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  • John Lee, a creepy guy who had the good fortune to make a couple of films starring Janine, had the chutzpah to produce this monstrosity of a video. He rounded up some all-time greats in the Big Breast category, and that's the only reason it should be preserved, not due to any competency on his part.

    It has kind of an insider storyline, purporting to document the DDD summit meeting of Candy Samples with her British counterpart Pat Wynn. Pat is flying to L.A. to co-star in a big movie with Candy (unfortunately for us that "movie" is actually this video), and Candy's assistant Jacqueline Lorians is in charge of making all the arrangements to ensure Wynn has a comfortable stay here.

    Much of the video consists of big-breast casting sessions with Lorians in charge. She's no slouch, but by virtue of being a normal looking beauty, Jacqueline is overshadowed by the rest of the cast. She makes up for this in sexiness (and acting ability), with the main subplot being her lusting after her dream girl, Wynn.

    The sex is all nonsense, though Candy at an advanced age looks bigger and better than ever - upstaging Wynn throughout. Classic starlets like Keli Stewart, Candy Kane and Mindy Rae make this stinker rise off the ground. Bringing it thudding back to Earth is Lee himself, who insists on inserting himself into the action as voyeur, wisecracker and fondler. By the end of the hour I concluded he made the thing not for a fast buck but just to get close to this one- time-only fabulous collection of top-heavy gals.

    Integratred into the end of the video is a trailer promoting Wynn's next solo vehicle which apparently is lost (not listed in IMDb).