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  • robman775 October 1999
    Apparently this is supposed to be Teri Wiegle's best adult film she starred in. It is a good one, no doubt. But the fact is, with a woman with implants like that and no really good TF scene in this film, I just feel cheated. I mean, she paid for those things, why not put them to use as more then just something to look at. Oh well, I guess porn stars just aren't as creative as we wish they were.
  • Though the movie is named encore, but a better title would have been a dayin the life of Teri as it followed her throughout a day in her life. Surprisingly, the director did a good job of providing some semblance of a storyline here.

    I wasn't impressed with this movie at all. Yeah - its definitely an XXX adult movie but the sex scenes were just too "plain-vanilla" for me. There wasn't a single "face-shot" in the movie so, for the most part, the movie came across as "just another porn" movie. Teri's performance wasn't anygood either!!!

    BTW, I didn't think that Teri looked all that good either. Yeah - she's got big ones but she's got fat thighs, fat legs and a chubby face as well and she looked horrible in the little short-shorts she was wearing.

    If you can find the movie for $2 then get it - sorry, but thats all it's worth. thank-you, have a nice day!!!!