[to an android]

Vegeta: If you give up now I promise to turn you into something useful, like a toaster or a washing machine.

Frieza: [after blowing up Krillin] Pop goes the weasel!

Super Buu: So, hot - shot, you want to fight Majin Buu?

Mystic Gohan: Fight you? No, I want to destroy you.

Vegeta: No! My only target is Kakarot! I couldn't care less about your quarrel with the Kai!

Bibidi: What? By every fiber in your body I command you Vegeta! Kill the Kai!

Vegeta: NO! You may have taken over my mind and my body, but there's one thing a Saiyan always keeps: his PRIDE!

Vegeta: [after killing Android 19] Too Bad! I only wish that there was a junkyard, so could give him a proper burial.