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  • I wasn't expecting much from this movie, as it looked like just another of those made-for-TV daytime slot-fillers. However I warmed to the growing atmosphere it was creating, and I was surprised to see Terry Farrell acting with far more emotional depth than I had expected (given that I had only previously seen her in DS9). Also, despite a slowish start, the plot began to intrigue me, and it rapidly seemed to grow into a full-blown murder mystery-cum-romance. The colourful photography presented the pretty locations well. Although aspects of the plot were transparent from the start (it was all about an adopted woman's search for her real parents) the final denouement was by no means predictable, and very satisfying (you'll have to see the movie to see what I mean by satisfying). Overall an enjoyable and sensitive movie, with well-acted emotional depth, especially by Terry and some of the other cast.
  • It was one of the best tv-series I have seen. Great acting and you could not guess how the end was going to be. Jim Davidson should be in more films, what a smile. I hope they send the film again in Sweden, then I would record it. /Maria
  • I caught this on Hallmark (it was originally a USA movie, and Hallmark beeped out "crap" ... is that okay for IMDb?) by chance, the lead intriguing me given her role on "Becker," a show that warrants some respect for having a certain inner truth in its sitcom trappings. Not to be overly pretentious, this movie probably can be described in a similar fashion.

    I second the first comment (reference to D9, mystery, somewhat surprise ending, pretty predictable but not totally etc) and basically Terry Farrell found a nice little role here. Emotionally true. The love interest is a bit too pretty boy but a few of the other supporting roles (one some might recognize from Dharma and Greg) are well cast.

    Nice t.v. movie ... catch if you get a chance. I did find a bit near the very end a bit funny in an unintentional way, but I can't really say more without supplying a spoiler. Besides, it may just be me. Lol.
  • i_hijump26 October 2019
    As I have aged, I've become less tolerant of horribly written main characters. Berkley is a presumptuous A-Hole. He doesn't listen to reason and doesn't give anyone time to explain. To be fair, he's simply what he was written to be.

    Anyhow, if my family wasn't still interested I would have ended this torture. However, I'm lsft writing a review.