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  • There is only one movie in history that I can name that my wife, my mother and my six-year-old daughter enjoyed equally. This is it.

    This is an astonishly effective and pleasant remake of a very good film. It's light, romantic, touching and downright funny. You cannot pour enough accolades on young Lindsay Lohan, who effortlessly plays both twins, and, if you listen closely, juggles four accents. (She changes her Brit accent when she plays her own American alter-ego pretending to be herself in England - if you saw the film, you know what I mean).

    Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid with that big, goofy, infectious smile, give the film its romance and maturity, without stepping on the fun-filled kid's plot. This is simple, easy-to-watch family entertainment.

    There is also a great editing and effects element. You never once notice a split screen or cheap over-the-shoulder shot when both of Lohan's characters are on-screen - its really quite astounding how seamless it is.

    My daughter, after seeing this in the theater, quickly proclaimed this her favourite movie ever. We own the video, and I have watched it with her at least a dozen times without growing tired.

    A perfect rental after a bad day, or when you want to have a family movie night. *** out of ****.
  • dtucker866 October 2001
    I think that this is the best Walt Disney film that I have seen since The Last Flight Of Noah's Ark. It is a delight from start to finish and every bit as wonderful, perhaps even better then the originial. This ia a welcome return to the good old fashioned clean family films Disney used to make. The soundtrack is wonderful and Lindsey Lohan is a great little actress who plays the two parts very well (I love her British accent). Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson were terrific at playing Brian Keith and Maureen O'Hara's old parts. A young actress named Elaine Hendrix is a great comic villianess. I detested her character and laughed my head off when those girls gave her just what she deserved. Some people might say that this plot is old and clichéd by the standards of today, but it still works. They should release this on a double bill with the original. I hope Disney keeps on making films like this, goes back to "the good old days" so to speak.
  • This is one of those rare cases where a terrific movie is equaled by its remake. Hayley Mills carried the dual roles of twins learning of each other's existence and concocting a plot to reunite their divorced parents splendidly in the '60's version, and Lindsay Lohan showed wonderful comedic talent at an early age in this delightful remake.

    It's a Disney flick, so the comedy is family slapstick variety as you would expect. The evil stepmother-to-be is over-the-top evil (even called Cruella De Ville by one of the girls), and she's a character you love to hate. The obvious chemistry of the parents (Randy Quaid and Natasha Richardson) is great, and begs a question which is never answered to satisfaction, "Why did they split up in the first place?" Everything in the film symbolically shows that they were made for each other: even their respective maid and butler take a shine to each other.

    The fx and editing to stand Lohan's two characters together is magnificently done; it really looks like two actresses. No split screens, backs of heads of fake-looking "doubles" etc. to distract you from the movie. Lohan skillfully contrasts the American/British accents and mannerisms of the two girls; you know and believe which twin she is at any given moment.

    Well directed, well acted and fun. I'll even forgive the film makers for ripping off the stranded-in-the-lake scene from "Meatballs." The closing credit snapshots provide a sweet epilogue to tie up loose ends.

    Good family oriented comedy worth a rental.
  • Wonderful remake of the 1961 Hayley Mills film. This film is much more realistic, with better acting. Lindsey Lohan is amazing as both Hallie and Annie--I really did think she was two people, she portrayed the two different charactars fantastically. All the different charactars in this movie are really funny as well, and there are no bad actors. The plot just zips by! I give this movie 10/10.
  • This may look "a film for kids", but this movie really is, a must-see for both adults and kids. It is a great love story. I'm single but the film reached my heart - I'm sure married couples will love this film too.

    When I saw this for the first time, I was on airplane. I was lucky enough to get upgraded that time, so I was with personal video screen - I saw _The parent trap_ twice and cried several time in each of the viewing. Now I got DVD for it, I saw it more than dozen times by now. I feel very happy after every viewing of the film.

    Lindsay Lohan did it super (especially accents), dad and mom are really lovely.

