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  • I know most of you (like me) when you see characterizations like "best ever" move quickly to the next comment, since probably the comment was written by a person who is easy to impress.

    But trust me, this is really, honestly, the best Greek movie ever made. It is extremely topical, has fantastic performances (by actors that nowadays are comedy legends) and great direction. It's one of those movies people have seen countless times and know the lines by heart.

    One setback is that in order to truly appreciate it you have to be Greek or at least have a very good knowledge of modern Greek history and culture and especially the junta era of 1967-74 and the years immediately preceding it.
  • apararas9 March 2020
    Perakis gave us the most diachronic film of the 80s.Greek cinema was very bad at that time and finally came a comedy with antidictator messages and how was the military service during this period.4 awards for cinematic gem with great performances from the whole cast.
  • An amazing comedy, with a HUGE/GREAT cast of the best Greek actors! Its by far (much far) the best "Loafing & Camouflage" films (there are 3)...

    Its setup about when I was born, due the Greek Military Dictatorship (1967-1974). It "portraits" very lovely the political things in Greece back then, the anti-Communist fanatic feelings of the army, the secret left-wing folks trying to be undercover (and avoid arresting!), and of course the daily life of the drafted troops during that lunatic era of Greece...

    I may didn't lived THAT army life (I've been drafted 20 years later from these events), but I know from my dad (uncles, etc) how they served in that period - and they found it VERY REALISTIC (and very very funny)!

    Many of these young actors made their career from this film! All of them became SO FAMOUS from this film and they gained a lot great roles in next films.
  • triantal30 September 2003
    The movie's story starts a few days before the 21st of April of 1967, when a group of colonels initiated a military coup (junta) in Greece. The main character, a soldier (cinematographer in his profession), who served at the border line, is transfered to the army's movie center in Athens, where the first steps of greek television took place.

    While being close to his wife, kid and his friends (cinematographers as well, serving in the army's movie center), this guy (and his fellow men at arms) never stopped being under question from their senior officers for their "controversy" political beliefs (communism was a target back then).

    Even going through a hard time, even after the beginning of the coup, this team of soldiers go through numerous of funny situations, which I dont know if non-greek persons will appreciate in a the same degree as I (or any other Greek) have.

    Totally recommended movie... 9/10.
  • Perhaps the best Greek film the last 25 years and a film along with 2-3 more that kept the Greek cinema alive during the 80s. A story of the soldiers who worked on the first attempt to make television in Greece (at the YENNED studios) in the mid-to-late 60s and a funny view of the 7 year dictatorship (1967-1974). People who don't have much to do in life and try to make money from everything (they even try to film a porn film to earn some). Perakis writes and directs this film and makes it hilarious sometimes and caustic, but really serious when it has to deal with matters of people with left political beliefs. The film is original because it does not follow the path other Greek directors used to follow in order to make a film for such periods (and they were many who have done so since 1975). It shows that not anybody was fighting against the regime, not because they didn't like what was happening, but because they did not feel that their life was changed that much and most of all it's not the gloomy depiction of the 7 years. The "ghost" of the dictatorship is always there, don't forget that it's a film about a military dictatorship, seen from a view of people who are IN the army. If you are Greek, then it is, a must-seen-film ! Highly recommended for anybody else !
  • This is one of the best Greek movies that have been released. Written and directed by Nikos Perakis. The story is about some friends in the Greek Army that often do things that will make them go to the military prison. It is basically a good filmed movie and if you are a Greek you will like it even more...

    The film is not long (1hour 34 minutes) but that means that in a very small film, you will laugh more than you ever did before. Some scenes contain bad language and some scenes that are inappropriate for young children . I can't tell about the age because every country has it's rules so in America it may be PG-13 and in UK R-Rated.I hope you got the point

    It was filmed in 1984 and it is one o the bat comedies I have ever seen. Watch it and you won't stop laughing.
  • samgreco2120 September 2005
    I have probably seen this movie more times than the director. In the 80's I was so obsessed with this film, that at one point I thought I was a character in the film. Me and my friends would constantly re-enact scenes amongst us. I actually got to see it in a proper theater -- which is now a supermarket-- in a small town in Southern Greece.

    Agreeing with the previous reviewer this film was a gem amongst trash that other people were producing in the 80's. I guess I wonder why us Greeks could never deliver better cinema? After all, we invented drama.

    Thank god for this ray of light that this film gave me in the 80's.