The Buick limo driven by Gogu (interpreted by Dem Radulescu)actually belongs to the studios.It's the technical crew's filming vehicle.

Romanian Director Mircea Dragan co-wrote and directed this motion picture.

Due to the fact that Director Mircea Dragan was not used to direct comedies he gave few indications to the cast and allowed the actors in this comedy to improvise.

Actress Ioana Dragan who played the role of Lieutenant Paula Deleanu was the actual wife of Director Mircea Dragan.

The German Shepperd dog Costel was a real police dog and his real name was Rurich.After many hours of filming the dog was tired and was barking continuously, annoying the cast.Actor Sebastian Papaiani kept him quiet by feeding the dog bags of pork liver.

A few scenes from this film were re-used in the film Expresul De Buftea from 1979.These scenes are:where Trandafir takes some mysterious white powder,the scene where Gogu is retained by Captain Panait for investigations and the scene where the three crooks organize a singing contest to select a new solo singer.