant toward humor. He is Paul Edgecomb; Tom Hanks is nowhere to be found. Yet he gives Edgecomb just the right flavor. One cannot find a single weak cast member! Michael Jeter should have got an Oscar. Michael Clark Duncan put just the right shading on his huge character to make him vulnerable and sympathetic.

    Flawlessly shot on perfect period sets, the whole production binds together to bring the extraordinary story into the realm of a believable and compelling study of human injustice and charity.
  • Without using all the old cliches, I would recommend this movie to anyone interested in a creative, intriguing, and life enhancing experience. Everything about this movie was delightful. I recommend seeing this movie with someone especially close to you. After the movie my Fiancée and I spent two hours talking and expanding on the films ideas and concepts. This was truly a electrifying experience. I would venture to call this movie one of the best movies of all time. Sure, there are things that I would have liked to see done differently, but that is what makes a movie more enjoyable. The discussions following this film were wonderful.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I went looking for an experience. Something that would take me to the limits of my own existence and remind me that even in the darkest corner of my own life, there was hope. I was reminded, instead that along with the triumph there must also be sacrifice. A part of me died in that theater, but I walked out feeling renewed, refreshed...and a little cursed.

    I think Paul Edgecomb feels the same way.

    Tom Hanks has to be the epitome of a Hollywood living legend...and the guy's only in his 40s. He went from scraping his way through sophomoric slap like The 'Burbs, Turner & Hooch, and Bachelor Party to rise up in the 90s as our towering "everyman." Anyone who marvels in his "simple guy in complicated circumstances" roles such as Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan knows that he can deliver the goods...and an Oscar nomination (or win...or a

    ROW!!!) But Tom does something very interesting in The Green Mile. He lays back.

    The breakout performance in this film goes to Michael Clark Duncan (right now tied with Sixth Sense's Haley Joel Osment for my Best Supporting Actor vote). Crippled by his size, Mr. Duncan has a limit of the roles he can play. However, given the role of a child-like behemoth with Christ-like powers of healing, Duncan brings to the screen a performance that will transcend the Denzels and the Poitiers of the world.

    The Green Mile is Cell Block E in a Louisiana State Prison, death row. Paul Edgecomb run this wing with compassion, a startlingly different approach considering the legendary cruelty of southern prisons. He is surrounded by men in him employ who all share his philosophy that these men ultimately await the most devastating punishment. Why make their stay any more troubling.

    All save one: Percy Wetmore (Doug Hutchinson), relative of the Governor and always ready to remind anyone who disagrees his HIS methods just who got him his job. Percy hates everything about The Green Mile; the prisoners, other guards, even a tiny, brave mouse who befriends one of the inmates (Michael Jeter). It isn't until another new inmate is processed, a man they call "Wild Bill", that Percy will meet his equal.

    So where is the common thread? What is a messianic character doing on death row? What role will Tom Hanks play in his redemption? And what's this "curse" thing I brought up in the beginning of this review?

    If I could tell you, you wouldn't slap the money down on the box office and find it for yourself. Let me just tell you that the final blessings bestowed by John Coffey (Duncan) could make optimists and pessimists alike find a common ground. How you perceive the final moments will be up to how you impart on yourself...and the world.

    If John Coffey guilty of his crime? Are the fates of the characters in this film deserved? Half and half. Evil is punished, bu t goodness must bare witness...and that has a price as well. Will Tom Hanks win another Academy Award? He shouldn't. Is this a good film? No. It's an incredible film.

    I still weep for Paul Edgecomb.
  • GREATEST FILM I HAVE EVER SEEN. i remember seeing it when it first came out when i was 12 years old. now i just finished watching it and have gone through practically a whole box of tissues...

    that pure, love and honesty was portrayed so exquisitely well by Michael Clarke Duncan... it made me want to tear my hair out. If there is anything in this world which reminds me of true human love and compassion, it is this film. If you ever give up hope on humanity and the destruction which our disgusting race has brought to this world, watch "The Green Mile" Hopefully it will change your outlook a little bit like it just has mine.

