Flesh and Laces (1983)

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Carlos Tobalina


Carlos Tobalina (creator), Carter Anderson, Phyliss Wainright, Lester Mattson

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23 April 2015 | lor_
Ambitious, underwhelming porn experiment
Ill-timed at the end of the porn-on-film era, FLESH & LACES still earns a footnote in the annals of Adult cinema by virtue of being a 3-hour, two-part movie project, one of the first of that length ever attempted in the industry. Prolific pornographer Carlos Tobalina was perhaps fulfilling the Peter Principle here, trying to graduate to the big time after so many cut-rate projects.

Story is a familiar inheritance saga, set in a hospital where patriarch Jamie Gillis is dying with Tobalina himself appropriately playing his doctor. (P.A. system in the institution is used to supply a stream of verbal gags).

Tamara Longley is his lawyer, informing his offspring about the terms of his will now, before he dies. Cornball gimmick is the geezer having ungrateful kin forced to jump through hoops in order to qualify for his moolah -good enough for many a B movie, so why not for porn?

In this case the kid who can entertain dad with their sexual exploits will get his cash. First up is John Stagliano, years before he became a noted and influential gonzo director as Buttman, but showing his posterior predilection already. He advertises for a secretary, and Gillis gets to watch what happens (the inheritance scheme) on CCTV. Johnny Stag's sex partner here is almost a plumper.

Next up for the voyeur routine is Dan T. Mann who interviews a model played by the great Shauna Grant. Sort of like "Dancing With the Stars" we think maybe he'll win due to the allure of his partner. He humps her violently on his couch, accompanied by a sax solo in the vein of Gato Barbieri.

Blonde daughter Rose Lynn entertains V.I.P.s including a senator played by Bill Margold, and we're treated to a simulated d.p.

Son Joey Silvera pays Sparky Vasc and Crystal Lake $500 apiece for a threesome, upping the ante in the competition. After he pays them, they reveal themselves as lady cops and bust him. Joey pulls again and forces the cops to strip and have lesbian sex.

There's bondage with Sparky in handcuffs and when cops (Don Fernando and Jack Mason) arrive Joey forces the men and women out of blue to have a foursome, all for the entertainment of Gillis, who is constantly changing channels to watch these ongoing sex scenes. A lame gimmick has Joey subsequently blackmailing the police folk with the tapes he's just made.

Back in his bed Jamie has his lawyer Tamara give him a blow job and then humps her to end Part I.

I'm reviewing the less than scintillating Part II under its own listing. It was hardly worth waiting for, and I'm quite glad I didn't run out to see these films in first-run 32 years ago.


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June 1983



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