    If the film comes to a theater near you, don't miss it. On big screen you can find some additional details DVD/Video. The film is totally, and completely lovely.
  • Beleive you me was i skeptical of this movie. First of all the original is a highly regarded film in my house. If it's on t.v the world stops for it. And beleive me when I first heard about the remake i was very very angry because hardly ever does a remake even compare to the original. I didn't understand it of course. Especially how a movie like that cold work in the 90's. I mean reality check what court, let alone parents, in the world would decide to split up a pair of twins let each parent have one never let them even know about the other one and never let them see each one ever again? Puh-Leeze. But boy was I ever wrong.

    This movie has every bit as much charm as the original and it's ending (I won't give it away) makes much more sence than the original, they-just-get-together-without-talking-any-of-there- problems-out original.

    And huge props to Lindsy Lohen on the accents. I am very big on accents and was overwhelmed at how good she was. I see big things for her.

    So go see it. It's truly captivating.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is definitely worth seeing hand-in-hand with the original version; rent one on video and then go see the other in a theatre. The parallels are quite strong, though, as the world grows smaller, instead of a California/Boston split, it's a California/UK split.

    There are some lines of dialogue in common in both films that feel particularly appropriate, and are definitely winning ("like *sisters*" -- "No, [Halley], like *twins*"). The musical throwbacks to "Let's Gets Together" are also quite enjoyable.

    Perhaps recognizing that their target audience is not only kids the age of eleven-year-old Annie/Halley (Lindsay Lohan), but fans of Hayley Mills and the original film, a more in-depth rationale is presented for the breakup of the parents, with an appropriate romantic twist.

    Additionally, one never ceases to be amazed that some of the old tricks (and quite a few new ones!) work quite well. And, as the trailer says with a twinkle "Introducing...Lindsay Lohan" -- she's a knockout at this.

    Apparently Disney wanted to give Hayley Mills a bit part in this film but she was unavailalble...nevertheless, it's a lot of fun.
  • School holidays can be deadly for older cinema patrons but sometimes there are films for children that are well worth a visit for adults. Unusually, The Parent Trap is a children's film that can even be recommended for children by the most morally bound parent - although there is a divorce that may need to be explained away. The Parent Trap is cute, sugary and funny - and unashamedly so. The Parent Trap was originally made in 1961 starring Haley Mills as a pair of twins who accidentally meet when they are eleven years old. Their parents divorced when they were babies. They then connive to get their parents back together. This is classic Disney material and the formula can and does work very well indeed in this modern version. Heaven only knows how the special effects are done but I suggest that you just forget about that and settle back and enjoy the film. You won't have any choice anyway. I was convinced that the twins must have been played by real life twins and I'm sure that I won't be the only one to fall for that particular Parent Trap. Young Lindsay Lohan plays the girls, (both of them!) complete with fabulous accents, sunny bright and distinctive personalities, appealing red hair, freckles and a great sense of fun. One of the girls has become a Londoner and one a Californian and the girls also sport very commendable English and American accents, as well as composites of the two accents when the girls switch places. It's also pleasing to see young girls being given the sorts of lightly rebellious antics to frolic with as are usually reserved for young boys. The story begins in a New England summer camp where practical jokes are the go, although the film is careful to keep nastiness well out of the way. It would be hard to accuse Lindsay Lohan's twins of any serious crime in any case. The girls decide to switch places so they can each meet their Mum and Dad. In true Hollywood style both parents are rich and attractive and they of course each have hired help (Lisa Anne Walter and Simon Kunz) who are of course are going to fall in love. But then we must have the wicked stepmother and this is provided by Meredith, a gold digger who's out to score the very rich hand of Dad. She's played with appropriate relish by Sharon Stone look alike Elaine Hendrix. The story really revolves around the parents, played by Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid. We can settle back and wait for the inevitable to happen, because we just know that this is going to be one of those "happily ever after" efforts where Mummy and Daddy will again fall in love and properly become parents for these two very cute and loving girls. But along the way be prepared for some very solid laughs and a wonderfully animated and motivated lizard.
  • It seems that no one has recently commented on this Video for quite some time, maybe even years. My name is Zachary Fiducia, i'm 18 years old, from when i was about 5 years old till now occasionally ill watch this video knowing that for the longest time it was my favorite movie ever. It seems that even over the years this video is still number one in my records. One of the reason's why is because of Lindsay Lohans duel acting part. It was brilliant beyond no matter, her acting skills seemed flawless for the time. Along with Natasha Richardson who recently passed away unfortunately at such a young age and Dennis Quaid. What really got me was the selection of music for the film, it included "The Beatles, along with Nat King Cole" After watching this Film, i have to question myself what happened over the years? It seems that either movies are changing or people are changing. For example Lindsay Lohan, a once very talented actress and i say that with no regret, seems to be throwing away her talent here in 2009, and continuously over the years and its a shame. She once said that she wanted to "Become a director, continue acting and go to college" She might've tried to stick with that for a few years but it seems that she's given up? It hurts to watch this film knowing Natasha is gone (Rest in Peace) and that Lindsay is not this delightful young talented actor anymore. It's a shame i still give this film an 8 out of 10 because it proves that Lindsay does have talent, she always has she just doesn't know how to show it anymore. I thank the Directors for producing such a great family movie, it'll be my favorite for as long as i live.
  • Walt Disney's 1998 remake of The Parent Trap is a sensational piece of family entertainment. This film marks the theatrical debut of the incredibly attractive Lindsay Lohan, who is now one of today's biggest stars. Lohan was a great choice for the dual role shown in this wonderful two-hour show. Lohan was beautiful even as a preteen (she was 11 years old when this movie was made). When I saw this movie for the first time, both of her characters, Hallie and Annie, really captivated me. Lohan really sparkles and does some adorable stuff throughout the entire motion picture. Both Hallie and Annie have a strong way with affection, and that is something that I deeply admire. I was touched when the two girls hugged each other in the camp's isolation cabin. Hugs are joyful and so is this movie!
  • "The Parent Trap " is good but its star Lindsay Lohan is better as she was able to steal my breath away in dual roles playing Hallie and Annie Parker. Working with such a clever plot, Lohan has almost single handily pulled off one of the best performances of 1998.

