They call it creative differences. Writer Cash Markman, who brought the idea of a "Bay Watch" parody to be called "Babe Watch" to director Buck Adams, did not enjoy his involvement with this popular porn franchise. He wanted to spoof the TV series and play the idea of big chested lifeguards strictly for laughs. Adams, however, wanted to capture the flavor of the mainstream TV show and play it straight. Bored from the outset, Markman involved a collaborator, Frank Bukkwyd (later a nonsex actor in porn) to help with the writing on "Babe Watch" and "Babe Watch 2," scripted and shot back-to-back. When Adams asked for two more scripts ("Babe Watch 3" and "4," to be shot the following year), Markman used his on-screen pseudonym of Bill Dollars and put his creative mind on auto-pilot. And then he left the beach, leaving Adams to write the further sequels himself. In time, Adams himself would be replaced, but "Babe Watch" would continue on with more than a dozen additional installments.