Critic Reviews

  • 90
    Andrew O'Hehir Salon
    A masterful accomplishment...teems with its own sense of life, crackles with daring, walks the tightrope between satire and pathos with a rare assuredness.
  • 80
    Kevin Thomas Los Angeles Times
    Everything falls into place and seems exactly right: the brisk tempo, the crisp, witty performances, the slightly sooty touch.
  • 75
    Edward Guthmann San Francisco Chronicle
    Self-satisfied -- an undisciplined brat of a film.
  • 75
    Michael Wilmington Chicago Tribune
    A gloriously giddy movie about theater, love and artifice, an unabashed art film.
  • 75
    Carrie Rickey Philadelphia Inquirer
    Few movies are as eloquent in their performances and their art direction.
  • 63
    Jami Bernard New York Daily News
    Beneath the noisy, farcical surface of John Turturro's Illuminata is a thoughtful and unusually mature meditation on love.
  • 63
    Mike Clark USA Today
    Susan Sarandon has never looked better in her 29-year screen career than she does here.
  • 58
    Shawn Levy Portland Oregonian
    It isn't, finally, satisfying: It's too uneven, indulgent, fey.
  • 50
    Lisa Alspector Chicago Reader
    Insights about romance are enhanced by the novel production design, which includes puppetry, but the story's reflexivity is smug and cloying.
  • 40
    John Hartl
    Its pretensions eventually undo it.