    Also, what a breath a fresh air to Hollywood as she explodes on the scene as one of the best child actresses I've seen in a long time. The proof is a movie called "The Parent Trap."

    Lohan's performance is great but we also must not forget that it stars Dennis Quaid as one of the best actors I've seen. With his versatile talent in film genres such as drama, action, or family, Quaid has the ability to capture my attention for the length of the movie.

    "The Parent Trap" is a light hearted film that will allow the mind to flow freely while sitting and relaxing. In addition, the movie was not only clever, but original because Lohan pulled off her role as she knew what she was doing without having to be told what to do. Lohan is a natural talent that should be treasured because she is so good and seen in more films

    The supporting cast also fit, which made it that much more enjoyable to watch. Good cast choices all the way around. I suggest that everyone see this film because it is really good clean fun with one of the brightest and youngest stars to hit Hollywood.

    Bravo to the cast and crew of "The Parent Trap."
  • This movie was pretty good. It was better than I expected. I especially loved the performance of Natasha Richardson, who is really gorgeous. Dennis Quaid was cute too. Lindsay Lohan was incredible too. My 8 year old sisters loved the original and got the new one and fell in love with it too. They are already reciting it. Rent both versions and enjoy both! They are great!
  • Remakes are never as good as the original so I never bothered watching the 1998 version as I had seen the original in 1961 and it was a film that sticks in your memory.

    One night I could not find anything I wanted to watch on TV so was flipping through the channels and came across this version on Film4 (UK satellite TV). The film was half way through and I loved it.

    I found the film on the same channel a few weeks later but once again missed the first part. The same happened a 3rd time so I went through the channel listings for the next month until it was on again on 23rd Jan. I then recorded it on both my living room and bedroom SkyPlus boxes.

    Although a Disney comedy I find this version to be a real tear jerker. 10 times there are scenes that bring a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes.

    I have watching it least 50 times and still watch it at least twice a day.

    The cast are perfect with Lindsay Lohan stealing the show.

