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  • Warning: Spoilers
    is, I believe, the title used when this film was screened in the tai

    kato retrospective at the American cinematheque a few years back.

    this movie is extremely intense and great. TK movies really come

    with some bad ass characters... it's been a long while since the

    opportunity to see his films came and went, have not heard

    anything of him since. also remember a wonderful ghost story set

    in old tyme feudal japan or what have you that was, again, striking

    for the rottenness of many of the folks involved in the shocking tale.

    I would love to see any of his movies again and wish terribly that

    this were possible. . .

    anyway the lead actor in this film has a huge scar on his face, I

    forget whether it's real or not, but this is not a spoiler"" cause it's

    the first thing you see in the first shot and it's a very intense shot:

    you really do see that this man's face has a story written on it.

    well, if i never see this movie again at least I have the pleasure of

    telling y'all to keep a look out for it!