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15 September 2015 | lor_
Terrrific porn; too bad other volumes don't measure up
Third time's the charm in Fred Lincoln's CASANOVA series as DIARY is a near- classic adult feature. Having sat through approximately 50 of FJL's films and videos, I can report that this is head & shoulders above the rest.

Every sex scene is not only hot but often with a unique element or twist raising it out of the endless stream of generic porn. Format is a reboot of the series, as lusciously young and fresh Julia Ann finds an old journal written by the big C., and reads aloud stories of his sexual adventures, illustrated for us on-screen. The period quality is a vast improvement over the strictly '90s setting of Parts 1 & 2.

First vignette has Siffredi as Casanova making love to a true Asian beauty who I couldn't identify from the skimpy credits. Her beautiful full natural breasts and nipples, great eye contact with Rocco and even an attractive gold headdress and hair extensions make for a classic outdoor sex scene. Novel foot fetish action is introduced as she sucks RS's cock and big toe simultaneously. No money shot is included, a nice touch as Casanova stays inside her.

Scene shifts to the roaring '20s, with Celeste, beautifully styled and made up (without a blemish or imperfection) making love to her steady Woody Long, not Rocco. This scene is even better than the opener, and Celeste's long strings of pearls are integrated into the XXX action draped around Woody's cock at strategic moments. Celeste's perfect breasts and shiny nipples remain a joy to behold - she was my favorite Adult actress at the time this video was made.

Followup scene is equally arousing, as Julia Ann imagines herself back in the '20s, making love to Celeste. Their 4 jugs are perfectly matched in size and shape, and this time the pearls are used to rub against vaginas as well as an interesting Ben Wa ball inspired stuffing of the pearls inside the vagina. Foot fetish is reprised sexily as Julia rubs her foot against Celeste's vagina, seen in an unusual shot from behind.

Rocco shows up in person, and tells Julia it is okay that she is reading his journal. She goes off to hump her lover Aaron Colt, ending in a slow-motion money shot facial.

Finale has Rocco serviced by two women, including Nikki Sinn before her breast enlargement, by the pool, with Sinn delivering her specialty of anal sex. It's a happy ending to a terrific video. Part 4 (titled THE CONQUEST) is not so hot, continuing Julia Ann's reading of the diary but like Part 2, playing like sloppy seconds.

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1 November 1993



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