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  • This pointless junker predates the current parody=ripoff craze and is just as bad as recent trash. It was released in 1995, not 2000 as listed in IMDb, and I will endeavor to fix that error, along with adjusting its ungrammatical title.

    Title implies anal sex and Kaitlyn Ashley indulges in same with Jay Ashley bareback, while most scenes here are filmed with those condoms popular on screen during the safe-sex era when this was shot. Of course, since they were a married couple Kaitlyn and Jay were exempt from this archaic practice of using rubbers.

    The acting is extremely poor and there is precious little interaction among the characters purporting to represent the Brady clan. Making the video, reissued in 2008 on DVD, virtually unwatchable is the use of a canned laugh-track that throws in applause or hilarity from time to time.

    Nina Hartley walks into the frame out of nowhere dressed like a nurse but turns out to be the family's "domestic": too bad the clowns who direct porn parodies don't come up with a "XXX White Version of The Help" in which Nina could do her famed Viola Davis impersonation. Nina's d.p. here is accomplished via a cock in her vagina and handy dildo in her posterior.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After the enormous success of Will Ryder's "Not the Bradys XXX" series (of which three 'episodes' have been released to date), I just had to check out this earlier attempt at spoofing the Brady Bunch. Where Ryder's films do their best to copy the look of the late Sixties/early Seventies to a tee, the Backdoor Bradys is set in the decade it was filmed: the Nineties. And apart from using all of the same names for the characters, most of them aren't related to each other at all.

    Of course this means that despite what the title says, there are only a few Bradys in the film but at least we get the following interesting combinations: lisping Greg, the captain of the football team at Family Values University is 'cramming' for his exams with Jan. His college buddy Peter bribes Alice the domestic with a 'bottle of something' to get her into (Greg's) bed. Mike Brady, whom Greg calls dad but who refers to Greg as his buddy, gets caught in a pantie raid with Cindy and later on has sex with his wife Carol as well. In between Marcia and her boyfriend Bobby do it out on the open on the porch. Unfortunately there's still no sign of an all out Brady orgy.

    While it would be nice to see the Not the Bradys family team up on each other like this sometime in the future (remember, none of them are blood relatives), on the whole The Backdoor Bradys has little to recommend itself. The attempts at humor are lame, Mike is a caffeine addict and acts like a complete jerk to everyone, Carol a eye-rolling dummy and the rest of them aren't developed at all. Top billed Nina Hartley only appears in one scene and her appearance raises another missed opportunity. You see, Hartley is still very active in the adult business and appeared in both Will Ryders "Not Bewitched" and "Not Three's Company". It would have been cool if she had reprised her role as Alice for him as well (instead that part went to another porn legend: Lynn LeMay).

    6 out of 10

    Ps: It's nice to see Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute found a job as both an editor and Video tech.