  • This movie goes beyond others into an elite group with movies like Facing The Giants, Good Will Hunting, Men Of Honor and others; in which the story is so brilliant and takes you to a climax higher than the usual, that it baffles you to think that there exist possibility in the human mind to create such a story. Kind of like songs, in which there are songs so brilliantly written that you can't imagine a human being writing it.

    I love drama, they're my favorites and I don't get bored with them especially when it's interesting; so the length, which is something complained about by a lot of people with this movie, doesn't bother me at all it just adds more interest.

    One of the best movies of all time and a must see!

    10/10 without a doubt.
  • The Shawshank Redemption is possibly my favorite movie ever. I had seen many movies before it, and I've certainly seen a lot after, but not many of them made me feel what that one did. Now, I have that feeling again. And once again, it comes from watching a Frank Darabont movie. I couldn't possibly explain the overload of emotions I experienced in the 3 hours it lasts. I have laughed. I have felt the emotions of every character. And most of all, I have cried. Very few movies have touched me like this one. Is there something to say about the acting that hasn't been said before? No, it isn't. You may have heard it is flawless, incredible, whatever. You did hear right, it absolutely is. I can't think of anyone in the whole movie that wasn't convincing in the least. The script has its funny moments, but it's incredibly deep, poignant and heartfelt. The characters are so "human" and unpretentious you can't help but adore them. But, well, there will be some you'd like to strangle. There has to be a villain everywhere, right? The Green Mile is a movie I will hardly forget. You can't possibly forget such an emotive story.

    What, you want to watch it? Great! But don't forget to have grab some tissues first.
  • snexy10 October 2001
    Having doubts about seeing this movie because of the length (3 hours can be death to a film).I was so surprised that I didn't look at my watch once throughout the whole movie. Tom Hanks, in my opinion, gave the performance of his career by bringing emotion and depth to his part. The only actor that bettered him was Michael Clarke Duncan. How he made this giant like character into a vulnerable pussycat was a marvel. On whole, the cast came together and gave the best performance I have seen in a movie for a long time. Not one of them let the side down by being weak. David Morse who is more known for his supporting roles was also excellent and hopefully not long till he's carrying his own movie. If you haven't seen this get it out now,forget about the running time and connections to 'The Shawshank Redemption' and enjoy it for what it is, a little miracle. 4 out of 5
  • The world is teeming with wretched prisons wherein all manner of men are housed. Because these men are said to have committed a crime, the places are manifest and most men serving there, have earned their stay. However, as history has shown, there are innocent men incarcerated as well. Occasionally, one of these innocents are not only imprisoned, but are further remembered because their life becomes legend. In this case, the realization is nothing short of incredible as the new prisoner is a natural empath. Steven King the prolific American horror writer, chronicles this unusual story in a Louisanna prison where one Joe Coffee, (Michael Clarke Duncan) a huge, nay, enormous Black man, having been convicted of murder, is sentenced to be executed, by electrocution. Tom Hanks( And Dabbs Greer) plays Paul Edgecomb, an aging Prison Guard, who recalls his years in the state prison. Working on 'Death Row' or " The Green Mile ", Mr. Edgecomb recalls Mr. Coffee's arrival and the strange events during his stay. With sympathetic Guards, like Brutus Howell (David Morse), Dean Stanton (Barry Pepper), Harry Terwilliger (Jeffery Demunn and one particular sadistic guard called Percy Wetmore (Doug Hutchison), Edgecomb recollects his discovery of the man's unusual healing powers and the surprising revelations concerning his innocence. The story is crafted by Steven King and it's application to the silver screen is perhaps one of the finest adaptation ever done. Duncan is magnificent and has a superb ability to allow the audience to learn his true purpose. Were it not for the sadistic behavior of Hutchison, who earned his ultimate reward, the story would not have carried it's genuine sympathetic awe which gave this movie it's Classic status. A great film and a must for true movie fans. ****
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In every way, this is a wonderful film and IMO deserves a rare 10/10 because it's hard personally for me to see how it could have been made any better. Hugely touching, emotive on every human level, a brilliant storyline, by all accounts a faithful screenplay and wonderfully cast. It's long, but the time flies.

