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  • Do make sure you have the right version before buying or renting this movie in the UK. The 18 (abridged) version is decidedly soft-core and ordinary. I'm told the 18R version is one of the first hardcore movies approved for sale in the UK, albeit in 'sex shops' only.

    Batbabe (and her portly companion, based on Robin the Boy Wonder) have the chief of police's home under surveillance, and they witness some action next to the swimming pool. Batbabe and companion are captured by the baddies, and end up being forced to spectate as the gangsters indulge in sex in a number of position - some girl/girl but mostly boy/girl. In the abridged version it's all fairly typical of the soft-core genre; nothing that hasn't been seen in a hundred other movies. Will they escape? I'll resist the temptation to include a spoiler.

    The picture quality on the DVD was fine, though the sound didn't seem too good: the dialogue (and we're interested in what the characters are saying, right?) was quiet compared to other sounds.