    The most beautifully emotional film I have ever seen.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Lindsay Lohan shines in her debut film: The Parent Trap, a remake, or more accurately, a re-imagining of the 1961 Hayley Mills' film. Lohan stars as the twin girls, who meet each other at summer camp, discover they're sisters living with divorced parents, and scheme to get their parents back together. This time one twin is from London and the other is from wine country in Napa Valley. Lindsay Lohan is full of charm and talent; she is every bit the equal of Hayley Mills in playing the twins. Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson, as the parents, are appealing as well; they have great screen chemistry as parents that never really fell out of love. The supporting roles of the domestics are filled well, and there are several in-joke film references to the first film. The problem with the film is that it is as predictable as it is formulaic, offering us nothing we haven't seen before. Elaine Hendrix, as the fiancé, is funny, but a bit over-the-top in Snidely Whiplash fashion at times. Joanna Barnes, who played this role in the 1961 film, returns as that character's mother this time. The film contains almost laughable turns of plot, which would hardly occur in real life, but it is a family-oriented film. Everything has to come out in the wash. It's interesting to note that the thematic elements concerning divorce do not really have the same negative connotations they most assuredly had in 1961. However, this is really an entertaining showcase for young Lindsay Lohan, a terrific find. This was also the directorial debut for writer Nancy Meyers, who is one to watch. **1/2 of 4 stars.
  • I have to say, I couldn't stand the original Parent Trap, but maybe that's because I saw this version first. Either way, the new Parent Trap is a great film and the perfect film to see with the family. When I saw it, I knew it would wind up in my family's library, and that it did, as soon it was available. Charming, funny, even romantic. I actually had a few tears at the end! The cast is great, Lindsey Lohan is funny and adorable, just likable, and unlike the original parents, Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson are excellent and seem like great parents. See it with any kids that you care about, everyone in every age category will like this film.
  • SonOfMoog17 November 2007
    This movie is so sweet it should have a warning label for diabetics. Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid play divorced parents who more than a decade later are not sure why they divorced. Instead of opting for joint custody, each of them opted for sole custody of one of their twin daughters. The girls grow up never knowing because their parents never said they had an identical twin sibling. When the twins meet in camp and discover who they are, the plot is set in motion.

    Richardson and Quaid are wonderful as the likable parents, still very much in love, even after a decade apart. But, the star of this picture and the one on whom the story turns is Lohan. She is bright, perky, adorable, and completely convincing as both Hallie and Annie. If she isn't, this movie falls apart fast. But, not to worry. Lovable Lindsay makes not a single false step.

    She is so good, I found myself thinking about the actress, not the character, feeling a twinge of sadness that Lindsay was not more like Hallie and Annie. This is a wonderful movie, almost too sweet at times. It had me in tears at all the right moments: when the twins meet, when they learn they are sisters, when the parents discover they've switched places, and when the parents inevitably reconcile. First rate family entertainment thanks to a star performance from a very young, very talented Lohan.
  • The Parent Trap is a must-see for anyone, even adults!

    When this movie came out I was 9 years old - now I'm 23 and STILL love it. The jokes and plots hold up well, even 13 years later. I watched this movie the other day and cannot believe how much I still enjoy it.

    The soundtrack is amazing, as well. The decades-old songs work so well with this movie, which is a great surprise. The Parent Trap has one of the best soundtracks to a movie (okay I'll admit it... I own the CD and STILL listen to it in my car!)

    Do yourself a favor and see this movie if you haven't already. I've never met a person who didn't like this movie. Plus, it's endearing to see Lindsay Lohan as an innocent child (though sad comparing to what she turned out to be.)

    Bottom line: You won't be disappointed. 10/10
  • At first I was a bit freaked out because Lindsay Lohan wasn't Hayley Mills, but from the moment the twins discovered they were twins, I was hooked.

    I can't apply enough positive adjectives toward this movie. It was touching to see each one-on-one family reunion, as they just kept coming. It was funny and witty, and I laughed unexpectedly at several points. And it was romantic: although this isn't typically classified as a romantic comedy due to its family orientation, it's perhaps one of the most romantic movies I've ever seen, set up by the aforementioned reunions. It was even heartwarming, and a bit nostalgic, to see the child star, so vibrant and carefree, back before she, well, "matured" into a young adult and its associated questionable behavior.

