Lloyd Bridges' last film role. The film is dedicated to his memory. (Although a film he made prior to this, "Meeting Daddy", was released after.)

An Italian-American group tried to boycott the film's New York premiere as they felt that it was demeaning to Italians.

In keeping with the jokey nature of the proceedings, composer John Frizzell had his name Italianised for the credits into Gianni Frizzelli.

The film runs for 86 minutes, 6 of which are taken up with credits.

Christina Applegate's character's name is Diane, after actress Diane Keaton who portrayed Kay Adams, the character Applegate is spoofing, from The Godfather trilogy.

Final film directed by Jim Abrahams.

The lyrics for the main movie theme are in Latin.

Sofia Milos & Vincent Pastore both starred in The Sopranos.