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  • jENNA0071 September 2001
    My dad made me watch this movie with him, and I wasn't expecting anything too awesome. I was clearly surprised AND delighted with this movie, i liked the story-line and the acting.. it was both funny and touching.

    Zeba Bakhtiar was cute and she did a great job in the some-what lead role.

    What was truly remarkable w/ this film was the amazing use of color, it was very vibrant and in-your-face.. some scenes were so elaborate, it was kind of like the Moulin Rouge.

    Anyway, this was a great film, I'd recommend it to everyone!
  • It is dream of Great Showman Raj Kapoor.Which is fulfill by his elder son Randhir Kapoor very well. Pakistani Actores Zeba Bakhtiar done a superb job and gave a heart touching performance. Rishi Kapoor is OK In both characters Chander/Chaand due to this is women oriented movie as most of R K movies. He doesn't have much scope but he did it fantastic job specially in Climax scene. Ashwini Bhave also good in Dance Number. this is Great Actress Farida Jalal Comeback movie,She done a fantastic job in "BIBI GUL"roll no one can reach her caliber in this movie. Saeed Jajri also good after R K movie RTGM he did remarkable performance in"KHAN BABA"role and Kiran Kumar"ASHRAF Heena elder brother as superb.Raza Murad as"SHAHBAAZ KHAN"good. Ravinder Jain did the job very of song " Haye Washmalle Haye Washmalle"reminds RTGM song"Sun Sahiba Sun"
  • I watched "Henna" when it first came out in 1991 and immediately fell in love with it. Even today, after all these years, it is still a very enjoyable movie, much better than the romance movies that Bollywood is churning out these days.

    The first thing that strikes any person watching the movie is the breath-takingly beautiful scenery. The movie is shot in some of the most visually stunning locations on this planet. It is like watching a Monet painting come to life.

    The second strongest aspect of this movie is the music. The songs are incredibly melodious and still popular.

    The performance by all the actors is pretty good. Saeed Jaffrey stands out with his portrayal of Henna's father. Zeba herself does a very good job of portraying the naive innocent and sweet Pakistani girl. Raza Murad is at his evil best.

    The movie also urges viewers to examine the state of the world and themselves. Can a few lines drawn on a map really create such hatred and animosity among human beings? Sadly, the answer is yes.
  • joeva_za23 March 2006
    Have just seen Henna and it does not date very well. The story has been better told before and since (Refugee; Veer Zaara; Earth) and Henna is clichéd and predictable. Zeba seems clumsy in the dance scenes although she has some charm - too bad the direction, acting and choreography is so poor. I usually like RK Films but Randhir Kapoor could not match his father's hand in direction (Prem Granth was a little better because of Madhuri's performance). And poor Ashwini Bhave had to wear those awful clothes in those earlier scenes. And Chintu in those white pants (Yes I know it was the fashion at the time but it made his butt look even bigger). The village scenes were quite pretty although marred by a hackneyed script My 5 out of 10 is a sympathy vote considering that it is 15 years old.