    In all, this movie was perfectly cast, even down to the bad girl, and it far exceeded my expectations. Now I want to go back and watch the original again.
  • elisebal12 January 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    This parent trap is much better than the old one. This parent trap is funnier, and Lindsay Lohan did a wonderful job in acting in it. There was more feeling in this parent trap than the other ones. The actors did a better job. This is one of my favorite movies. The cast and director did an awesome job. This movie has a happy ending, and I love happy endings. All ages will love this movie.The first time I watched it, I really liked it. and I also laughed a few times. This is a great family movie

    This movie has a great plot. It is about two girls who meet at camp, and turn out to be twins. They end up trying to get there parents together, while there dad(Nick Parker) is planning to get married to another woman. Since this movie is great for many reasons, I will rate it a 10 out of 10.
  • I literally can watch this every time it comes over 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
  • Lindsay Lohan, known for being an easy press target, used to be cute! This movie is a good example of her red-headed, freckled goodness! In this late 90's remake of a Hayley Mills classic, Lohan plays both homely Napa Vallley girl Hallie Parker and Prim and proper London native Annie James...who unexpectedly meet at summer camp and don't exactly take a fancy to each other. But, when both put in the isolation cabin due to their antics, they learn they are twins separated at birth. So, predictably...they swap places, meet their parents...but there is an ugly surprise: Hallie's dad is about to wed snooty newspaper reporter Meridith Blake...this could thwart their efforts to bring their parents back together...or will it? This was, overall, a very entertaining film. Lohan was adorable. The performances of Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid as the parents were also very memorable! I recommend this if you like the cute redhead version of Lohan...
  • This was cute. Lindsay Lohan wasn't the best actor in the world, I must admit, but for a child actor, she wasn't terrible. The part when they were at camp was a bit boring, but after you got into the movie, it was pretty good. Good film to watch with your whole family.

    7/10 *******
  • The movie concerns two little girls (Lindsay Lohan in a dual role), they are Hallie Parker and Annie James and both of whom are about to find out . Hallie is a cool girl from California. Annie is a fair rose from London. While they are at a summer holidays camp , they accidentally meet themselves and after dealing with antics each other, they think they have nothing in common except...they're identical twins . As the sympathetic girls suddenly discover the surprise they're twin sisters and scheme a change of personalities among different parents , but they are separated since the divorce . The father (Dennis Quaid) lives in California and the mother (Natasha Richardson) lives in London. The father get married a young (Elaine Hendrix) and the girls are planning the parents reconciliation by creating an impossible life to the father's love r. What if you spent your whole life wishing for something you didn't know you already had? ! Now they're up to their freckles in schemes and dreams to switch places, get their parents back together and have the family they've always wished for!

    It's a remake of the classy film featured by Mauren O'Hara and Brian Keith along with their daughter played Hayley Mills but here is adapted to the modern times . Lindsay Lohan's interpretation is top-notch likeness to Hayley Mills of previous film , she interprets both roles and she performs outstanding . Lohan is actually a star since she played ¨Mean girls¨ , number-one in United States box office . Special mention deserves Elaine Hendrix as father's bride , her acting is excellent as the ominous and avaricious fiancée . Joanna Barnes who played the bride in the first version here plays Hendrix's mother . In the film there are family incidents , comedy , tongue-in cheek , humor and results to be pretty bemusing . The picture obtained quite success as well as the first adaptation . The motion picture will appeal to familiar comedies fans. Rating: 6/10 . Very nice . Well worth watching.
  • anya_mascouri21 September 2019
    I've never seen the original, only this version - that's enough for me....cause I love it. One of my favourite movies.

    Lindsay Lohan did superbly - gave it her all & is convincing & believable in the dual roles. The whole cast is great. The soundtrack is lovely.
  • This was a great movie. Lindsay Lohan was great and playing 2 different roles was not an easy task. Generally, good reviews from all concerned. The acting was great and well, it was just a darned good movie and there were good touching scenes.
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