As indicated on a number of occasions (for example, on her campaign leaflet when she stands for the local elections), Cissy Meldrum's real first name is Cecily.

Su Pollard who plays Ivy is only nine years younger than her on-screen father played by Paul Shane.

It is revealed during the show's run that Cissy is the elder of the two Meldrum daughters. Although Catherine Rabett (who plays Cissy) is just under one year younger than Susie Brann (who plays her younger sister, Poppy).

The final episode of the series focuses on the Meldrum Familys' attempt to save the Union Jack Rubber Company - the family's main source of income. Following several cutbacks, including the loss of key members of staff, and the saviour of the factory, Lord Meldrum declares things are looking up. Ironically, the final episode is set in the summer of 1929 - just months away from the start of the Great Depression.