An episode depicting Tweeg, L.B. and piles of old books was in pre-production at Atkinson Film Arts in Ottawa around Christmas 1986, with scripts trickling slowly into the layout and posing departments. Some bored posers began putting silly and risque titles to the books, expecting they would be deleted later, when the scenes were animated in Korea. A month hence, the Korean rushes returned to Ottawa and the scenes were screened to the sponsors. To everyone's shock and to Atkinson's chagrin, it was clear these inappropriate book titles remained until this point of the product. Korean animators could not understand English and didn't realize these titles were meant as a temporary joke. Atkinson's ate the cost of repairing the scenes, yet portions of the bogus titles remain in the final cut.

Three episodes of the series were edited together and re-released on VHS as "Teddy Ruxpin: The Movie".

Discontinued after 1 season.