Raj Kapoor had requested the pakistani writer hasina moin and she worked for the film but refused to take credit. Raj Kapoor had recorded 3 songs for Henna, but when Randhir took over the film he did not use the songs. The film was shot near India-pakistan border on the India side showing as Pakistan.

Raj Kapoor always wanted to make this film but things went wrong for one reason or other. He was not getting permission to shoot in Pakistan. After Bobby he wanted to make this film with Randhir Kapoor. After SSS & Prem rog with Rishi. After Ram teri Ganga Maili he considered Rajiv Kapoor but couldn't start due to health problems. Finally Randhir made this film with Rishi in 1991. Writer K.A Abbas wrote the story of Henna during Mere Naam Joker days.

M.F.Husein made the paintings of Heena which comes during the credit tittles of Heena and he told the Kapoors, the date the painting and on that date, they should collect the paintings from New York. The Kapoors reached New York on that date and were wondering how much will Hussein charge them for the paintings. When they reached at Hussein's place, he handover the paintings to them and Husein told them the paintings are his tribute to Raj Kapoor and he cant take any money for the paintings.

Zeba Bhaktiar accused Karishma Kapoor and Babita of wanting to desperately act in the film. Karishma denied the allegations saying it would be impossible to act opposite Rishi Kapoor as that is her uncle.

After Bobby, Raj Kapoor wanted to make Henna with Randhir Kapoor and Nafisa Ali. But Nafisa Ali's father was against Nafisa joining the film industry.

Jeetu Mandal was the editor of Heena, he was the assistant editor of Raj kapoor.

Bappi Lahiri sampled the song "Aankhian Udeekian" for his song "Sakhiyan Sakhiyan" for the film Love Story 98.

Meenakshi Sheshadri and Neelam were offered Ashwini Bhave's role but both declined.

Bhagyashree was offered Ashwini Bhave's role. But she declined as she wanted to stay away from films due to marriage .

Raveena Tandon declined Ashwini Bhave's role . She felt she was too young.

Juhi Chawla agreed to play Ashwini Bhave's role. But Govinda's brother Kirti Kumar convinced her to leave the film He told her she was playing the lead in Radha Ka Sangam and she should not do a supporting role. This angered Rishi Kapoor who thrashed Kirti Kumar in all interviews.

Raj Kapoor auditioned Shilpa Shirodkar for the second lead role. She was in a contract with Sawan Kumar Tak and was unable to do the film.

Naseeruddin Shah was approached for Kiran Kumar's role but he declined. He wanted to play Saaed Jaffery's role. Randhir Kapoor rejected the suggestion because Raj Kapoor wanted Saaed Jaffery in the film.

Randhir Kapoor wanted model and former Miss India Lubna Adams for the lead role. Lubna did not want a career in films. She was more known as Vinod Khanna's ex.

Akhiyan Udeekdiyan had a Punjabi cover version remixed in the album " Jam To The Bhangra" singer Sardara. S. Gill. Rap by Bobby Virk. released in 1992.

Randhir Kapoor dint have habit of wearing watch and refuses if given, and he would always be late, if his father asks him where has he been randhir would say der hojati hai main der nahin karta. So raj kapoor thought these sayings of randhir kapoor can turn into a good song, so the showman worked out and recorded for heena main der karta nahin in the voice of lata mangeshkar and suresh wadkar. In the film it also shows rishi kapoor doesnt wear watch and always late and this song comes. This song, chittiye and hasrat jaipuri deleted song, are the 3 songs raj kapoor got recorded when he was alive.

The song "Aaja Ve Mahi" was later sampled in the UK Bhangra group ECW ( East West Connection) album Nachural Selection.The songs name was "Akhiaan" by Saqi. This was released in 1992.

Henna was in the news when Dilip Dhawan arrived at the hotel and realized he would have to share a room with someone else. It was explained to him that it was a error and it would be fixed as soon as possible. He did not want to hear any of it. He insisted he be given his own room or else he would leave the film. He was angry a nd was yelling uncontrollably. This is when Rishi Kapoor interjected himself into the situation and asked him to calm down. Dilip Dhawan shoved Rishi Kapoor very heavily . Rishi Kapoor then proceeded to punch Dilip non stop. The film unit had to break them up.

Stories of Salman Khan pursuing Zeba during the outdoor of the film made the media. Salman was shooting for Sanam Bewaffa at the same location /hotel. Salman insisted he be introduced to Zeba. Once introduction was made Salman sent her roses and would find excuses to call her room and go meet her . One evening Salman was supposedly invited to dinner by Zeba and her mother. Rajiv Kapoor got word about the situation and took all precaution. He had 2 years previously been involved in a altercation with Salman. Rajiv was not fond of Salman and thought he should protect the latest RK heroine from Salman. During the dinner, Rajiv took a seat on the next table of Zeba and Salman. Rajiv gave Salman dirty looks and made it clear he did not want Salman near Zeba. This is when several stories of the incident were in the media. Some reports stated Rajiv and Salman were involved in a bloody brawl . Rajiv denied the story and said Salman would dare not touch him. Salman stated Rajiv only spread the story to get publicity for Henna.

At one point in the 1970's actress Daljeet Kaur was to star in the film. Raj Kapoor wanted to start the film but was unable to to due to several reasons.

Was involved with a NRI named Nikita from America. She was hopeful to land the lead role in Henna. Rajiv had promised her the role, but later was unable to help her.

There were stories in the media how Krishna Raj Kapoor wanted Rajiv Kapoor in the lead role and not Rishi. She felt Rajiv needed the film due to his declining career. Randhir stated that Rishi would remain in the film and all Kapoor women never interfered in the casting of R.K.Films.

Rajiv Kapoor claimed that before his dad passed away he promised him the lead role in Henna. The only thing he told Rajiv was to lose some weight.Rajiv was excited because he knew this would be his last hope as an actor. After Raj Kapoor passed away, Randhir decided Rishi would he best suited because he was a bigger star .

Mandakini wanted to opt out of the film after Rishi Kapoor had a drunken fight with her father. After the release of Ram Tere Ganga Malin, there was a celebration at the R.K. house. It was to celebrate Raj Kapoor returning home from the hospital. This is when several guests heard a heated argument between Rishi and Mandakini's father. Her father was seen grabbing Rishi by the collar saying "How dare you tell your father to drop my daughter from Henna!!". Rishi then retaliated by yelling and clenching his fists. It was Prem Naths son Monty who jumped in and broke up the fight. When Rishi was later confronted he took responsibility for the argument and said it was his mistake. He saw Mandakini's father quickly exiting Raj Kapoor's room. Fearing he was up to no good he quickly grabbed his collar and ask him what he was doing..Rishi stated he apologized and felt bad for what he did. Mandakini was in no mood to forgive and wanted to leave Hawalaat. It was when Rishi profusely apologized that she had a change of heart and stayed in the film

Ayesha Jhulka was in the running for Ashwini Bhave's role. It did not work out.