[repeated line]

John Steele: I'm interrupting this interview for the purpose of making further inquiries.

Det. Sr. Const. Wayne Prior: It's about a fucking stolen fucking car, you fucking fuckwit!

John Steele: You want your name in the newspapers? How 'bout, "Police Release Serial Killer," with your name all over it.

Det. Insp. Jackson: I'm aware that you were counseled prior about his behavior in the interview room, and I *will* stand up for you. But don't threaten me.

John Steele: Aw, fuck you. I'm not gonna take this holier-than-thou shit from you. I've gone from Lord Mayor to shit-Carter in about two hours.

[as his boss walks away]

John Steele: Watch out Flemming doesn't come and cut your throat.

Det. Sr. Const. Wayne Prior: [Looks down] Nice shoes. They Italian?

Eddie Rodney Fleming: No.

Det. Sr. Const. Wayne Prior: No? Where'd you get them then?

Eddie Rodney Fleming: David Jones.

Det. Sr. Const. Wayne Prior: David Jones?


Eddie Rodney Fleming: I got him to pull over, and I beat the shit out of him. And he was pathetic. He was complaining, and winching, crying. And why did you beat the shit out of him? What happened? Nothing. I buried him in the sand. Yeah, see, he was one of those people that I saw. It just goes to show you how the mind works, doesn't it?

John Steele: I don't know, Mr. Fleming, how does the mind work?

Eddie Rodney Fleming: [as he's being fingerprinted] What do you call 40 lawyers at the bottom of Port Phillip Bay?

Eddie Rodney Fleming: A good start!

Fingers: [to detectives as she walks away] There's a live one...

Det. Hudson: [about Det. Steele] Do you realize how many times the ethics committee has had to look at him?

Det Sgt Quinlan: Because he gets results?