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  • great world war 11 movie, romance and action, set in singapore against backdrop of singapore heat, malaysia's rubber plantations, family business and the love of englishman and a chinese woman, julie soong. when japanese invade the romance and the fighting heat up.
  • Read the book first then watch the miniseries if you can. Some threads of the story have changed but that made the whole series fit most everything from the book. Good acting and so many suitable and real effects. The fashions are beautiful and the jungle scenes especially natural. If you can find the DVDs, and they are difficult to find, and I don't know why. You will not be sorry in viewing all the episodes in one sitting - takes about 5 hours though. I wonder what happened Christopher Bowen who played Johnnie Dexter.Doesn't seem to have had a good run as a leading man even though he looks the part.

    Singapore looks beautiful as does the Ara house in Malaya. The bombing scenes are very cleverly filmed and the style of the 1930s perfectly set. I believe the miniseries has been reviewed as one of the best 'war' stories of the Singapore / Malayan area during WWII. I give it a 10 as I was never at all bored and the story is sweeping, exciting and interesting. The love story is riveting.

    I congratulate Grundy for producing this miniseries. Comments welcome to my strand.