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  • Toma Caragiu (Captain Panait) is one of the greatest romanian actors which makes the "Brigada diverse" (Miscellaneous Department of Romanian Police) aka "B.D." series, one of the funniest romanian comedy movies ever to be released in the period of communism in Romania. The script makers and the courageous actors successfully merged the film's plot with subtile jokes and gags spread throughout the entire movie, thus ironizing the political system in Romania. This fact gave the romanian people watching the movie in that period, much hope through laughter. Even in that awful situation of political tirany, people could speak their minds, transmitting an important message: "THEY ARE WRONG, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. LAUGH AND BE FREE !". I recommend this movie to whoever wants to analyse that period in Romanian history, get a king- size laugh, or both. Thank you Toma !
  • In this third and final act, the three friends decide to form a family and try to make a name for themselves at the beach. There, they start doing favors for a very wealthy and influential person who promises them paid contracts abroad, just to find out that they got into the illegal business once again. As for the others, it's funny, thrilling and tense, and although it isn't as brilliant as its predecessors, it's still a very good movie.