Red Queen: You're all going to die down here.

[Matt and Spence are helping Rain]

Rain: When I get outta here... think I'm gonna get laid.

Matt: Yeah, you might want to clean up a little bit first.

[Rain and J.D. have just fought off a zombie]

J.D.: I shot her five times. How was she still standing?

Rain: Bitch isn't standing now.

[Alice points her gun at Rain]

Rain: I'm not dead yet.

[Rain takes the gun from Alice]

Rain: I think I'll take this back.

Alice: I could kiss you, you bitch!

Rain: I don't want to be one of those things. Walking around without a soul.

Alice: There's a cure!

[to Rain]

Alice: You're gonna be alright!

Rain: I was beginning to worry.

Rain: That homicidal bitch killed my team.

Alice: That homicidal bitch may be our only way out of here.

Red Queen: Even in death the human body still is active. Hair and finger nails continue to grow, new cells are produced, and the brain itself holds a small electrical charge that takes months to dissipate. The T-virus provides a massive jolt, both to cellular growth, and to those trace electrical impulses. Put quite simply, it reanimates the body.

Rain: It brings the dead back to life?

Red Queen: Not fully. The subjects have the simplest of motor functions. Perhaps a little memory, but virtually no intelligence. They're driven by the basest of impulses, the most basic needs.

Mr. White: Which is?

Red Queen: The need to feed.

Kaplan: Bitch wouldn't open the door, so I had to fry her.

[first lines]

Narrator: At the beginning of the 21st century, the Umbrella Corporation had become the largest commercial entity in the United States. Nine out of every ten homes contain its products. Its political and financial influence is felt everywhere. In public, it is the world's leading supplier of computer technology, medical products, and healthcare. Unknown, even to its own employees, its massive profits are generated by military technology, genetic experimentation, and viral weaponry.

Red Queen: I've been a bad, bad girl.

Rain: She bit me, man. She took a chunk clean outta me.

Rain: No pressure, guys.

Rain: Your boyfriend's a real asshole.

Rain: All the people that were working here are dead.

Spence: Well, that isn't stopping them from walking around.

Red Queen: I can give you the code, but first you must do something for me.

Alice: What?

Red Queen: One of your group has been infected. I require her life for the code.

Kaplan: What are they? It's pretty goddamn obvious what they are. Lab coats, badges, THOSE PEOPLE USED TO WORK HERE!

Kaplan: You're going to have to work for your meal.

Alice: I'm missing you already.

Spence: In or out? In... or out?

Alice: I don't know what we had, but it's over.

Spence: [a female scientist zombie bites Spence] OH, GOD!

Spence: [Spence shoots the scientist; Matt fights Spence for the gun] Back... the FUCK off!

Spence: [to Alice] I'm missing you already.

[Locks Alice, Rain, and Matt inside the flooded research lab]

[the lethal laser bar approaching One becomes an unavoidable lattice]

James "One" Shade: Shit!

Kaplan: [surrounded by zombies, Kaplan contemplates suicide and finds one bullet left in his gun] That's lucky.

Kaplan: [the team runs towards Rain after hearing gunshots] What was all the shooting?

Rain: We found a survivor.

Kaplan: And you shot him?

Rain: She was crazed. She bit me.

Matt: [held down] You can't do this!

Rain: [removing gas mask] Blow me.

Spence: What happened here?

[Alice and Matt both look towards "One" rather anxiously for an answer as well]

James "One" Shade: Five hours ago Red Queen went homicidal, sealed the Hive and killed everyone down here.

Spence: Jesus!

James "One" Shade: When we realized what was happening, my team was dispatched to shut her down.

Alice: Why did she do it?

James "One" Shade: That we don't know, but outside interference is a possibility.

Rain: Why didn't you tell us about the antivirus?

Red Queen: This long after infection, there was no guarantee it would work.

Rain: But there's a chance... right?

Red Queen: I don't deal in chance.

Kaplan: Well, where did they come from? Why didn't we see them on the way in?

Rain: When you cut the power, you unlocked the door; you let them out!

[last lines]

Dr. William Birkin: I want her quarantined - close observation and a full series of blood tests. Let's see if she's infected. Take her to Raccoon City facility. Then assemble the team. We're reopening the hive. We want to know what went on down there. Just do it.

Red Queen: I implore you.

Kaplan: Implore away!

Alice: I'm not sure I want to remember what went on down here.

James "One" Shade: I don't blame you.

Spence: [J.D. enters a code to open a secured door] You got it?

J.D.: See how easy that was?

Kaplan: [the door opens only to find a room extremely full of the undead flesh-eating zombies] Shit!

Rain: [yells] J.D., no! Grab my hand and hold it real tight!

J.D.: Don't let me go!

J.D.: [the zombies pulls J.D. back; Rain lets him go] RAIN! FUCK! NO!

[zombies chomping and devouring; J.D. screaming]

Spence: [points the gun at Matt] Please, I wouldn't wanna shoot you. I might need the bullets. Back off!

Kaplan: She was right. We are gonna die down here.

Kaplan: [they see the holographic representation of the Red Queen] It's a Holographic representation of the Red Queen, modeled after the head programmer's daughter. Don't listen to anything she says. She's only trying to deceive us... confuse us... she'll say anything to stop us shutting her down.

Red Queen: Just one bite, one scratch from these creatures is sufficient. And then, you become one of them.

Spence: Nothing - ever - changes.

Mr. Grey: [being pushed] Thank you!

Ms. Black: Some people.

Mr. Grey: Yeah.

Red Queen: The T-virus is protean, changing from liquid to airborne to blood transmission, depending on its environment. It is almost impossible to kill.

[letting blood from her wounded hand drip down onto the zombies below them]

Rain: Yeah, you like how I taste, don't you?

James "One" Shade: [One is holding one of his dying soldiers] Stay conscious. You're going into shock.

James "One" Shade: [the soldier closes his eyes] Stay awake!

Matt: What the fuck was that?

Alice: Watch the tank! The tank!