    Hanks is superb here as is the inspired choice of Michael Clarke Duncan and in fact all of the cast. Even the mouse was brilliant!


    It's the story of a simple man wrongly convicted of the worst type of crime. Set in a time where there is no real recourse to justice for such men and with a subplot that becomes the main focus of the film. Is John Coffey a gift from God and if so why are we allowing him to be legally murdered? That he ultimately doesn't mind, doesn't ease Paul's pain or the viewers pain at what we are watching

    Both Bitterbuck and Delacroix will make you question the death penalty

    Percy's grossly offensive behaviour will make you question your humanity

    Paul Edgecomb will make you realise what a fantastically emotive actor Tom Hanks is and Duncan's John Coffey will make you weep

    Hats off to you Mr Darabont once again and thank you for a truly beautiful film.
  • This movie was spectacular!! I was watching it intently from beginning to end and did not even notice the time. This movie is a true masterpiece. Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan were wonderful and the supporting cast was fantastic.

    Based on a serial novel by Stephen King, the Green Mile is about Paul Edgecomb, a officer in charge of prisoners on death row and everything was the same as usual until the day that John Coffey (Clarke Duncan) was brought to the mile. Coffey is an extraordinary person and Paul Edgecomb never believed in miracles until the day he met one.

    This movie is one of the best adaptations of a Stephen King novel that I have ever seen. I think that I would recommend this movie to everyone, and even if you don't like King's work I am certain that you will love this flick. This movie was robbed at the Academy Awards, but never the less, it is still one of the most memorable movies I have ever seen. A small warning though, if you are a bit squeemish then you may need to hide your eyes for a few scenes, but don't miss out on this movie because of it. I give this movie a 9.5 out of 10!!!
  • iiterrorisorii9 November 2018
    Personaly iam that kind of guy who doesn't tear on atouching scene or anything like that,but in this movie i cryied like a baby ,it was a masterpiece,you will never see somthing like this in your life again
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What an excellent movie this picture was. When I first saw the trailers in October, I thought it might be pretty good.

    The Green Mile exceeded my expectations. Tom Hanks leads a wonderful cast in this movie which stands out by far from most others. If you liked Shawshank Redemption, you'll love this one. I've realized just how good Stephen King can write, now that I've seen this and Shawshank. It's three hours long, and worth every minute of it. It touched me in many ways. I was fortunate enough to see it twice. And I will buy it on dvd as soon as it is available. The Green Mile will certainly become a classic. Go see it, you won't be disappointed.
  • This is easily one of my favourite movies of all time. do not be put off of watching this movie because of its run time(3 hours) because those 3 hours will just fly by as this movie is so interesting and such a huge success. tom hanks is the main character but i think that Micheal Clarke Duncan really does steal the spotlight away from him. Stephen kings novel (with the same title) is not as good as the movie but it still stands tall i would recommend viewing this little gem if you're a fan of tom hanks or Stephen king.i have never watched a movie that has made me cry but i have to say i was very close to tears after the undeniable ending.the script is just outstanding and the acting is spot on.the storyline is very original as i have never seen anything like this before and i don't think anyone will ever try to copy it.

    if you're thinking about viewing this title and you haven't seen it already i suggest you get the tissues ready.
  • One of the best movies I've ever seen. 3 hours that keep you attached to the screen. It's one of those movies that whenever I see it will not bother me
  • antmvaughn22 October 2018
    This movie was so well done, always enjoy watching it.
  • santhosh_ssr9 August 2013
    The Green Mile.... Yet another movie which made me cry.

    Outstanding work by Frank Darabont. Both his prison dramas "The Green Mile" & "The Shawshank Redemption" are real class!

    This film is beautifully written and perfectly cast. Michael Clarke Duncan delivers the performance of his career. There are scenes in this film that will make you quiver, and there are scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat until you cry.

    Tom Hanks once again provides a strong support for a talented ensemble cast.

    Darabont's skills as a screenwriter that even after three hours, he can bring the film to such a good, solid conclusion.
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