Crazy Credits (12)

Another caption reads "In loving memory of Lloyd Bridges" and shows a photo of him from the wedding scene.

Things to do after the movie: 1. Visit a dairy and see how milk is handled and prepared for delivery. 2. Help plan and start a library 3. With a friend, construct a miniture Indian village (after Am. Humane Ass. disclaimer) However the donkey that smuggled young Vincenzo died of old age and was eaten at the wrap party

If you had left the theater when these end credits started, you'd be home by now

The Eskimo solider, the only character seen walking during the wedding montage that didn't kill someone, enters a playroom where Barney the Dinosaur from Barney and Friends is watching an adult movie. The Eskimo pulls out his spear and kills Barney. Later in the credits, a caption informs us that a statue was built in his honor, and thousands of greatful parents visit it every year.

Fun Fact: Actress Christina Applegate invented radar (after Special Effects Coordinator credit) Not Very Special Effects Coordinator - Al's House of Gimmicks

Fun Fact: Actor Jay Mohr is allergic to poi

Your Horoscope: Today you will see a movie

Fun Fact: Bottled water was first produced in 1973 by Bill Bottlewater (after Greens Forman credit) Mixed Baby Greens Forman - Wolfgang Puck

Fun Fact: In Hollywood, the term, "Special Effects" is used to describe shots or scenes that are different or "special"

Since John Frizzell took on the aka of Gianni Frizzelli for the original music in keeping with the spoof of the Italian Mafia, he also has a credit for "additional music" under his real name.

Another caption informs us that Anthony's son went on to become the first blonde leader of an organized crime syndicate.

(After Special Vocal Effects credit) Special Ring-Pulling Effects - Jorge's House of Chili